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Location - Caucasus, Europe; Capital - Yerevan; Population - 3 million; Currency - Dram MORE ARMENIA

After crossing the Sotk Pass from Nagorno Karabakh the road goes through an industrial, mining landscape before descending to Vardenis and skirting Lake Sevan - September 2019.



The new 2,000 Dram note










armenia86The mountainous landscape on the Armenian side of the Sotk Pass, after leaving Nagorno Karabakh


armenia163 The village of Noratus lies close to Lake Sevan, 35km south of the town of Sevan














armenia174It's known for the cemetery containing medieval memorial stones. Except these figures, which look very 20th/21st century - Noratus















armenia180These set of six stone-carved crosses, known as khachkars, date to the 16th century - Noratus


armenia177Others date all the way to the 10th century - Noratus


armenia181And who do we have here?! None other than French crooner Charles Aznavour. The French-Armenian singer was born in Paris as Shahnour Vaghinag Aznavourian - Noratus














armenia182A few kms further north is Hayravank, a 9-12th century monastery overlooking Lake Sevan


armenia189After a night in Sevan (on my Armenia1 page) I spent a few days in the capital Yerevan














armenia192The heart of Yerevan is fairly compact, centred on Republic Square
















armenia191A shop at Vernissage Market, a series of stalls with handicrafts, clothes, paintings and other souvenirs for sale - Yerevan


armenia227A great bird's eye view of Republic Square from the sky lounge at Coffeecharge Cafe - Yerevan


armenia204 Fountains in front of the History Museum of Armenia on Repbluc Square - Yerevan














armenia201 Taking shade at the History Museum - Yerevan
















armenia207The fountains come to life in the evening - Yerevan


armenia213The fountains change colour and dance to music playing over loudspeakers - Yerevan


armenia214Locals and tourists take their seats on the square's benches early for a good view - Yerevan














armenia218It's well worth a 45min stop and very popular on dry, warm evenings - Yerevan
















armenia226Armenian flags dominate the Coffeecharge Cafe on the edge of Republic Square - Yerevan


armenia230Fountains are popular around these parts, with more in Shahumyan Park, opposite Republic Square. The capital also makes brilliant use of outdoor cafes, restaurants and bars - Yerevan


armenia234There's a cool sculpture in Yerevan 2800 Anniversary Park, an extension of Shahumyan Park - Yerevan















armenia239Ararat brandy is one of Armenia's famous exports. Rumour has it Winston Churchill was very partial to a bottle or two after being introduced to it by Stalin at the Yalta Conference - Yerevan














armenia246The Blue Mosque was reconstructed in the 1990s with Iranian money, after it was closed during the Soviet era - Yerevan


armenia248South of Republic Square is the Surp Grigor Lusarovich Cathedral, consecrated in 2001 - Yerevan


armenia249Moscow Cinema is found at Charles Aznazvour Square - Yerevan















armenia250 Not for arachnophobes! - Yerevan















armenia252A subway mural near Sakhov Square - Yerevan


armenia257A buzzing street in the evenings is the pedestrian Northern Avenue, which links Opera Square to Abovyan Street - Yerevan


armenia261Cycling street art on a derelict building - Yerevan














armenia264A very theatrical-looking sculpture next to Swan Lake at Opera Square - Yerevan















armenia266A tea and coffee festival was being set up around the lake - Yerevan


armenia268And this is it in full swing, a great family feel, and no-one fell in the water! - Yerevan


armenia270Just a few metres from the festival live music. I loved the buzzing outdoor bars, cafes and restaurants in Yerevan on warm September nights. A superb, lively atmosphere - the evenings are highly recommended!















armenia274The Cafesjian Centre for the Arts is based inside these flights of steps known as the Cascade - Yerevan














armenia275There's several quirky works in the sculpture park at the bottom of the Cascade - Yerevan


armenia276A blue kiwi 'sits' behind Woman Smoking a Cigarette - Yerevan


armenia288Sure I've seen a massive version of this somewhere else.. - Yerevan















armenia286Sculptures on the Cascade's upper levels - Yerevan














armenia289There's escalators to the various levels - Yerevan


armenia293Take in the views of the city from the top, and if you're lucky get a peak at Mt Ararat - Yerevan


armenia300I hope you can make out the very hazy snow capped peak of Mt Ararat. Also, pictured right is the Aznavour Centre, a French cultural centre and home to a museum retelling Charles' life - Yerevan















armenia298Further up the hill is a monument the locals aren't overly impressed with, commemorating the 50th anniversary of Armenia's Sovietisation - Yerevan














armenia304Head through Victory Park to see Mother Armenia, flanked by a tank and miltary planes. Mother Armenia replaced a huge statue of Stalin in 1967 - Yerevan


armenia310The monument houses a military museum, with much of it dedicated to the Nagorno Karabakh war of 1988-1994 - Yerevan


armenia315Monte Melkonian was a revolutionary and a military commander during the Nagorno Karabakh war. He died in 1993 and was declared a National Hero of Armenia in 1996 - Yerevan














armenia312Charles Aznavour makes another appearance. Born in Paris, he sold 180m records but was also a dedicated fundraiser following the 1988 Armenian earthquake - Yerevan















armenia316A (slightly) better view of the two peaks of Mt Ararat rising above Yerevan. The central one is Greater Ararat (5,137m) capped with snow, and Little Ararat (3,896m) is to the left. In Armenian Ararat is known as Masis


armenia320A very important sight and a must visit is the Armenian Genocide Memorial, located on Tsitsernakaberd hill above Yerevan. The complex, which includes a museum, commemorates the 1.5 million ethnic Armenians who were killed in the Ottoman empire between 1914 and 1923


armenia325Armenians stand silent around the eternal flame. To this day modern Turkey denies the events constituted a genocide - Yerevan














Kim and Kourtney Kardashian visited and laid flowers at the memorial in October 2019 (their father Robert Kardashian was an Armenian-American)


armenia330GUM Market is a 5-10min walk from the cathedral - Yerevan
















armenia329In Georgia the name for the sausage-like sweets hanging up is churchkhela. They're not sausages at all but comprise walnuts encased in grape juice which is then dried. Other nuts are also used, as are many different fruits, leading to a variety of colours. Some liken them to eating candles but I was rather partial to them. Enjoy! - Yerevan


The pomegranate juice was quite bitter but I liked the home-made pomegranate wine, right (it's not for the wine connoisseur though!) - Yerevan


armenia335Lenin wasn't an easy find. He's hidden away in a residential quarter off 6 Kievyan Street, just past a map shop if you're coming from Barekamutyun metro station. Go through to the residential area and turn left - Yerevan














armenia337The Matenadaran, or book depository, houses thousands of ancient manuscripts, maps and documents - Yerevan

















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