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Location - Middle East; Capital - Manama; Population - 800,000; Currency - Bahrain Dinar

I had a few weeks in the Persian Gulf in November 2004, and the first port of call was Bahrain.


bahrnoteThe Bahrain Dinar











bahr1Al-Fatih mosque in Manama



bahr5The Pearl Monument on the King Faisal Highway, western Manama



bahr3 Bab al-Bahrain in central Manama
















bahr6Dhow jetty on the Persian Gulf, Manama

















bahr7Beit Sheikh Isa bin Ali, a traditional house from around 1800 on Muharraq Island



bahr9Close by is another traditional house, Beit Seyadi, Muharraq Island



bahr10A view of Manama and the linking causeway, from Muharraq Island















bahr13Building dhows on Muharraq Island

















bahr11Looking towards Arad Fort from the dhow building yard, Muharraq Island



bahr12The 15th century Arad Fort on Muharraq Island



bahr14There are many burial mounds at A'ali, dating from 2300 BC to 200 AD















bahr1611th century Souq al-Khamis mosque is the oldest in Bahrain



bahr17Bahrain Fort, or Qala'at al-Bahrain, spans the period 2000 to 500 BC















bahr18Bahrain Fort, with Manama in the background
















bahr19The ruins of Barbar Temple, dating from 3000 to 2000 BC



bahr20The sand whips up at Al-Budayyi' village
















bahr21In the distance is Umm al-Na'san, an island linking Bahrain to Saudi Arabia via the King Fahd Causeway - Al-Budayyi'















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