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SPAIN - Ceuta

Location - North Africa; Capital - Madrid; Population - Ceuta - 85,000; Spain - 46 million; Currency - Euro MORE CEUTA

Buses from Chefchaouen head north via Tetouan to Fnideq (called Castillejos in Spanish), from where shared taxis make the short drive to the slightly chaotic border with Spain - October 2011. I've also added photos from my October 2014 visit to Ceuta, reached by train from Rabat to Tangier followed by an hour taxi ride to Fnideq.


euroJust like mainland Spain, Ceuta uses the Euro










ceuta1Gazing through the fence to the Ceutan peninsula at Bab Sebta, the Morocco/Spain border


ceuta2Since the 1990s the perimeter border fence has increased in height to prevent illegal immigration - Ceuta


ceuta3The peninsular of Ceuta, as seen from immediately after the border at Tarajal. Monte Hacho is the hilly area on the right - Ceuta














ceuta7 The Plaza de Africa is the heart of the enclave.
On the left is a memorial dedicated to the 1859/60 Spanish-Moroccan War, a conflict over the borders of Ceuta













ceuta8Overlooking Plaza de Africa is the 17th century Santa Maria de la Asuncion Cathedral - Ceuta


ceuta42Also on Plaza de Africa is the 18th century Santuario de Nuestra Senora de Africa - Ceuta


ceuta511A thoughtful (or fed up?) Plato ponders, with Monte Hacho and the harbour as a backdrop - Ceuta













ceuta514A beautiful turquoise sunset over the slopes of Jebel Musa in Morocco, known as La Mujer Muerta in Spanish - Ceuta














ceuta4From the Plaza de Africa walk down Avenida Alcalde Sanchez Prados to Plaza de la Constitution - Ceuta


ceuta326Av Alcalde Sanchez Prados as seen from the top floor of Hotel Tryp Ceuta, lined with plenty of bars, cafes and restaurants - Ceuta


ceuta13A statue of Hercules greets visitors to Plaza de la Constitution. Behind him is the Edificio Trujillo - Ceuta













ceuta12But Hercules prefers to look the other way, towards the yacht harbour and the Mediterranean - Ceuta














ceuta120A statue of Pedro de Menezes, the first Portuguese governor of Ceuta - Ceuta


ceuta17The yacht harbour is a sheltered area on the north side of the narrow isthmus - Ceuta


ceuta23Rising above the harbour to the west is Morocco, including Jebel Musa.
Jebel Musa, together with the the Rock of Gibraltar, are known as the two Pillars of Hercules - Ceuta














ceuta22Conveniently located next to the harbour is the Pablado Marinero (Seamen's Village) - Ceuta















ceuta37The Pablado Marinero is chock full of bars and restaurants, many of which don't get going until well after midnight - Ceuta


ceuta108Look in the opposite direction from the harbour and you'll see Monte Hacho - Ceuta


ceuta110 The walls close to the top of Monte Hacho belong to Monte Hacho Fortress, now an off-limits military base - Ceuta













ceuta9Taking a break outside the theatre/cultural centre (not sure if it is a cultural centre - tell me if you know) - Ceuta













ceuta61Feed the birds at the Plaza de los Reyes - Ceuta


ceuta46A statue of a hooded penitent in Plaza de los Reyes - Ceuta


ceuta332Just visible to the right of the arch on Plaza de los Reyes are tents with banners protesting against the war in Syria - Ceuta














ceuta330 There's a couple of buzzing roadside bars on the plaza - Ceuta














ceuta48On the main Paseo del Revellin shopping street, diagonally opposite Plaza de los Reyes, is the Casa de los Dragones - Ceuta


ceuta53Four dragons adorn the roof of the Casa de los Dragones - Ceuta


ceuta59The majestic Casa de los Dragones (House of Dragons) - Ceuta















ceuta64The barrel-vault roof of the 11th century Arab Baths - Ceuta















ceuta66A boat speeds down the 16th century Foso de San Felipe moat - Ceuta


ceuta73Built into the Royal Walls are a restaurant and also a museum which at the time hosted an excellent photographic exhibition - Ceuta


ceuta494Palm trees in the grounds of the Royal Walls - Ceuta














ceuta490The ancient Royal Walls originally date back to the 5th century - Ceuta















ceuta495Take a summer boat cruise through the Foso de San Felipe, which links either side of the isthmus - Ceuta


ceuta74The Spanish flag flies above the Royal Walls - Ceuta


ceuta517The most luxurious hotel in Ceuta is Parador Hotel la Muralla, built into the Royal Walls - Ceuta














ceuta317The Mediterranean Maritime Park is a fantastic leisure and pool complex - Ceuta














ceuta316The park has three saltwater pools along with restaurants and cafés, botanical plants and a casino housed on a central island - Ceuta


ceuta308The first time I visited the pools had been drained so it was great to see them full to the brim - Ceuta


ceuta310Annoyingly in the low season it has sporadic opening hours, despite what the timetable says! Ceuta















ceuta312However the casino (left) is always open in the evening - Ceuta















ceuta85There's a couple of decent beaches in the city, the closest one being Playa de la Ribera - Ceuta


ceuta528Showers and a beach café are available at Playa de la Ribera - Ceuta


ceuta86 Santa Maria de la Asuncion Cathedral rises above La Ribera beach - Ceuta














ceuta522Canoeing and kayaking are popular activities in Ceuta














ceuta564A warm, hazy day at Ribera in October 2014 - Ceuta


ceuta124Continue westwards from Playa la Ribera and you'll arrive at the second city beach, Playa del Chorillo - Ceuta


ceuta566Playa del Chorillo also has plenty of beach showers - Ceuta














ceuta115The Museo de la Legion details the history of the Spanish Legion - Ceuta















ceuta337The flag of Ceuta, surrounded by coats of arms of the Spanish provinces - Ceuta


ceuta336The Legion statue is a recent addition to the square opposite the Legion Museum - Ceuta


ceuta347Legion and regular soldiers wait for a ceremony to begin at Plaza de Africa - Ceuta















ceuta432The Comandancia General, on Plaza de Africa, is a military headquarters - Ceuta














ceuta436Pictorial signs depict many of the roads and attractions in the old town, including the Mercado Viejo, home to the Ceuta Star brewery - Ceuta


ceuta569There's a couple of lively bars down the steps from the Hostal Plaza Ruiz - Ceuta


ceuta440A religious procession passes in front of the Palacio de la Asamblea (Municipal Palace) - Ceuta















ceuta441Ask around for a free tour of the 19th century Palacio de la Asamblea (Palace of the Assembly) - Ceuta














ceuta443A portrait of former King Juan Carlos hangs in one of the Palace rooms - Ceuta


ceuta452Looking skywards along the Paseo de Revellin - Ceuta


ceuta457The Museo de la Basilica Tardorromana displays Roman ruins excavated right in the centre of town - Ceuta













ceuta449Doesn't look like Henry the Navigator wants you to go to Morocco! Ceuta















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