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Location - South East Asia; Capital - Phnom Penh; Population - 15 million; Currency - Riel

From Saigon it's a short journey to Phnom Penh, arriving in September 1999.


cambnoteCambodian currency










camb1King Sihanouk's Royal Palace, Phnom Penh




camb2The Silver Pagoda in the Royal Palace grounds, Phnom Penh



camb4Boeng Kak Lake, Phnom Penh

















camb3Streets near Boeng Kak lake, Phnom Penh















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camb6Khmer Rouge's Security Prison 21 (S-21), now the Tuol Sleng museum, Phnom Penh $600 Bonus  


camb7S-21 was the largest detention centre during the Khmer Rouge regime, Phnom Penh



camb8Prison cells at S-21, Phnom Penh
















camb10The Killing Fields memorial of Choeung Ek, Phnom Penh

















camb11Around 17,00 people were taken from S-21 to Choeung Ek extermination camp, Phnom Penh



camb12Prisoners' clothes at Choeung Ek, Phnom Penh


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camb13The Killing Fields of Cheoung Ek, Phnom Penh. Each depression indicates a mass grave















camb15Children swimming at Tonle Bati



camb16Khmer ruins at Tonle Bati



camb17The view from the Khmer ruins of Phnom Chisor
















camb18French colonial buildings at Kampot



camb19An open air Chinese festival at Kampot



camb21Typical Cambodian stilted house, Kampot

















camb22Beautiful scenery on the road from Kampot to Kep
















camb23The Gulf of Thailand at Kep



camb24Kep's beach



camb25On the roof of the Phnom Penh-Siem Reap boat down the Tonle Sap river














camb26Centre of Siem Reap



camb27A model of Angkor Wat at Phnom Penh's Royal Palace



camb29Angkor Wat - a funerary Hindu temple built in the 12th century for the Khmer King


More info on Angkor here













camb30The Cruciform Terrace, Angkor Wat
















camb31Gallery of a 1000 Buddhas, Angkor Wat



camb31aAngkor Wat



camb32Gallery depicting the Churning of the Sea of Milk, Angkor Wat















camb33Buddhist monks in the grounds of Angkor Wat
















camb35Sunrise at Ankgor Wat



camb36South Gate of Angkor Thom - 54 gods on the left & 54 demons on the right.
A Bodhisattva face can be seen above the central arch















camb38Stone face at the Bayon, Angkor Thom
















camb38aThe Bayon, Angkor Thom



camb39The Terrace of the Elephants, Angkor Thom



camb42eNear the Terrace of the Elephants, Angkor Thom
















camb42cGrazing around Angkor Thom
















camb42dThe Bayon, Angkor Thom



camb40What impressed me most was the natural overgrown look of Ta Prohm, a 12th century Buddhist temple















camb41Tree roots engulf Ta Prohm

















camb36aA statue of Buddha, Angkor



camb43Sunset at Phnom Bakheng



camb44Speedboat on the Tonle Sap, Siem Reap to Battambang,
















camb45Battambang streets



camb46Battambang's colonial buildings



camb47Khmer ruins at Banon village near Battambang
















camb50The Killing Fields at Phnom Sampeau



camb51Drying out rice paper, Battambang



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