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Location - South east Europe; Capital - Tirana; Population - 2.9 million; Currency - Lek MORE ALBANIA

Buses run from Ohrid in Macedonia to the Albanian border at Sveti Naum, taking around 1hr. Border formalities were quick and relaxed on both sides - October 2017.


albanianoteA 500 Lek note. Shqiperise means Albania in Albanian










albania9Not many borders look this good - a view of Pogradec and Tushemiste, two settlements fronting Lake Ohrid, from the border - Tushemiste


albania1Welcome to Albania! Tushemiste


albania3Looking at the town of Pogradec on Lake Ohrid















albania12I took a taxi to the furthermost point of Pogradec then spent the whole day gradually walking back to the border














albania11Is that Che Guevara on the right? I might be completely wrong! Street art on a garage wall - Pogradec


albania14A horse munches away - Pogradec


albania15Juventus v Milan graffiti - there's a strong link between the countries, with many Albanians living in Italy and exports high. Not so friendly, Mussolini's Italy invaded Albania in 1939 - Pogradec















albania18 Kids climb on the statue of Lasgush Poradeci, an Albanian poet born in Pogradec














albania19The Albanian flag flies in a lakeside park - Pogradec


albania20Go give love to your body It's only you that can stop me! Zayn Malik must have gone down well in these parts - Pogradec


albania21Hotel Enkalana's outdoor cafe is built over the lake - Pogradec














albania25Albania is nominally a Muslim country but there's plenty of churches too - Pogradec














albania27Local men playing dominoes in the park, with a sprinkling of chess players for good measure - Pogradec


albania26You'll see so many of these all around Albania. Thousands of concrete bunkers were built by Communist former dictator Enver Hoxha following the Soviet Union's invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968. Many have been given a lick of paint to brighten them up, others have been destroyed, abandoned, converted to storehouses, shops and even hostels. This one is in a school playground - Pogradec


albania30The beach improves closer to Tushemiste and the Macedonia border - Pogradec














albania32Beach parasols fronting the 1 Maji Hotel - Pogradec















albania33The hotel even has its own bunker, or at least that's what I presume it is. Funny place for a spot of concrete architecture otherwise! Pogradec


albania34Mt Galicica rises above Lake Ohrid - Pogradec


albania41A very cute bunker disguised as a ladybird - Pogradec














albania40Others don't look so good - Pogradec















albania51Keep on walking walking westwards towards the Macedonian border and you'll stumble upon Vila Art, a former residence of Communist leader Enver Hoxha at Drilon, just before Tushemist


albania53Vila Art has been converted to a hotel-restaurant surrounded by water, gardens and birdlife, all set in a mini national park - Tushemist


albania55Hoxha chose well, as it's an attractive and peaceful setting (at least it is out-of-season!) - Tushemist















albania60Never seen a urinal like this! (at Vila Art). Probably far too much information, but it's a great idea using water from the sink to feed the flush - Tushemist
















albania63Taxi! There were no takers, though I'm sure tourist activity is busier during the summer - Tushemiste


albania62A last look at Lake Ohrid from the Albanian side of the border, before returning to Ohrid and Skopje and onwards to Kosovo - Tushemist



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