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Location - Asia; Capital - Beijing; Population - 1.3 billion; Currency - Yuan MORE CHINA

The bus from Sost in Pakistan takes passengers via the Karakoram Highway to the Chinese town of Tashkurgan, the start of my visit to China in July 1999.


chinnote1 Chinese Yuan










chin1aTajik children in Tashkurgan



chin3Kashgar, home of the Muslim Uighur people
















chin2Selling hats in the old city, Kashgar
















chin4Mao statue in Kashgar - this area feels a world away from Eastern China



chin5Id Kah Mosque, Kashgar




chin6Playing pool outdoors, Kashgar
















chin7Sweeping sand reduces visibility on a 46 hour bus journey through the Taklamakan Desert from Kashgar to Urumqi.
The bus was made up of 3 rows of beds, with no seats














chin8Stopping off at a food stall in Urumqi with Mark - I don't think all the beer was for him..


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chin9Preparing noodles, Urumqi food stall



chin10The Great Mosque in Xian - I'm not used to mosques looking like this














chin11The Ming dynasty Drum Tower, Xian.
The terrified looking children are not posing for me, by the way















chin12The grounds of the Big Goose Pagoda, from the Qing dynasty, Xian


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chin14Army of the Terracotta Warriors, Xian



chin16Terracotta Warriors, from the Qin dynasty (204BC - 220AD) Xian















chin17The Terracotta Warriors' bronze horses & chariot, Xian















chin18Not sure what's going on here - Xian city centre



chin20Tiananmen Square, Beijing
















chin21Sculpture next to Mao's Mausoleum, Tiananmen Square, Beijing















chin22Tiananmen Gate, Beijing



chin23View of the Forbidden City, Beijing



chin24Inside the Forbidden City, Beijing















chin26The Forbidden City was home to emperors from the Ming and Qing dynasties (14th to 20th century), Beijing















chin27The Summer Palace covers a huge area in North West Beijing



chin28aTemple in the Summer Palace grounds, Beijing



chin29The Summer Palace, Beijing












chin31The Simatai section of the Great Wall of China















chin31aThe Great Wall of China
















chin33Sections of the Great Wall of China were originally constructed during the Qin dynasty over 2000 years ago, and then joined up by successive kingdoms and armies



chin34The Great Wall of China



chin35The Oriental Pearl Tower and city of Shanghai















chin36Strolling along the Bund next to the River Huangpu, Shanghai
















chin37Yuyuan Bazaar, Shanghai



chin38The city backstreets, Shanghai



chin39Site of the founding of the Chinese Communist Party in 1921, Shanghai















chin40Garden of the Master of the Nets,Suzhou



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