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Location - South east Europe; Capital - Zagreb; Population - 4.3 million; Currency - Kuna MORE CROATIA

Buses leave Montenegro for the beautiful city of Dubrovnik in Croatia. After an overnight stop I carried on to Zadar, followed by Plitvice Lakes National Park, before heading to Slovenia - October 2017.


croatianoteCroatia is (supposedly) soon to join the Euro but until then its currency is the Kuna









croatia1014Zadar has a lively old town full of restaurants, bars and cafes


croatia1028On the right is the 9th century St Donat's Church, with various Roman ruins in the foreground. Behind it is the tower belonging to the Cathedral of St Anastasia - Zadar


croatia1029On the left is St Donat's Church with the 12th/13th century Cathedral of St Anastasia on the right - Zadar














croatia1022 Climb the cathedral's tower for magnificent views of Zadar and the Adriatic Sea














croatia1023The pedestrian street of Siroka in the Old Town - Zadar


croatia1026Lone boat on a shimmering sea, with the island of Ugljan beyond - Zadar


croatia1025Looking eastwards and inland to the harbour from the Old Town peninsula - Zadar














croatia1033Sunset over the Adriatic, or the Zadarski Channel to be precise - Zadar















croatia1036Two famous sights are located in Zadar, both designed by architect Nikola Basic. This less visual one is the Sea Organ, which harnesses the sea's energy by diverting it to a series of pipes beneath the steps. This combines with the vents shown in the photo to produce sounds akin to a natural organ


croatia1037Sun Salutation is the more visible of the two - the sun's energy is absorbed during the day and, together with wave energy, is recycled in the form of a visual display of the solar system - Zadar


croatia1042Tornado is the name given to the supporters of Zadar's basketball and football teams - Zadar















croatia1046Midway between Zadar and the capital Zagreb are the colourful turquoise waters of Plitvice Lakes National Park


croatia1048The park consists of lakes, waterfalls, wooded hills, river walkways and paths criss-crossing an area which can easily take up a whole day's exploration - Plitvice Lakes National Park


croatia1061It's a busy place and in summer it's likely that a quiet path like this will be a rarity! Plitvice Lakes National Park














croatia1065Walking towards one of the many waterfalls in Plitvice Lakes National Park















croatia1068It's a gorgeous park which is doable as a day-trip from Zagreb or Zadar. Buses usually pick up/drop off at entrance 1 where there's also left-luggage facilities - Plitvice Lakes National Park


croatia1071The park is divided into upper and lower sections, both with several lakes and waterfalls - Plitvice Lakes National Park


croatia1077Taking the boat across Kozjak Lake - Plitvice Lakes National Park















croatia1086The water is crystal clear - Plitvice Lakes National Park















croatia1091My big gripe is the number of group tours at the park, even in October, when they block up the narrow walkways. Aargh! That's my bah humbug moment.. - Plitvice Lakes National Park


croatia1097One of the first sights if you use entrance 1 is a distant view of 78m Veliki Slap (slap meaning waterfall) - Plitvice Lakes National Park



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