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SPAIN - Ceuta

Location - North Africa; Capital - Madrid; Population - Ceuta - 85,000; Spain - 46 million; Currency - Euro MORE CEUTA

Outside the centre there's several places worth checking out, especially the views from both Monte Hacho and Garcia Aldave, along with the beaches - October 2011 and October 2014.


euroJust like mainland Spain, Ceuta uses the Euro










ceuta143Make your way to the Parque de San Amaro on the slopes of Monte Hacho for superb views of the city, including the mountainous Garcia Aldave (Spain) and Jebel Musa behind (Morocco) - Ceuta


ceuta155Parque San Amaro has a series of walking trails providing great views of the city - Ceuta



ceuta159The Parque San Amaro links to the road to the Mirador de San Antonio - Ceuta














ceuta165The Ermita de San Antonio is a convent next to the viewpoint - Ceuta














ceuta162Across the Mediterranean towards mainland Spain from the viewpoint Mirador de San Antonio - Ceuta


ceuta166A picture of former Spanish King Juan Carlos hangs in a restaurant near the Mirador de San Antonio - Ceuta


ceuta176Crossing continents for a hazy view of the Rock of Gibraltar - Ceuta














ceuta172 A gorgeous view of the Mediterranean and mainland Spain from Monte Hacho.
The boat is likely heading towards the Spanish port of Algeciras - Ceuta














ceuta182The main entrance to Monte Hacho Fortress, a Byzantine fort which is now an off-limits military base - Ceuta


ceuta181Standing below right of the lighthouse on the south eastern tip of the peninsular is Desnarigado Castle - Ceuta


ceuta397The 19th century Desnarigado Castle now houses a military museum - Ceuta














ceuta402 Opening hours are a little erratic but it's usually open Monday-Friday mornings - Ceuta















ceuta365Another site visible from the Mirador de San Antonio is Isla Santa Catalina - Ceuta is the heliport, which connects Ceuta to Algeciras and Malaga in mainland Spain. The enclave has no airstrip, so ferries and helicopters are the transport modes of choice - Ceuta


ceuta380There's not much publicity about the graffiti-ridden Llano Amarillo monument - Ceuta















ceuta382It celebrates the defeat of the Republicans by Franco's army in the Spanish Civil War. The monument was moved to Ceuta from Llano Amarillo in Morocco in 1962, a few years after Moroccan independence - Ceuta














ceuta383Under General Franco, the former leader (and dictator) of Spain, the eagle replaced the royal crown on Spain's coat of arms - Ceuta


ceuta389Looking to Isla Santa Catalina from the Llano Amarillo monument - Ceuta


ceuta348The entrance to the Regular Army headquarters - Ceuta















ceuta354The headquarters hosts the Museo de Regulares (the Regular Army Museum) - Ceuta














ceuta352No prior permission is needed to visit the museum but, as it's a military zone, soldiers escort visitors from the entrance to the museum - Ceuta


ceuta355Close by is a statue honouring the Regular Army - Ceuta


ceuta360The reconstructed remains of the ancient Marinid Walls, built during the Marinid dynasty that ruled Morocco - Ceuta













ceuta362Muley el Mehdi mosque, on Avenida de Africa - Ceuta

















ceuta461Pantano Renegado is the more attractive of two reservoirs set into the slopes of Garcia Aldave - Ceuta


ceuta463It's an area of birdlife and also has a kayaking club - Ceuta


ceuta465Looking northwards from Pantano Renegado - Ceuta















ceuta471Walking down from Pantano Renegado, Monte Hacho rises above the industrial port area - Ceuta














ceuta250The Four Cultures of Ceuta - In addition to the Cathedral on Plaza de Africa, Ceuta is also home to the Sidi Embarek Mosque



The Four Cultures of Ceuta - On the left is El Betel Synagogue while on the right is a Hindu temple


ceuta193Playa Benitez is a beach on the north side of the peninsula, past the ferry terminal - Ceuta














ceuta195Playa Benitez - Ceuta
















ceuta204The coast continues northwest to the pebbly beaches of Playa Calamocarro and Punta Blanca - Ceuta


ceuta217Around the corner at Punta Blanca and close to the Moroccan border is the village of Benzu. Jebel Musa is obscured by cloud - Ceuta


ceuta218The small beach at Benzu - Ceuta















ceuta221A mosque on the main, and pretty much the only, street in Benzu - Ceuta















ceuta222Bright colours at Villa Rosa, a private home in Benzu - Ceuta


ceuta479Keep walking from Benzu and the Moroccan town of Belyounech comes into view


ceuta477 Pull back a bit and you'll see the border fence and watchtower - Ceuta














ceuta482The border fence separating Ceuta from Belyounech and Morocco














morocco703And this is the same border fence as seen from the Moroccan side, with Ceuta behind. Only Belyounech residents with documents to work in Ceuta can use this border - Belyounech


ceuta483Words of protest in Benzu? Ceuta


ceuta571The 23km² territory of Ceuta from Mirador de Isabel II














ceuta573Grab a beer from the restaurant and take in the fantastic views. On the bottom left is Pantano Renegado, mentioned earlier - Ceuta















ceuta575Rolling down the slopes of Garcia Aldave to the city centre, the port and back up to Monte Hacho - Ceuta














ceuta578Buildings, buildings and more buildings. A high rise view of Ceuta from Mirador de Isabel II


ceuta592As darkness descends I take photos of 'Ceuta by Night' but the low cloud affects visibility on a wet and rainy day - Ceuta


ceuta243A short distance from the viewpoint is Torre Isabel II, one of seven 19th century towers built for the defence of the city - Ceuta















ceuta241The inside of Torre Isabel II is rather dilapidated. And the dark rooms are a bit spooky! Ceuta


















ceuta246Further on, heading south, is Torre Francisco de Asis - Ceuta


ceuta247A few minutes further on is Torre de Pinies - Ceuta


ceuta597I think this one is Torre de Mendizabal - Ceuta















ceuta599The dirt road below Torre Francisco de Asis leads to a panorama of the Moroccan hills and the border fence - Ceuta














ceuta607A lone Spanish police car patrols the border road - Ceuta


ceuta610Carretera Circunvalacion de la Frontera heads over the hill and back down to Benzu. I asked a taxi driver to drive along it but he told me vehicles aren't allowed, save for police, military etc and those living in the area - Ceuta


ceuta613Sub-Saharan migrants regularly storm the border and as a result razor wire has been added to the fence in both Melilla and Ceuta














ceuta619A Moroccan flag flies across the valley from Torre Francisco de Asis - Ceuta















A couple of the Moroccan border patrol buildings, located on the hilltop above the border fence - Ceuta


ceuta296Descending from Belyounech to Fnideq in Morocco gives excellent views of Ceuta. It's also a tempting glimpse for the many sub-Saharan immigrants walking along the Fnideq-Tangiers road who sleep in the hills, hoping to cross the Strait of Gibraltar to mainland Spain - Ceuta



morocco900A quick look at the Moroccan side of the border at Bab Sebta.
On foot i
t usually takes 10-15mins to get through Moroccan immigration, but on one occasion it was around 2hrs (a Saturday morning). Vehicles seem to take an age..












ceuta280Once out of Morocco the privilege of an EU passport makes its presence felt. Straight through, skipping all the queues along a caged corridor.
Moroccans from the region around Ceuta just need to show ID as proof. The rest? Who knows.. Tarajal, Ceuta














A view of the main border crossing at Tarajal/Bab Sebta. Guardia Civil video of immigrants storming the Tarajal border. Others have drowned attempting to swim around the fence both here and at the Benzu border - Ceuta

ceuta281Welcome to Spain and the European Union! Or goodbye of course. A visitor sign at the Tarajal border - Ceuta














ceuta293On the way to the Tarajal border, which is walkable from the centre (though don't bother with heavy luggage!) - Ceuta















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