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Location - Western Europe; Capital - London; Population - 61 million; Currency - Pound Sterling MORE UK - LONDON

I've lived in London on and off since 1993, and over time have taken lots of photos for my website. Fantastic street art is at the bottom of this page.


uknote20 Pounds Sterling










eng65Lanterns in Oxford Street for the celebration of Chinese New Year in London


eng51Chinese New Year decorations next to Nelson's Column in Trafalgar Square, in February 2007 - London















eng54Trafalgar Square, with the Clock Tower of the Houses of Parliament in the distance - London


eng50A lion at the base of Nelson's Column, Trafalgar Square - London


eng142Admiral Horatio Nelson, Nelson's Column - London



















eng156Nelson's Column, Trafalgar Square, London


eng159Nelson's Column is a commemoration to Admiral Nelson's death at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805 - London


eng138On watch near Horse Guards Parade - London



















eng6183At Hyde Park in 2016 the Prudential RideLondon welcomed Tour de France winner Chris Froome (foreground) and Geraint Thomas (left) among many other top cyclists - London














eng7630 St Mary Axe, or the Swiss Re Tower, or as most people know it The Gherkin, lies in the City of London's financial district


eng78The Gherkin is an office building, completed in 2004 - London



















eng72A plane flies over 30 St Mary Axe, London


eng77Leadenhall Market is a five minute walk from the Gherkin, London














eng59A decorated Gerrard Street in Chinatown for Chinese New Year celebrations in February 2007 - London


eng61The Cambridge Theatre staged the musical Chicago - West End, London














eng62The Dominion Theatre, on Tottenham Court Road, staged We Will Rock You from 2002 to 2014- London


eng32London's Tate Modern occupies a former power station. It houses modern and contemporary art.


















eng34Unfortunately Carsten Holler's Test Site (slides to you and me) is no longer an exhibit at the Tate Modern - London


















eng1222The view from the Tate Modern's members area - London


eng102Crossing the Thames on the Millenium Bridge, with the Tate Modern behind - London


eng100Dusk falls on the Millenium Bridge, London


eng15St Paul's Cathedral from the Tate Modern on the opposite side of the Thames - London














eng16St Paul's and the Tate Modern are linked by the Millenium Bridge - London














eng103Walking along the north bank of the Thames, London


eng108The north bank of the Thames - London














eng1146The view from the Doggett's pub at Blackfriars Bridge, London














eng5833'Allies' is a sculpture of WWII leaders Winston Churchill and Franklin D Roosevelt, unveiled in 1995 on New Bond Street - London



Just off St James' Street near Piccadilly was the 19th century site of the embassy of the Republic of Texas. I never new it had one! London


eng5839 A short walk from Holborn station is The Old Curiosity Shop, said to be the inspiration for Charles Dickens' novel of the same name. The book came first by the way, in 1841, but Dickens did live in the area and was known to have visited the shop - London














eng1135I love the PDC World Darts Championships, held at Alexandra Palace in north London














eng1176On a clear day there's great views of London from Alexandra Palace. To the right on the horizon is 30 St Mary Axe (aka The Gherkin) - North London


eng167Canary Wharf looking over rows of terraced houses, as seen from Alexandra Palace - London














eng83Straining the neck at the foot of the Canary Wharf Tower - London


eng89Canary Wharf Tower stands over 235m, providing office space and an underground shopping centre - London


eng6114Are you joking?! Of course - this is the Traffic Light Tree sculpture next to Billingsgate Market in Canary Wharf. Fortunately it's not a major junction.. London














eng4527The main 2012 Olympics venue, now called the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, has been converted into a sports and leisure complex - London














eng86Full moon over the O2, formerly the Millenium Dome, in Greenwich, London


eng1449The O2 hosts live music, sports tournaments and exhibitions - London


eng1211The end of the year ATP World Tour Finals take place at the O2 - London













eng1216I was lucky enough to see Roger Federer play Andy Murray - London














eng355It chucked it down all day at Wimbledon except for just over 60 minutes, but at least the gorgeous Ana Ivanovic came out to play (left) - Wimbledon, London


eng2347 Put that in your bath. This duck was advertising something though I can't remember what - London












eng2350 Walking through a park on the way to Highgate Cemetery - London












eng2387Highgate is a well-to-do residential area in north London


eng2355Highgate Cemetery is home to the rich and famous. If you're dead. Novelists Douglas Adams and George Eliot, actor Sir Ralph Richardson, comedian Max Wall, sculptor/artist Henry Moore, TV presenter Jeremy Beadle, physicist Michael Faraday, and many artists, politicians and activists from around the world are buried here - London



eng2357 Russian Alexander Litvinenko is buried in Highgate Cemetery West. He worked for the KGB before being a spy for the MI6 in Britian. Russia was implicated in his death from poisoning in 2006 - London












eng2380 Perhaps the most famous resident is philosopher and revolutionary socialist Karl Marx - Highgate Cemetery East, London

















eng5809Stompie the Tank sits just off Old Kent Road near Elephant & Castle. Landowner Russell Gray's application to develop the land was refused by the local council. In retaliation he successfully applied to install a 'tank'. Little did they know he was referring to a T-34 tank, brought to London for filming scenes in Richard III. Stompie was decommissioned by the Russian military, having originally been used in Czechoslovakia. The cannon is said to point in the direction of the local council offices - London



Another quirky place is the gated Ely Place (right). This site was bought by the Bishops of Ely in the 13th century to house bishops coming from Ely to visit London. Consequently Ely Court was an enclave of the See of Ely (in modern day Cambridgeshire) and not part of London. Though no longer an enclave, today it's the only privately owned road in London, governed by the Commissioners of Ely.
In a narrow alleyway off Ely Place is Ye Olde Mitre Pub (left), a historic pub built in 1546, which was also a part of Cambridgeshire - London


eng5802Yes there really is a windmill in London. In fact there's a few dotted around the capital, but Brixton Windmill is the only one in inner London. Built in 1816 to grind flour, it has limited public access throughout the year - London













eng6153Enjoying the sunshine at the Lambeth Country Show at Brockwell Park, Brixton - London














brixtonpound4The Brixton Pound is designed to promote local businesses and the community in Brixton, south east London. A growing number of local shops accept the currency, which has a one-for-one value with British Pound Sterling

brixtonpound3Most notes feature prominent Brixton residents - singer David Bowie was born in Brixton in 1947


eng6255This David Bowie mural opposite Brixton tube station serves as a homage to the singer. He died in January 2016, a year before this photo was taken - London













eng6261Brixton has an atmosphere all of its own, a bohemian place with a strong Afro-Caribbean flavour, niche shops and a hefty dose of street art - London















London Street Art

eng4000There's lots of superb graffiti, murals and street art around Shoreditch and Old Street in east London. The Tube carriages form part of Village Underground, an arts venue and creative community - London


eng4022This is my favourite; Superman holds up a leaning lamp-post just off Brick Lane. I went back a few weeks later and it had gone. Shame! - London


eng4027Also off Brick Lane is a Palestinian child cleverly made from text - London













eng4019Meanwhile the Queen plays the accordion - London

















eng4017There's several 'stiks' in and around Brick Lane. This one is unusual as it's one of the few expressing anger/frustration - London


eng4003aThis hedgehog, or long haired rodent (you decide!) by Belgian artist ROA is opposite Shoreditch High Street station - London


eng4006aKeep a beady eye out for quirky artwork, especially in east London. These roaming animals, by Art is Trash, are on double yellow lines near the 'hedgehog' - London












eng4026Huge wall murals, again near Brick Lane. For anyone who doesn't know Brick Lane, it's a famous curry mile near Liverpool Street in east London













eng4008A mural dedicated to an American teenager killed in USA. I can't remember the story to this so please pass on if you know - London


eng4032Ghost Driver, now preserved like a museum piece near Liverpool Street, is a Banksy. Above the car is Ronzo's Crunchy Credit, chewing on a pound coin - London


eng4063A ribboned, cigar smoking woman by street artist Otto Schade - London
















eng4072Brightly coloured owls are Dscreet's signature - London

















eng4071Horizontal Stik was originally in the vertical black frame but later appeared being 'carried away' (above) by big Stik. Like it! London


eng4080Pure Evil depicts bleeding eyes, in 3D, as well as cartoon bunnies. He has a gallery on Leonard Street - London


eng4085'Just Look At This' along with Stik and several others - London













eng4090El Mac's Mexican peasant farmer - London













eng4094eng4093Vhils (tag on the right) chipped away at plaster to reveal this superb portrait (noone famous as far as I know) - London


eng4163Definitely check out Rivington Street which has so much quality street art - London


eng4166I love this cheeky fox - London














eng4175These miniature faces, with eyes closed, just started appearing in 2014, signed off by Gzegos - London

















eng4167Ben Wilson decorates chewing gum left on the streets. Councils tried to prosecute him but it was ruled that though the pavement was public property, the gum wasn't, therefore no crime was committed - London


eng4169Perspex protects most Banksy's that haven't already been removed for profit, this one being in the grounds of Cargo, a bar on Rivington Street - London


eng5657Hidden behind tarpaulin near the BT Tower is an obscured view of another Banksy: 'If graffiti changed anything - it would be illegal' - London


eng4176A sprinting panther, with an oxygen tank on its back? - London













eng4187'99% of people will not notice this' - London












eng4185Jonesey places his bronze sculptures on road signs. Easy to miss! London


eng4191Here a child plucks nuclear signs from the ground. Otto Schade often comments on environmental issues - London



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