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Location - South east Europe; Capital - Zagreb; Population - 4.3 million; Currency - Kuna MORE CROATIA

I flew from London to Split and visited my favourite part of Europe, the beautiful coastline of Croatia along with the mountains and emerald-green rivers of Bosnia - April 2013.


croatianoteCroatia is soon to join the Euro but until then its currency is the Kuna









croatia101Boats in the calm waters of Split harbour - Split


croatia103The picturesque waterfront of Split


croatia12The Cathedral is within the Diocletian's Palace, the home of Roman Emperor Diocletian - Split















croatia16At the heart of Diocletan's Palace, and right next to the Cathedral, is the Peristil. This colonnaded square is a gathering place for drinks and live music in the evenings - Split















croatia11The Cathedral belfry rises above the Peristil - Split


croatia69A rest-stop on the way up the Cathedral tower - Split


croatia81 It's perfect for taking in the harbour, marina, the old town, Marjan Hill and the off-shore islands - Split















croatia85Houses rise up Marjan Hill behind the harbour - Split














croatia64The ACI Marina is home to the bigger, more luxurious boats - Split


croatia90Dalmatian singers stand in the open roofed Vestibule, next to the Peristil - Split




















croatia95Walk through the Vestibule for a rear view of the Cathedral - Split
















croatia92A love-hate relationship? I love the place! Split


croatia22Marmontova is a shop-lined street lying outside Diocletian's Palace but within the old city walls - Split


croatia7Parallel to Marmontova are the grand buildings of the Prokurative surrounding Trg Republike (Republic Square) - Split















croatia97Diocletian's Palace was built at the end of the 3rd century AD and is now a maze of alleyways, bars, restaurants, boutiques and fast-food outlets - Split


















croatia18You won't walk far in the city without coming across some sort of homage to local football team Hajduk Split - Split


croatia17As far as I know this relates to one of the Hajduk Split fan bases. Tell me if you know more - Split


croatia37Vocni Trg (Fruit Square) is located just off the Riva waterfront - Split















croatia30A covered walkway within the old town - Split
















croatia38The Basement Halls belong to the Diocletian's Palace and lie either side of the Bronze Gate entrance - Split


croatia46Narodni Trg is a lively central square full of bars and restaurants - Split


croatia1008A cultural show of song and dance was in full swing when I had a brief overnight stop in May 2018 - Split


croatia49The square is also home to the 15th century Town Hall - Split















croatia53Riva is the waterfront promenade that's full of life on weekend afternoons and evenings - Split















croatia114Riva is made up of restaurant after restaurant and bar after bar, with a splattering of ice-cream parlours for good measure - Split



croatia54Evening-time along the Riva - Split



croatia61Split harbour leads to the islands of Brac, Solta, Hvar and many more islands along the Dalmatian Coast - Split














croatia548The waterfront between the harbour and marina hosted a lavish opening ceremony in April 2013. I like this cute, cartoonish homage to cycling - Split















croatia106The ACI Marina - Split



croatia553The Roman city of Salona, a few kms from Split at Solin, is worth a trip if you're really into ruins; this is the amphitheatre - Split



croatia117A modern ruin on the way up Marjan Hill - Split















croatia124 A quality panorama of Split from Vidilica cafe
















croatia135A network of paths around Marjan Hill and the peninsula lead down to Kasjuni and Bene bays - Split


croatia137And you can catch a glimpse of Hajduk Split's Poljud Stadium - Split


croatia544..also pictured here at Bacvice Bay - Split




















croatia550 On the southside of Marjan Hill are a couple of pebbly beaches at Jezinac-Zvoncac - Split















croatia544a . croatia542A far busier and livelier beach is on the east side of the city at Bacvice - Split



croatia539Dusk greets a ferry arriving at Split harbour from Hvar - Split


croatia536 Hvar-bound ferries take the narrow channel between Brac island and Solta - Split















croatia533 Coming into port at Stari Grad, Hvar















croatia402Stari Grad port is linked to the town of the same name by a coastal path, an enjoyable walk if you don't have too much luggage


croatia407After a 15-minute walk Stari Grad comes into view


croatia408Palm trees line the Riva - Stari Grad, Hvar














croatia412Buy fish at source the local way - Stari Grad, Hvar
















croatia410Fishing boats at Stari Grad, Hvar


croatia416Stone houses crowd the narrow streets of the old town - Stari Grad, Hvar


croatia421The Tvrdalj was a summer house of 16th century poet Petar Hektorovic - Stari Grad, Hvar













croatia415St Stephen's Church - Stari Grad, Hvar
















croatia428A 40-minute bus ride links Stari Grad to Hvar Town on the west coast of the island


croatia425Trg Svetog Stjepana is the central square of Hvar Town, lined at its far end by St Stephen's Cathedral


croatia427.. and looking in the opposite direction. Plenty of outdoor cafes and restaurants give the square an atmosphere - Hvar Town














croatia436At the end of the square is the Mandrac, a closed-off harbour - Hvar Town
















croatia446Narrow hillside streets and alleys paint the picture of Hvar Town


croatia454Greenery grows up and over the stone houses - Hvar Town


croatia445 Light brown is the building colour of choice in the old town - Hvar Town


















croatia524The distant Citadel stands over the harbour at Hvar Town
















croatia525Catamarans ply the Split-Hvar route direct to Hvar Town, while the vehicle ferry docks at Stari Grad. And there's plenty of other destinations to choose from - Hvar Town


croatia530When the sun's shining it's an excellent place to relax at a pavement cafe or on a pebble beach. In high season the island is a serious party town - Hvar Town


croatia520A small beach lies next to the Franciscan Monastery east of Hvar Town















croatia522Carry on past the monastery to this harbour - Hvar Town
















croatia531The 16th century Citadel - Hvar Town


croatia512A pebble beach outside the huge Amfora Hotel a short walk west of Hvar Town


croatia472The trail up to the Citadel commands beautiful views of Hvar Town and the Adriatic Sea















croatia469The Pakleni Islands lie just off Hvar















croatia484The defensive walls lead down to Hvar Town


croatia496Most of coastal Croatia retains its traditional brown-tiled roofs, helping the area to retain its identity and add a touch of class - Hvar Town


croatia505Explore the Citadel and take in the views - Hvar Town
















croatia486Through the Citadel ramparts to the Pakleni Islands - Hvar Town















croatia474Galesnik is the tiny island, behind which is Jerolim followed by Marinkovac to the right - Hvar Town




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