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Location - West/Central Africa; Capital - Yaounde; Population - 19 million; Currency - Central African CFA MORE CAMEROON

After a couple of days stop-off in Morocco we continued on to Douala, Cameroon and headed straight for the coast at Limbe - November 2008.


cameroonnoteThe Central African Franc (CFA) is a common currency of 6 countries and is pegged to the Euro










camer2The coastline at Limbe, with a faint view of Mt Cameroon on the left, an active volcano measuring over 4000 metres



camer13Passing by one of the churches in Limbe



camer7Chalets at the Miramar Hotel, Limbe
















camer15In colonial times Limbe was called Victoria, and as the name suggests was situated in Anglophone Cameroon.
Following World War I Cameroon was divided between the British and French.















camer8Sunset over the Atlantic, Limbe




camer9A pirogue sets out for a spot of fishing - Limbe

















camer14There's plenty of lizards in Cameroon.
If they're not around you may notice a lot more creepy crawlies coming out to play - Limbe










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camer16View from a bridge - crossing the Limbe river, Limbe



camer20Inside the Limbe Botanical Gardens, Limbe





camer21Limbe Botanical Gardens, Limbe
















camer22Looking in vain for Equatorial Guinea.
Apparently you can see it on a clear day - Limbe















camer24Climbing, or rather stumbling over lava rock at Mile 11 near Limbe, scene of a 1999 and 2000 Mt Cameroon volcanic eruption


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camer86No I didn't take this photo - I got it from the guide (below) who witnessed the 1999 eruption - Mile 11, Limbe



camer26Sandals aren't the best footwear for this area but you can get by if it's just a short walk - Mile 11, Limbe















camer30The Hotel Seme Beach is a 5/10 minute walk from Mile 11 - Seme



camer29The hotel is a convenient place for a drink if you're going to see the Mile 11 lava flow - Seme



camer32The view from the 4th floor of the Akwa Palace Hotel, Douala















camer33I had several other photos of Douala but lost all of them.

Best of all was a field close to the cathedral selling carpets. The field was shared by several cattle who seemed to be the shop's main clientele - Douala














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LINKS - Cameroon online newspaper, in English - guide to south west Cameroon including Limbe, Mt Cameroon - Cameroon news


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