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Location - Western Europe; Capital - Scotland - Edinburgh; Population - Scotland - 5.2 million; Currency - Pound Sterling MORE UK - SCOTLAND

I made a last minute decision to go to Scotland, after my flight to Canary Islands was disrupted by snow and a Spanish air traffic controller strike - December 2010. I've also added a few from a sunnier time in May 2016


ScotlandnoteThe Scottish version of 20 Pounds Sterling











scot6The snow clad slopes below Edinburgh Castle makes great scenery - Edinburgh


scot5A statue on Princes Street (not sure of whom) stands in front of the castle - Edinburgh


scotland1059Across Princes Street Gardens to the Old Town - Edinburgh


scot7Walking on treacherous ground along Rose Street, parallel to Princes Street - Edinburgh














scot1 The Bank of Scotland head office as seen from Waverley Bridge - Edinburg














scot9On my way back to my hotel on Shandwick Place I passed this quaint looking café restaurant - Edinburgh


scot11Also close to Shandwick Place is St Cuthbert's Church - Edinburgh


scot12Edinburgh Castle dominates the city from Castlehill - Edinburgh













scot13Taking the south approach to the Castle along Johnston Terrace - Edinburgh













scotland1058Edinburgh Castle on a sunny day in May - Edinburgh


scot14A royal castle has occupied the site since the 12th century, though - with the exception of 12th century St Margaret's Chapel - the earliest the present-day buildings date back to is the 16th century - Edinburgh


scot15The entrance to Edinburgh Castle - Edinburgh


scot17Head for the area in front of St Margaret's Chapel for fine views of the city - Edinburgh















scot21In the foreground is the National Gallery of Scotland with the Scott Monument behind the Christmas wheel.
Balmoral Hotel lies behind Waverley Station; the Firth of Forth sets the background - Edinburgh













scot22Edinburgh's New Town, leading to the Firth of Forth. Princes Street is the road right at the front.


scot24The snow covered Arthur's Seat and Salisbury Crags through a Castle window - Edinburgh














scot28The Royal Palace houses the Scottish Crown Jewels and the Stone of Scone - Edinburgh

















scot27Windows of the Castle's Great Hall - Edinburgh


scotland1074A bird's eye view of Edinburgh Castle from the Camera Obscura terrace - Edinburgh


scotland1062Traditional Scottish dancing accompanied by the bagpipes, with the castle as a backdrop - Edinburgh













scotland1064More views from the Camera Obscura, this time of the Old Town with the Firth of Forth in the distance - Edinburgh













scotland1069Looking down the Royal Mile - Edinburgh


scotland1080Camera Obscura is a Victorian invention whereby mirrors are used to project a live image of the city on to a table inside the museum. It's fascinating to see what looks like a video image using a 19th century innovation. But this photo has nothing to do with that, as the rest of the exhibition relates to optical illusions - (no) prize for spotting the hidden tiger! Edinburgh


scotland1084 This was a rotating drum of flourescent lights. Walk through it and you completely lose balance - Edinburgh













scotland1088The 17th century Tron Kirk on the Royal Mile has been converted to a market - Edinburgh















scot33The steeple in this photo belongs to the Church of Scotland's former Assembly Hall which is now a café called The Hub - Edinburgh


scot36Walking away from the Castle down the famous Royal Mile - Edinburgh














scot40On the Royal Mile is St Giles' Cathedral - Edinburgh















scot39St Giles' Cathedral on a chilly December night - Edinburgh


scot43The Palace of Holyrood House is the Royal Family's official Scottish residence - Edinburgh


scot42The obelisk of the Political Martyrs' Monument on Calton Hill - Edinburgh













scot45Beyond the pond lies the Scottish Parliament Builidng - Edinburgh













scot59Close to the Scottish Parliament Building is Holyrood Park. Climb one of the paths along the Salisbury Crags for some great views of the city, or go higher still to Arthur's Seat - Edinburgh


scot50The snow covered roofs of Edinburgh


scot52Rising above the city is Edinburgh Castle - Edinburgh















scot54The Nelson Monument (tower, left) and National Monument on Calton Hill - Edinburgh















scot61At 251m Arthur's Seat is the highest point in Edinburgh


scot63A section of the Salisbury Crags in Holyrood Park - Edinburgh


scot66Behind the Winter Wonderland slide is the huge Scott Monument - Edinburgh














scot3Sir Walter Scott was an 18th/19th century Scottish novelist and poet - Edinburgh















scot69A temporary ice rink in the Princes Street Gardens; to the left, the Winter Wonderland ferris wheel and beyond, the Balmoral Hotel - Edinburgh


scot70Shops and stalls at Winter Wonderland, off Princes Street - Edinburgh


scot70aWhen it's around -5°C a mulled wine goes down a treat - Edinburgh















scot74Edinburgh Castle from Princes Street - Edinburgh















scot72Princes Street Gardens and Edinburgh Castle - Edinburgh


scot71Another look at the Castle and Princes Street Gardens - Edinburgh


scot79North west of city centre is an area called Dean Village, formerly a grain milling hamlet - Edinburgh














scot80The Water of Leith river passes through Dean Village - Edinburgh















scot89There's more views to be had from Calton Hill, again with the Castle in the distance - Edinburgh


scot91Salisbury Crags and Arthur's Seat - Edinburgh


scot93Across the New Town to the Firth of Forth - Edinburgh















scot94Making a snowman on Calton Hill, in front of the National Monument; the Nelson Monument is on the left - Edinburgh














scot98The Dugald Stewart Monument overlooks the city centre - Edinburgh


scot102There's many narow alleyways, called closes, in Edinburgh. The Real Mary King's Close tour is definitely worth doing, taking you to centuries-old streets that lie beneath present-day Edinburgh.


scot103The Edinburgh Festival Fringe is a world famous performing arts festival held every August - Edinburgh













scot107The curving Victoria Street - Edinburgh














scotland1091If you have time take a half-day or more to Cramond, a suburb in the north west of Edinburgh, about 4km from the Forth Bridge


scotland1098A lovely walking trail follows the Almond River from Queensferry Road to the coast - Edinburgh


scotland1099Boats line the River Almond as it flows (?!) into the Forth of Firth at Cramond - Edinburgh














scotland1109If the tide is out take the causeway to Cramond Island - Edinburgh














scotland1113The Forth Bridge from Cramond Island - Edinburgh


scotland1118I heard of another war bunker opening soon as a museum, but couldn't see anything obvious in the location off Clermiston Road North - Edinburgh













scot111The white stuff caused lots of delays and cancellations to trains from Edinburgh to Glasgow


scot112A statue of Scottish explorer David Livingston stands in front of Glasgow Cathedral - Glasgow















scot118The Glasgow City Chambers sit behind the Cenotaph in George Square - Glasgow














scot115George Square, Glasgow



scot119The Victorian era George Square - Glasgow


scot121Sir Walter Scott stands in the centre of George Square - Glasgow














scot125The Merchant City area of Glasgow, where wealthy tobacco importers built grandiose buildings in the 18th century














scot130Glasgow Green is a park in the east of the city centre, on the banks of the River Clyde - Glasgow


scot132The Winter Gardens and People's Palace in Glasgow Green, Glasgow


scot134Queen Victoria must feel a bit chilly - Glasgow Green, Glasgow


















scot136An icy River Clyde - Glasgow
















scot138The Clyde Arc spans the River Clyde - Glasgow


scot139The Finnieston Crane and Clyde Auditorium (part of the Scottish Exhibition & Conference Centre, or SECC) lie on the banks of the River Clyde - Glasgow


scot141The Clyde Auditorium, left, and Finnieston Crane - Glasgow















scot142Opposite the Clyde Auditorium are the studios of BBC Scotland - Glasgow



















scot143At Glasgow Harbour is The Tall Ship - Glasgow


scot144I think the pub has a sense of humour rather than illiterate barstaff - Glasgow


scot145Christmas shopping on the streets of Glasgow















scotland770Lively bars on the streets of Glasgow

















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