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Location - South east Europe; Capital - Sarajevo; Population - 3.9 million; Currency - Convertible Mark MORE BOSNIA

The drive from Sarajevo to Mostar crosses beautiful mountainous scenery following emerald green rivers on its way down to Mostar. Apparently the train ride is even better - April 2013.


bosnianote2Bosnian notes are printed with both Latin and Cyrillic script. Muslims and Croats use the Latin script whereas Serbs use Cyrillic







bosnianote1Neutral figures are on the notes, with one version having the Latin script first (above right) and the other version Cyrillic (right)









bosnia263The cold Neretva River waters flow beneath the Stari Most at Mostar


bosnia264The original Stari Most, or Old Bridge, was destroyed during the Bosnian War - Mostar


bosnia265A local fakes a dive as he drums up business for the real deal - Mostar















bosnia265cIn April it was easy to spot the real divers as they wore wet suits - Mostar















bosnia267It's a lot steeper than I expected so the slats come in very useful - Mostar



bosnia270The beautiful 16th century Ottoman bridge was blown up by Bosnian Croat forces in November 1993 - Mostar


bosnia269Following its destruction Stari Most was painstakingly reconstructed, and reopened in a grand ceremony in 2004















bosnia272Look down on the bridge and the old town from the Bridge Museum - Mostar















bosnia282One of the best places to admire the Neretva River and bridge is at the Urban Grill's terrace - Mostar



bosnia289bosnia291Another great viewpoint is this rooftop terrace bar with a perfectly located coffee table (right) - Mostar



bosnia273The narrow lanes of the old town - Mostar















bosnia304Most of the old quarter was quiet at night but the new town is livelier - Mostar















bosnia250Spotlights shine on the Stari Most - Mostar



bosnia255Yep it's the old bridge - Mostar



bosnia315The cobbled streets of the old town are awash with souvenir shops - Mostar















bosnia313There's also plenty of cafes, bars and quaint restaurants. The city has a very appealing, relaxed vibe despite the mass influx of daytrippers - Mostar














bosnia312Colourful shopfronts on the walk down to the old bridge - Mostar


bosnia216aThe Hotel Neretva still stands, just about, a relic of the war - Mostar


bosnia219Spanski Trg (Spanish Square) suffered as a result of being on the frontline - Mostar















bosnia220Ljubljanska Bank Tower, also on Spanish Square, is another monument to the war - Mostar


















bosnia233aVenture inside the gutted nine-storey Ljubljanska Bank for excellent views of the city - Mostar


bosnia240The valley and distant mountains shelter Mostar



bosnia236Until recently what was the bombed out Gymnasium has now been lovingly restored - Mostar















bosnia230Graffiti artists get the chance to put their enviable talents to use - Mostar















bosnia228bosnia226The Ljubljanska Bank is strewn with rubble and glass (and plastic bottles); a liftshaft with a teensy bit of a drop - Mostar



bosnia241The former frontline along Aleske Santica and Bulevar have still several war damaged buildings - Mostar



bosnia292 The Koski Mehmed Pasha Mosque stands on the banks of the Neretva River - Mostar














bosnia321The very scenic old town, just minutes from the old bridge - Mostar















bosnia295More gorgeous views from the minaret of Koski Mehmed Pasha Mosque - Mostar


bosnia296There's several restaurants on the right, some set below the level of the bridge and all with terraces, where you can take in the beauty of the old town - Mostar



bosnia297Fishing for supper - Mostar













bosnia303Hidden in the twists and turns of the old quarter is the cute Crooked Bridge - Mostar













bosnia302The Radobolja River flows beneath the Crooked Bridge and on to the Neretva - Mostar



bosnia336There's plenty to see in the vicinity of Mostar and Kravice Falls is without doubt a highlight















bosnia332Spring's a good time to see them when the water level is high - Kravice Falls















bosnia334The 25m falls on the Trebizat River are about 40km south of Mostar - Kravice Falls


bosnia339In the summer a rope bridge is built over the river - Kravice Falls


bosnia342It's a lovely spot, well worth a trip - Kravice Falls















bosnia355On the way back to Mostar from the falls stop off at Pocitelj, a village dating back to the Ottoman era - Pocitelj



bosnia359The stone village is dominated by a hilltop fortress - Pocitelj


bosnia363A mosque in the stone village close to the Neretva River - Pocitelj















bosnia368 The lush green Pocitelj enjoys an idyllic location overlooking the river - Pocitelj















bosnia366The picture postcard fortress village of Pocitelj



bosnia373Through a fortress lookout the deep green Neretva meanders through the valley - Pocitelj



bosnia381Another popular sight near Mostar is the tekija or Dervish monastery at Blagaj















bosnia380The monastery dates back to the 16th century and has a beautiful location - Blagaj















bosnia387The Buna River, with monastery on the left, emerges from the mountain rock - Blagaj



bosnia394The waters of the Buna River are so pure there's a dish where you can drink from source. Just give it a clean! Blagaj



bosnia400The bus ride from Mostar to Trebinje via Gacko is a mountainous climb - Mostar to Trebinje
















bosnia435The city of Trebinje is in Republika Srpska, with most signs written in Cyrillic



bosnia427The picturesque sight of the old town walls standing on the banks of Trebisnjica River - Trebinje



bosnia425Reflections in the Trebisnjica River - Trebinje
















bosnia404Trg Svobode is the central square of Trebinje, a good place for al fresco dining















bosnia409And the main man in the city is poet Jovan Ducic, born in Trebinje in the late 19th century



bosnia412Locals begin setting up stalls on the tree-lined Trg Svobode, just outside the old town - Trebinje



bosnia430A mosque welcomes pedestrians walking through an archway into the old town - Trebinje















bosnia432There's not much to see in the old town but there's a couple of lively bars and restaurants. And a cat - Trebinje



















bosnia415Back outside the old town, a wooden bridge in Ducic Park leads to an Orthodox Church - Trebinje



bosnia417Squinting through incense clouds to the church - Trebinje


bosnia neum4Not quite in the right sequence, but if you go from Trebinje to Split via Dubrovnik you'll come across the resort of Neum. It's the only Bosnian town on the country's tiny 9km coastline - Neum















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