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Location - Western Europe; Capital - Jersey - St Helier; Population - Channel Islands - 155,000; Jersey - 90,000; Currency - Pound MORE UK - LONDON

Strictly speaking the Channel Islands aren't part of the United Kingdom, rather they are a Crown dependency of the UK. Jersey is the largest of the five main islands, located close to the French coast in the, erm, Channel hence the name - January 2014.


jerseypound1Jersey has its own version of the Pound and it's worth exactly the same, but you'll find it difficult to use them in the UK







jerseypound2Words are in English, French and the local French dialect Jerriais. The watermark is the famous Jersey cow..








jersey13The Liberation Sculpture in Liberation Square is likely one of the first sights you'll see - St Helier


jersey12It celebrates the liberation of the Channel Islands from WWII German Nazi rule in 1945. They're waving the Union flag - St Helier


jersey20Behind the Liberation Sculpture is Liberty Wharf, home to boutique shops and Mimosa, the most popular bar in Jersey (in 2014 at least) - St Helier














jersey17Opposite the square at Weighbridge Place is the Jersey Museum covering the island's history - St Helier

















jersey36Locals play a very French game of boules - St Helier


jersey34Head seawards from the museum to the Steam Clock, whose design is based on a paddle steamer - St Helier


jersey24Along St Helier Marina is the Maritime Museum and Occupation Tapestry Gallery - St Helier














jersey33The Maritime Museum looks over St Helier Marina's yachts and boats - St Helier















jersey30Above St Helier Marina, the glowing dome above Fort Regent changes colour every few seconds - St Helier


jersey37Elizabeth Marina is a couple of minutes walk from St Helier Marina - St Helier


jersey19A statue suspended outside the Tourist Office at Liberty Wharf - St Helier














jersey28The covered Central Market is a colourful affair selling flowers, fruit & veg, second hand books and household goods - St Helier














jersey29As you'd expect on an island, Jersey has a bountiful Fish Market. OK it's a bit empty here but the best time to visit a fish market is always first thing in the morning - St Helier


jersey11A 19th century obelisk in Library Place - St Helier


jersey2A statue of King George II in Royal Square, where witches were burnt centuries ago - St Helier















jersey63A bright painting in the multi-storey car park adjoining Fort Regent - St Helier















Not much remains of the 18th century Fort Regent, built on a granite hill (left). The Fort has been converted into a leisure centre - St Helier


jersey44Back on the waterfront, La Fregate Cafe is designed to look like an upturned boat - St Helier


jersey81At low tide a causeway to Elizabeth Castle reveals itself. Get your timing right! St Helier














jersey99Construction on the castle began in the late 16th century - St Helier













jersey80Sir Walter Raleigh lived in the castle when appointed Governor of Jersey from 1600 to 1603, and named it after Queen Elizabeth I - St Helier


jersey85Unfortunately the castle, along with several other attractions in Jersey, is closed to visitors in the winter - St Helier


jersey68Havre de Pas, east of the centre, has a few hotels, bed & breakfasts as well as some classy buildings - St Helier














jersey74A monument to the shipbuilders of Jersey, on the coastal path just off Havre de Pas - St Helier















jersey67The coastal walkway (called Boulevard) fringes Greve d'Azette Bay - St Helier


jersey100I hired a bike for the day and headed westwards along St Aubin's Bay














jersey107First Tower is one of many fortifications built for the defence of the island. It's one of around 30 towers built at the end of the 18th century - St Aubin's Bay














jersey112The Channel Islands were the only part of the British Isles occupied by Nazi Germany in WWII. The Jersey War Tunnels were built using forced labour during the five year occupation


jersey122The tunnels were originally intended as protection from invasion, serving as a barracks and storage depot. But as the Germans faced defeat it became an emergency hospital - Jersey War Tunnels


jersey65A small WWII cemetery lies on La Route du Fort in St Helier














jersey127Back at St Aubin's Bay is the silhouette of St Aubin's Fort - St Aubin


jersey128aThe result of me messing around with the Impressive Art retouch button on my Lumix. Like it! St Aubin


jersey14016th century St Aubin's Fort is closed to the public - St Aubin














jersey136St Brelade's Parish Hall was formerly a train station - St Aubin















jersey135St Aubin's harbour



jersey142The rocky coastline at St Aubin



jersey105aAn orange glow sunset over St Aubin's Bay















jersey151La Tour de Vinde is a Martello Tower built by the British in the early 19th century - Noirmont Point


jersey146Noirmont Point is a headland on which the Germans constructed an artillery battery called Battery Lothringen during WWII


jersey172An artillery gun at Noirmont Point, with St Helier in the background














jersey178Ammunition bunker - Noirmont Point















jersey152Battery Lothringen's underground German Command Bunker has been converted into a museum - Noirmont Point


jersey159In June 1940 the British government announced that the Channel Islands would not be defended in the event of an invasion. Days later Jersey fell to Nazi Germany - Noirmont Point


jersey161The museum is closed in the winter but luckily some workers doing a spot of renovation allowed visitors in for a look around - Noirmont Point














jersey179The Battery No. 1 Gun was recovered from the sea at Les Landes in 1992 and returned to Noirmont Point













jersey164Portelet Tower is a Martello Tower on Ile au Guerdain - Portelet Bay


jersey187The attractive seaside resort of St Brelade's Bay on the south west coast














jersey192It was such a mild January day I was wearing a tshirt! (But true to form the next day was crap) - St Brelade's Bay













jersey193I'd never heard of stand-up paddle surfing until I saw this - St Brelade's Bay


jersey195Preparing myself for another steep cycle climb on the outskirts of St Brelade's Bay


jersey197A distant Corbiere Lighthouse as seen from Petit Port - Corbiere















jersey204I'm not sure what this site is, on the path from Petit Port to Ouen's Bay. Possibly a defensive bunker/German bunker? Petit Port














jersey207The path emerges at the southern side of St Ouen's Bay


jersey206La Rocco Tower was built in 1796 to defend the island during the Napoleonic wars - St Ouen's Bay


jersey211 La Rocco Tower and Corbiere Lighthouse through the seaspray at St Ouen's Bay














jersey213More surfing action, this time at St Ouen's Bay














jersey212The sweeping St Ouen's Bay, looking north towards Les Landes. It's a popular place for families at the weekend


jersey215La Caumine à Mary Best, or Le Don Hilton, is an 18th century former guardhouse - St Ouen's Bay


jersey221 The Channel Islands Military Museum is housed in a bunker within Hitler's Atlantic wall defence system - St Ouen's Bay














jersey223 The northern tip of St Ouen's Bay















jersey224There's fantastic views of St Ouen's Bay from Les Landes. What looks like inland water is actually sheeting to protect the Jersey potatoes


jersey225The perfect spot for a panoramic view - Les Landes


jersey228A WWII artillery gun at Les Landes















jersey232On a clear day it's easy to see the fellow Channel Islands of Herm (left) and Sark (right) as well as Guernsey (off picture) - Les Landes














jersey236Passing another tower on the bus ride along the east coast to Gorey - Royal Bay of Grouville


jersey237Jersey has one of the highest tidal ranges in the world; at high tide all this rocky beach as well as the Tower is under water - Royal Bay of Grouville


jersey238Mont Orgueil Castle dominates the skyline on the route to Gorey














jersey274Mont Orgueil Castle was built in the 13th century to protect from French invasion - Gorey














jersey246Over the centuries the castle was extended, including modifications made by the Germans in 1940 to artillery positions and observation decks - Gorey


jersey249Wound Man is a sculpture depicting the many injuries a soldier might suffer in battle - Gorey


jersey250Mont Orgueil Castle is one of the few attractions open in the winter (weekends only) - Gorey



















jersey262Three dimensional holographic images of the Queen were commissioned to mark 800 years of Jersey's allegiance to the Crown - Gorey














jersey260The Tree of Succession traces the French and English crowns from the 12th to 15th century - Gorey


jersey271More great views, this time from the top of the castle looking down on the Castle gardens and ramparts, Gorey pier and harbour, and the Royal Bay of Grouville - Gorey



Think of Jersey and two things spring to mind (or maybe four if you include its tax-free status and Bergerac). One is the Jersey potato, here being worked on the slopes at Gorey. The other is the distinctive Jersey cow - La Hougue Bie



jersey282From Gorey I walked upwards and inland until I reached La Hougue Bie. The village is the site of a Neolithic burial chamber dating back to 3500BC, its entrance pictured here. But hey it's winter so it's closed..













jersey289Built on the mound above the chamber is Notre Dame de la Clarté - La Hougue Bie















jersey284Also at La Hougue Bie is a former German command bunker (the raised entrance) used during the German Occupation. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think the statue honours those forced to labour for the Germans during WWII


jersey301On the north coast of the island is the beach resort of Greve de Lecq














jersey292The Greve de Lecq Barracks were built in 1810 to house soldiers to fight a potential French invasion - Greve de Lecq














jersey297Stuck in the local car park, Greve de Lecq Tower was built in the 1770s. Many towers are whitewashed on their seaward side to serve as a navigational aid - Greve de Lecq


jersey298Le Moulin de Lecq pub-restaurant, complete with a 6m wide waterwheel, was formerly a flour-grinding watermill 600 years ago which was still in operation in 1929 - Greve de Lecq


jersey307One of the last places I visited was St Saviour's Church, famous as the resting place of local actress Lillie Langtry














jersey308Lillie Langtry was also famous for being a mistress of the Prince of Wales, later King Edward VII - St Saviour's Church

















jerseymorA fantastic view of Jersey on a flight from Fez to London back in December 2013. The arc on the middle-left is St Aubin's Bay with St Helier at its base; at the top left of the bay is Noirmont Point



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