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Location - South America; Capital - Brasilia; Population - 188 million; Currency - Real

I crossed the Venezuela/Brazil border at Santa Elena in 1997, and continued to Manaus.


branote1 Brazilian Real










bra1Manaus city centre



bra2Hammock city - waiting for the boat to sail down the Amazon from Manaus to Belem




bra3Brazilian Paty nicking my hammock, on the Amazon
















bra4An attempt at a Christmas tree at a Belem hostel
















bra6The old town of Sao Luis, North East Brazil


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bra5Sao Luis old town



bra10Grounds of a pousada at Jericoacoara, between Sao Luis and Fortaleza
















bra11Jericoacoara - to get here it's a 4 wheel drive over sand dunes
















bra12Preparing for Christmas in the old town of Olinda


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bra14Lovely views over Olinda



bra15Olinda and the Atlantic Ocean

















bra16Meeting up with the family of a friend living in London, Recife - Pessia, Tatiana, Peri



bra18Cachoeira - the home of the Candomble religion, which was brought to Brazil by African slaves. I was lucky enough to attend a Candomble ceremony in this town, a fascinating experience


Click here for more info on Cachoeira and Candomble



bra19Terreiro de Jesus square in Salvador da Bahia















bra21The former slave auction site of Largo do Pelourinho, Salvador da Bahia















bra22Christmas time in Salvador da Bahia



bra24Members of Olodum go drumming in the old quarter of Salvador da Bahia - the energy of this music is fantastic

Click here for more info on Olodum


bra25Carnaval puppet on Christmas Eve, Salvador da Bahia



















bra26With Ricardo, Justine and Jenny in the old quarter of Salvador















bra29Christmas Day on Itaparica Island, close to Salvador



bra27We chanced upon locals preparing gifts for the Candomble spirits on Itaparica Island. Many were placed in tiny boats and sent out to sea



bra28Candomble priest, known as the Mother of the Saint, Itaparica Island















bra32The beach at Arraial d'Ajuda



bra33View of Corcovado from Sugar Loaf mountain, Rio de Janeiro















bra37Looking down on Botafogo and Copacabana from Sugar Loaf, Rio de Janeiro
















bra34What a time for my camera to pack up - so instead, a postcard of Christ the Redeemer standing atop Corcovado Hill, Rio de Janeiro



bra36Rodrigo de Freitas lake with Corcovado in the background, Rio de Janeiro



bra39Maracana football stadium, Rio de Janeiro















bra40Copacabana beach, Rio de Janeiro. Sugar Loaf is the tall narrow 'mountain' in the background















bra42The Paranagua to Curitiba train



bra43In front of the hugely impressive Iguacu Falls
















bra44The Brazilian side of Iguacu Falls















bra45Iguacu Falls, on the Brazil/Argentina/Paraguay border



bra47Iguacu Falls



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