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Location - Asia; Capital - Beijing; Population - 1.3 billion; Currency - Yuan MORE CHINA

From the Macau border I took a bus to Canton, also known as Guangzhou, in 1999.


chinnote1 Chinese Yuan










china41Reading the newspapers in Canton



chin42Temple of the Six Banyan Trees, Canton



chin43Playing a boardgame in a park, Canton (any idea what game?)
















chin44Any animal is fair game at Canton's Qingping Market - these are tortoises stretched on to wooden crosses















chin45Live turtles at Qingping Market, Canton




chin46Snake skins, Qingping Market, Canton



chin47The town centre of Yangshuo
















chin48Yangshuo is famous for its limestone karst peaks















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chin48bThe beautiful scenery of Yangshuo



chin48cThe Li River, Yangshuo



chin49Fishing on the Li River, Yangshuo















chin50Li River, Yangshuo

















chin51aPassing paddy fields on a bike ride near Yangshuo



chin52Countryside near Yangshuo



chin53aLooking out from Moon Hill near Yangshuo
















chin55Bicycle park at Nanning



chin56Nanning road signs



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