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Location - South east Europe; Capital - Zagreb; Population - 4.3 million; Currency - Kuna MORE CROATIA

Buses wind up and down the mountains on the Bosnia-Croatia route from Trebinje to the beautiful port-city of Dubrovnik - April 2013.


croatianoteCroatia is soon to join the Euro but until then its currency is the Kuna









croatia273Take in the beauty of the old town of Dubrovnik via a cable car to Mt Srd


croatia277Red-tiled buildings surround St Blaise's Church - Dubrovnik


croatia268St John's Fortress (top left) provides shelter for the old port - Dubrovnik















croatia266Close to the old town is Lapad peninsula, with the islands of Kolocep and Lopud beyond - Dubrovnik















croatia163The pebbly Lapad beach on the peninsula - Dubrovnik


croatia290The sandy Banje beach is much closer to the old town and more popular - Dubrovnik


croatia294Heading further east of the old town brings good views of the offshore island Lokrum - Dubrovnik















croatia295 You can also look back towards the old town - Dubrovnik















croatia305More walking brings you to a lovely spot near Sveti Jakov beach - Dubrovnik


croatia169Back in the old town a great place for a relaxing drink is Buza Bar, on a rocky outcrop outside the city walls - Dubrovnik


croatia171Look through scaffolding to the Adriatic. Not as bad as it sounds! Dubrovnik
















croatia174Sunset at the Buza Bar - Dubrovnik
















croatia187The 17th/18th century Cathedral - Dubrovnik


croatia190Ready for the evening? Dubrovnik


croatia198Stradun, the old town's main street, has many cafes-cum-restaurants as well as several souvenir shops - Dubrovnik















croatia1007A photo of Luza Square from my overnight stop during 2017 - Dubrovnik















croatia209Steep narrow streets lead off the Stradun to residential houses and more bars and restaurants - Dubrovnik


















croatia244The cloister of the 14t century Franciscan Monastery is also just off the Stradun - Dubrovnik


croatia220Live evening music plays behind the Cathedral - Dubrovnik


croatia233Gunduliceva Poljana hosts a morning market - Dubrovnik
















croatia240Walking the narrow streets of the old town on a late Sunday morning - Dubrovnik




















croatia249Minceta Fortress as seen from outside the city walls - Dubrovnik


croatia254Across palm trees and the old port to St John's Fortress - Dubrovnik


croatia260Close to the old port is the Dominican Monastery (left) and Revelin Fortress (right) - Dubrovnik















croatia312Cruise ships can be a headache but the throngs usually thin out later in the day - Dubrovnik















croatia1006A view from the bus heading north from Montenegro in May 2018 - Dubrovnik















croatia315The island of Lokrum is only a 10 minute boat-ride away from Dubrovnik's old port


croatia320The island has a monastery, fort, nudist beach and botanical gardens - Lokrum


croatia323The gardens of the medieval Benedictine monastery - Lokrum















croatia324 Peacocks strut around the monastery grounds - Lokrum
















croatia329This salt lake is known as the Dead Sea - Lokrum


croatia331A solitary boat in a whole lot of Adriatic - Lokrum


croatia347Back in Dubrovnik definitely take a few hours to walk along the city walls

















croatia346A bird's eye view of the Stradun and the circular Onofrio Fountain - Dubrovnik














croatia345St Saviour's Church marks the beginning of the Stradun and continues to the Clock Tower 300m further on - Dubrovnik


croatia333A wedding party dance along the Stradun - Dubrovnik


croatia350Back on the city walls you can look out over the old town and its narrow streets - Dubrovnik














croatia351The 13th-16th century walls cling to the cliff face - Dubrovnik
















croatia354The rugged Lapad Peninsula - Dubrovnik


croatia356Sailing through the still waters of the Adriatic - Dubrovnik


croatia357Take a break at some perfectly situated cafes along the walls - Dubrovnik
















croatia360Look down at the Buza Bar parasols from the city walls - Dubrovnik















croatia368Peer through a 'window' to the old port at St John's Fortress - Dubrovnik


croatia374The old port isn't deep enough for cruise ships so passengers are ferried in by boat, seen here with orange roofs about to enter the port - Dubrovnik


croatia380A small explosion followed by smoke rising from the Stradun. No need to worry, it's the wedding party from earlier getting in full swing - Dubrovnik















croatia383Window sill - Dubrovnik
















croatia384More steep narrow streets in Dubrovnik


croatia387A superb view of Lokrum Island and the old town from its highest point at Minceta Fortress - Dubrovnik


croatia138The drive from Dubrovnik to Split passes some gorgeous coastline















croatia144Towns blend with lush vegetation - Dubrovnik to Split
















croatia146This rugged coastline is somewhere close to the Bosnian resort of Neum - Dubrovnik to Split


bosnia neum4The Dubrovnik-Split journey crosses 9km of Bosnian territory at Neum, Bosnia


croatia149Even though it's an industrial port, the area around Ploce is very attractive - Dubrovnik to Split















croatia152The marshland and irrigation channels of the Neretva Delta near Ploce, Dubrovnik to Split















croatia154Another appealing coastal town between Dubrovnik and Split


croatia155A shimmering Adriatic Sea - Dubrovnik to Split


croatia156The five-hour bus trip follows the contours of coastline, winding up down and around - Dubrovnik to Split














croatia1109For those arriving by train the squares of Trg Kralija Tomislava and Strossmayerov are the first sights of Zagreb


croatia557And a place you're likely to see soon after is Jelacica Square, a busy tram intersection - Zagreb


croatia562Surely the liveliest place in the whole of Croatia on a Saturday night is the bar-filled street of Tkalciceva - Zagreb















croatia558The fruit and vegetable market at Dolac is close to Jelacica Square and Tkalciceva - Zagreb


















croatia564In the upper town near the funicular. St Mark's Church sports the coats of arms of Croatia and Zagreb - Zagreb


croatia567The Croatian National Theatre dominates Trg Marsala Tita, the square named after dictator Marshal Tito, leader of Yugoslavia from 1943 until his death in 1980 - Zagreb


croatia555Before taking a train out of Zagreb have a quick look at the nearby Museum of Street Art on Branimirova Wall - Zagreb
















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