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AUSTRIA with Kugelmugel

Location - Central Europe; Capital - Vienna; Population - 9 million; Currency - Euro MORE AUSTRIA

Vienna is a mere 60mins by train from Bratislava, from where I took an overnight train to Cologne and on to London. But first I spent the day in Austria's capital as well as discovering another micronation, the delightfully named Kugelmugel - December 2018.


euro1A more recent version of the 10 Euro note










austria177Pinocchio takes a well earned rest from all that lying - Vienna


austria131Christmas wrapping on the corner of Karntner Strasse - Vienna


austria129Karntner Strasse is a pedestrian shopping street with a few eateries thrown in for good measure - Vienna















austria122At the top of Karntner Strasse is the massive St Stephen's Cathedral (Stephansdom), surrounded by Christmas stalls and lots of people supping gluhwein (mulled wine) - Vienna














austria125The horse and carriage is everywhere in Vienna. Or should I say everywhere in central, touristy Vienna


austria132Just off Karntner Strasse is the Kaisergruft, a burial chamber beneath a church which is home to many of the Habsburg monarchy, which ruled the Austro-Hungarian empire until 1918 - Vienna


austria135On the left is the jutting roof of the Albertina, an art gallery containing works by Raphael, Michelangelo, Rembrandt, Picasso and more - Vienna














austria170Walking past Neue Burg, part of the Imperial Palace - or Hofsburg - home of the Habsburg monarchy from the 13th to the 20th century - Vienna















austria141The Ausseres Burgtor is the outer gate to the Hofburg - Vienna


Surely every country flag in the world adorning the Neue Burg! - Vienna


austria146The Neue Burg is the newest part of the Hofburg and houses three museums - Vienna















austria148The Austrian flag flies at Heldenplatz - Vienna
















austria150Still in the Hofburg complex, on Franzensplatz, I believe this is Franz Joseph I surveying all before him - Vienna


An equestrian statue of Joseph II at Josefsplatz - Vienna


austria160Holding the world looks very tiring work - Vienna















austria163On Michaelerplatz is yet another grand building belonging to the Hofburg imperial palace - Vienna















austria165On the left is St Michael's Church (Michaelerkirche) on Michaelerplatz - Vienna


austria172The MUMOK is one of several museums comprising the Museum Quarter - Vienna


austria173The mighty 19th century Vienna City Hall (Rathaus) on Rathausplatz - Vienna














austria175A busy Christmas stall on Rathausplatz - Vienna
















austria179The Vienna Opera House (Wiener Staatsoper) looks very impressive at night - Vienna


austria187The 18th century Karlskirche is a church on Karlsplatz, just south of Karntner Strasse and another site for a Christmas market - Vienna


austria180Further south of the centre is a Soviet WWII memorial called the Heroes' Monument of the Red Army, honouring the 17,000 Soviet soldiers killed in the Vienna Offensive - Vienna













austria184Behind the memorial is Schloss Belvedere, an 18th century palace - Vienna
















austria116North of the city centre is the Danube Canal where boats whisk passengers to Bratislava in Slovakia in the summer season; it takes a mere 75min - Vienna


austria115A little bit of street art along the Danube Canal - Vienna


austria117Nearby on Judenplatz is Holocaust-Denkmal, a memorial to the 65,000 Austrian Jews killed during the Nazi regime - Vienna














austria188A shop's piece of street art looks a bit like a psychedelic Rihanna - Vienna















austria191On display in Vienna's main train station was one hell of a cake - Vienna



kugelmugel2Walk through Prater, a park in the northern part of central Vienna, and you'll see a spherical object pictured here on the left of the path - Kugelmugel


kugelmugel5This is Kugelmugel, or to give the micronation its full name, the Republic of Kugelmugel. Kugel means ball, while mugel translates to hillock


kugelmugel4Artist Edwin Lipburger created the structure in Katzelsdorf in 1971, but in 1976 - after a dispute with the authorities over permits - declared its independence to try and save it from demolition. It was brought to Vienna in 1982 after promises of access to basic utilities which never transpired - Kugelmugel













kugelmugel7Lipburger died in 2015 and the sphere sits surrounded by barbed wire, though apparently it opens as a gallery a few times a year - Kugelmugel














kugelmugel8The sign says 'Republic of Kugelmugel: Border Crossing' sandwiched between the official flag - Kugelmugel


kugelmugel10'2 Anti-Facism Place' though I'm sure you could work that one out.. Beneath that is a statement: 'This square is dedicated to the great democratic revolutionary leader Edwin Lipburger, who began to abolish the old morality and to fight and eradicate all forms of corruption under every mask'. He was jailed in 1979 for erecting unapproved street signs - Kugelmugel


kugelmugel17There's a notice board behind the fence, though if anyone can enlighten me on the relevance of the letters/info please pass on! On the left is a photo of the interior - Kugelmugel














kugelmugel18Is this Edwin Lipburger? - Kugelmugel















kugelmugel19Kugelmugel set in Prater, with the official website address



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