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Location - Caribbean; Capital - Havana; Population - 12 million; Currency - Cuban Peso & Cuban Convertible Peso

I managed to get a charter flight from Dominican Republic to Santiago de Cuba in eastern Cuba, in June 2001.


cubanoteIn 2001 the US Dollar was the main currency for tourists in Cuba, but was replaced by the Convertible Peso. The Dollar was withdrawn in 2004.

To the right is Cuba's national currency, the Cuban Peso
, which westerners can use for items such as street food and newspapers



cuba1Parque Cespedes in the centre of Santiago de Cuba



cuba2The Moncada Barracks are the site of Castro's failed attack on President Batista's troops in 1953, Santiago de Cuba. The bullet holes still remain.


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cuba3Looking down on the town of Baracoa









cuba4Baracoa's market










cuba5Lots of rum stalls are set up in the evening and Havana Club dominates, Baracoa




cuba8This is a local currency supermarket in Baracoa. It was sparse to say the least. The US dollar supermarkets had a lot more to offer, as long as you had dollars. Maybe things have changed now..



cuba6The countryside around Baracoa









cuba7Playa Duaba is a bicycle or minibus ride from Baracoa















cuba9The cobbled streets of Trinidad



cuba10Colonial houses in Trinidad. I stayed in a casa particular (private home) similar to these



cuba11bThere was a fiesta happening in Trinidad



cuba12Playa Ancon, just over 10kms outside Trinidad
















cuba131950's (?) American car in Trinidad
















cuba14Poster of Ernesto 'Che' Guevara, Cienfuegos


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cuba14bThe cathedral and Government Palace, Parque Jose Marti, Cienfuegos



cuba15'Tren Blindado' - the train containing many Batista troops that was attacked by Che Guevara just after Christmas 1958, Santa Clara.
Batista fled Cuba on January 1 1959






cuba16Ernesto Che Guevara is buried here, at the monument in Santa Clara







cuba17Horse and carts near the bus station in Santa Clara



cuba18Site of the Bay of Pigs invasion in 1961, Giron

More info from Wikipedia

CIA documents relating to the Bay of Pigs invasion














cuba19 Playa Giron in the Bahia de Cochinos (Bay of Pigs)
















cuba20View from the Capitolio Nacional, Havana



cuba21The government Capitolio Nacional, Havana



cuba22The tank and launch boat were used in the Bay of Pigs invasion, 1961
The missile dates back to the Cuban Missile Crisis
Museo de la Revolucion, Havana

More info on the Cuban Missile Crisis














cuba23Fortaleza de la Cabana, with Castillo del Morro in the background, Havana









cuba24A spruced up part of old Havana



cuba25But the decaying parts of old Havana have so much more character



cuba26The old town of Havana





















cuba27I was lucky enough to stay at a stunning 'casa particular' in a very grand colonial house in old Havana, for about $20/night.
This was the view from my balcony














cuba28Cuban band plays in Havana




cuba29Live music and dance at the Plaza de la Catedral, Havana



cuba30Monument to Jose Marti, a leader of the Cuban independence movement, Havana
















cuba31'Hasta la Victoria Siempre' - Che Guevara's image on the side of a government building in Vedado, Havana



















cuba32Headquarters of the Central Committee of the Communist Party, Havana



cuba33Restaurants in Chinatown, Havana



cuba34A cafe built into a Vinales cave
















cuba35Mural de la Prehistoria, Vinales

















Beautiful views of Vinales



cuba38The countryside close to Vinales, west of Havana



cuba39The Cuban family I stayed with in Vinales



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