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Location - West/Central Africa; Capital - Yaounde; Population - 19 million; Currency - Central African CFA MORE CAMEROON

From Bitam in Gabon it's less than 30 minutes to the Cameroon border at Amban, and on to Yaounde - December 2008.


cameroonnoteThe Central African Franc (CFA) is a common currency of 6 countries and is pegged to the Euro









camer45Go to Mont Febe for great views of the capital, Yaounde



camer41The swimming pool of Hotel Mont Febe overlooks Yaounde $600 Bonus  



camer38A mural adorns a building at Place de l'Independance, Yaounde
















camer35Place de l'Independance, central Yaounde

















camer36I'm guessing this statue represents the struggle for independence (achieved in 1960) - Place de l'Independance, Yaounde


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camer39I felt the city was a bit soulless and lacking in character. Areas to the south of the centre are livelier - Yaounde



camer52The coastal waters at Kribi

















camer53Kribi is about a 3 hour drive south of Douala

















camer54Zooming in on Hotel de l'Ocean, Kribi



camer55Luckily the monstrosity that is the (defunct) extension to the Hotel Palm Beach Plus is just out of view in this photo - Kribi



camer56A 5/10 minute walk south of the Palm Beach Plus and you'll get to this point - Kribi
















camer74Rocks on Kribi beach



















camer61Early evening at Hotel de l'Ocean, Kribi



camer63Kribi town centre is a hive of activity



camer65Traditional and modern, Kribi.
A pirogue is a small, wooden flat-bottomed boat used by fishermen.
An oil tanker is big and holds lots of oil. Yes really.














camer70The Auberge du Phare's restaurant has a great setting on Kribi beach



camer71There's plenty of lizards (and birds) for company at Auberge du Phare, Kribi



camer72The 'phare' itself - Kribi's lighthouse at full moon



















camer75A short drive south of Kribi are the Lobe waterfalls, Kribi




camer80The Lobe waterfalls are set in a bay 7kms from the beach hotels of Kribi



camer81Birdlife at Lobe waterfalls, Kribi
















camer82Lobe waterfalls, Kribi
















camer83A beach stroll from Lobe falls to Hotel Ilomba, Kribi



camer85Hotel Ilomba's beach-bar near Lobe waterfalls, Kribi



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