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Location - South America; Capital - Bogota; Population - 45 million; Currency - Colombia Peso

From Otavalo in Ecuador I took a bus to the Colombian border and on to Popayan via Pasto, in April 1998.


colnote1000 Colombian Pesos










col1Colombian military rehearsing for Semana Santa (Easter) parade in Popayan



col2Image of Christ being carried during Semana Santa parade, Popayan


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col4Andean group playing in Popayan















col5Popayan's colonial buildings
















col6World music festival, Popayan



col7View of Zipaquira, near Bogota

















Inside Zipaquira's amazing Salt Cathedral - a cathedral built underground out of solid salt.
It also depicts the 14 stations of the Via Dolorosa (Way of the Cross) and has several chambers and rooms















col11The Palace of Justice, site of the M-19 guerrilla massacre, Bogota - click here for more info




col12On the opposite side of Plaza Bolivar is the Capitolio National, Bogota




col13The colonial quarter of La Candelaria, Bogota





















col14In central Medellin is the Parque de Bolivar, leading to the Basilica Metropolitana



col15Plaza de los Coches in the beautiful old town of Cartagena















col16Cartagena old town
















col17Standing on the walls surrounding Cartagena's old town



col18Cannons atop Cartagena's walled city - 16th/17th century



col19The Caribbean coastal town of Santa Marta
















col21Taganga's Playa Grande, near Santa Marta


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