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CHINA - North Korea border

Location - Asia; Capital - Beijing; Population - 1.3 billion; Currency - Yuan MORE CHINA

The Pyongyang-Beijing train stops for a few hours on either side of the Yalu River for border formalities. I got off on the Chinese side of the river at Dandong - February 2011.

chinanote1Chairman Mao Zedong on the 5 Yuan note










china170Outside the train station stands an larger than life statue of Mao Zedong, though nowhere near as large as the Kim Il Sung statue in Pyongyang - Dandong



china164Chairman Mao is virtually pointing straight at my hotel room - Dandong $600 Bonus


china166Chinese lanterns line are evident for Chinese New Year - Dandong














china171Lights, lights and more lights was the first thing I noticed in Dandong, having just crossed the border from North Korea













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china174Hawkers sell perfume, biscuits, sweets and snacks outside the train station - Dandong


china177Lanterns adorn lampposts throughout the city to celebrate Chinese New Year, known in China as the Spring Festival - Dandong



china179Tesco supermarket is a bit of a British institution - Dandong














china180 A monument in Yalujiang Park overlooks the Yalu River - Dandong

















china182The Sino-Korean Friendship Bridge spans the Yalu River (or Amnok River in Korean) to connect China with Sinuiju in North Korea - Dandong



china183The Friendship Bridge looks most impressive at night when it's lit up and changes colour. Notice how dark it is on the North Korean side; it's virtual darkness in Sinuiju once the night draws in - Dandong



china192Running alongside the Friendship Bridge is the Yalu River Broken Bridge - Dandong














china188The Broken Bridge was destroyed by the US in the Korean War - Dandong














china194China repaired their section; North Korea didn't and so it now the Broken Bridge stands as a monument to the war - Dandong



china200Seats of a ferris wheel in Sinuiju can just about be made out on the North Korean side (photos of Sinuiju are on my North Korean pages) - Dandong



china196The Broken Bridge comes to an abrupt end halfway across the Yalu River - Dandong














china189The Sino-Korean Friendship Bridge on the left; the Broken Bridge on the right - Dandong













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china205Good views of Dandong riverfront can be had from the Broken Bridge



china206I went to the top floor of one of the fancier hotels so I could look down on the river and catch a glimpse of Sinuiju - Dandong



china207A closer look at Sinuiju, North Korea's border town on the Yalu/Amnok River - Dandong














china213Fancy lights in Yalujiang Park - Dandong















china215Along the Dandong riverfront are the blue lights of a luxury hotel and an arched bridge which links to a small island also on the Chinese side - Dandong



china219The Yalu River is known as the Amnok River in North Korea - Dandong


china217A docked ship on the North Korean side of the Yalu River at Sinuiju - Dandong














china220A few chimney stacks in Sinuiju - Dandong














china223There didn't seem to be much activity on the North Korean side of the river - no people on the river banks, no smoke from the chimney stacks and none of the cranes in operation - Dandong



china224This industrial section had no signs of life either. But there's life at the train station and further inland (see my North Korea photos) - Dandong



china227And as far as I know the ferris wheel hasn't turned for a long time - Dandong














china234Peering across the river to Sinuiju, North Korea - Dandong














china229There's many souvenir stalls strung along Yalujiang Park, selling North Korea currency and traditional women's dresses. People also play the equivalent of hacky-sack with a large shuttlecock (called jaegi chagi in Korea) - Dandong



china237Ginseng roots which resemble the human form are apparently more expensive - Dandong



china23825km outside Dandong is a section of the Great Wall of China - Dandong















china240This section is known as Tiger Mountain Great Wall, built during the Ming dynasty - Dandong



china246Climbing the Wall affords great views of North Korea on the opposite side of the Yalu River and of a distant Dandong



china242This photo shows North Korea on the right of the Yalu River.
Yibukua - or 'one step across' - is visible (see later) - Dandong













china250A poster in the Great Wall's museum, located right on the North Korea border - Dandong















china255What not to do at the North Korea border - Dandong



china257Though this walking trail parallel to the border is always easy to follow, the actual border with North Korea becomes a bit vague at one point as the river dries up. Stick to the path! Dandong



china258Another reminder of where you are - Dandong














china260Keep following the border trail via a steep trail up and over the rockface - Dandong














china264When the ice melts it's possible to have a little boat ride along the Yalu River - Dandong



china267This is Yibukua - 'one step across' - which is a very narrow section of the river dividing North Korea from China - Dandong



china270A messy backstreet on the way to the US War Museum (at least it's 'on the way' if you're lost) - Dandong














china272A memorial outside the Museum to Commemorate US Aggression, which details the role of China and USA in the Korean War - Dandong














china273A close up of the memorial - Dandong



china276Peng Dehuai, leader of the Chinese People's Volunteer Army, meets with Kim Il Sung, leader of North Korea during the war - Dandong



china278These girls each wanted a photo with me so I repaid the favour - Dandong















china282This guy doesn't need the bridge. Walking on ice in Dandong














china283Outside the War Museum in Dandong



china284On the move again, this time from Dandong to Harbin via Shenyang



china155..But first I'll throw in a couple of photos of Beijing.
I flew to the Chinese capital and had a few hours to kill before I headed to Pyongyang.














china156The Chinese New Year celebrated in February 2011 brought in the year of the rabbit -Beijing














china157A building entrance in a Beijing alley, known as a hutong (the alleys are known as hutongs, not the buildings)



china285The entrance to the Japanese Germ Warfare Experimental Base - 731 Division - Harbin














china286Unit 731 was used by the Japanese before and during WWII to carry out brutal medical experiments on Chinese and Koreans - Harbin














china459The Star of David remains on top of the former synagogue in Harbin



china451The pedestrian walkway through Stalin Park - Harbin



china449The Flood Control Monument, next to the Songhua River, is dedicated to those who have died in Harbin's floods














china378Zhongyang Dajie is Harbin's main shopping thoroughfare.
Note the trailers full of snow - if it doesn't melt sometimes you gotta move it!














china383There were a few makeshift bars just off Zhongyang Dajie and strangely the only one serving Chinese beer was the British 'pub'. It sold Newcastle Brown Ale as well - Harbin



china452The February daytime temperature in Harbin hovered around -20°C so a horse and cart on the frozen Songhua River is safe enough



china456Even cars drive on the river - Harbin















china454Parts of the river are turned into an ice skating rink - Harbin















china455And so to the reason I visited this area of the world in the depths of winter - Harbin's Snow & Ice Festival. This is a snow sculptured Buddha on the Songhua River - Harbin



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