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About Me


I can't believe how long it's taken to get this website up and running. As I write this it's over a year since I started and I've still no idea how to transfer it from my laptop to cyber-world. If you're reading this, then I've succeeded. Fantastic!

I come from the North Wales coastal town of Prestatyn, with a population of about 20,000.

My first taste of travel was working on a kibbutz during a Summer break from university studies in Manchester, taking in Egypt on the way.
And so the addiction was born - for me, travel just feeds travel. The buzz of a new place, a different culture and with it new experiences.
I say I've tried to get it out of my system but that's a big fat lie - why should I?!

I took a year off after finishing studies in York to see more of the world. That year turned into about eleven..

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World beers


mePointing the camera at myself in Samira, Lake Malawi - 2005

me againMy Flickr icon.


this other world travel store


As of 2008 I've been to over 90 countries and spent around 7 years of my life abroad. Not bad considering my fear of flying and the open seas (can't fly, can't swim)..

Along with the rest of the planet, I've now settled in London, and escape for holidays during my 6 weeks annual leave. I say I'm settled but I'm still looking for the right job and the right woman. Can't have it all, hey?



me1Getting in some early practice for the traveller toilet position.
Anyone who's 'dabbled' outside the Western World knows what I'm talking about!















me3Great sandals, dodgy nappies (aren't they all?). Somewhere in north east England, near my parents' hometown of Amble




me2With shorts like these I knew I'd have to leave the country.















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