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Location - Eastern Mediterranean; Capital - Nicosia (Lefkosia); Population - 780,000; Currency - Euro MORE CYPRUS

I crossed back into the Republic of Cyprus at Nicosia - April 2009.


euroIn 2008 Cyprus adopted the Euro










cyprus62Crossing the Green Line at the Ledra Palace checkpoint between Northern Cyprus and Republic of Cyprus - Nicosia


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cyprus63In no-man's-land - a building in the buffer zone, Nicosia



cyprus64A rather worn poster greets visitors to the Republic of Cyprus - Nicosia














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cyprus65'Still Occupied Still Divided' - poster at the Ledra Palace checkpoint, Nicosia














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cyprus58The Ledra Street checkpoint is a pedestrian-only crossing through the centre of Nicosia. The sign on the right says 'Nicosia - The Last Divided Capital'



cyprus59It's a busy crossing but formalites take less than 5 minutes for EU passport holders - Nicosia



cyprus67Ledra Street is a lively shopping centre - Nicosia
















cyprus68The Municipal Gardens are a short walk outside the city walls - Nicosia
















cyprus70Nicosia is known as Lefkosia in Cyprus (and Lefkoşa in Northern Cyprus)



cyprus73A religious march starts from Phaneromenis Church on (Orthodox) Easter Sunday - Nicosia



cyprus75The 19th century Phaneromenis Church, Nicosia















cyprus76St John's Cathedral is surrounded by several museums - Nicosia



















cyprus77An attractive residential street close to Omeriye Mosque - Nicosia



cyprus79The Chrysaliniotissa Church bell, Nicosia



cyprus80The eastern part of Nicosia's old city















cyprus81Just off Ledra Street is the tourist zone known as Laiki Geitonia, Nicosia















cyprus84Laiki Geitonia is full of tavernas, souvenir shops and galleries - Nicosia



cyprus85Go to the Ledra Observatory for a bird's eye view of both sides of Nicosia. To the bottom left is Ledra Street, running in to Northern Cyprus. The minarets in the centre-right belong to Selemiye Mosque, north Nicosia.



cyprus88The Selemiye Mosque, as seen from Ledra Observatory, is in north Nicosia















cyprus87Most of the foreground in this photo, looking north-west of the Ledra Observatory, is south Nicosia.
To the right of the wooded area is the Ledra Palace Hotel.













cyprus92The Ledra Palace Hotel was caught in the Green Line no-man's-land between north and south Nicosia. It's currently used by the UN.



cyprus89A huge Northern Cyprus flag is etched into the Pentadaktylos (Turkish = Besparmak) mountains above north Nicosia. The walls of Buyuk Han, also in the north, can be seen in the bottom right - Nicosia



cyprus90This must irk the Republic - the flag of Northern Cyprus can clearly be seen from the Shacolas Tower's 6th floor cafe, Nicosia














cyprus93I spent several hours at the nondescript junction town of Kofinou, hitching to Larnaka on Easter Saturday when there was virtually no public transport



cyprus94The new definition of 'Push' - a hotel on the outskirts of Larnaka















cyprus100Larnaka's beach front and harbour
















cyprus102The Laiki Geitonia area of Larnaka, just off the seafront, has several bars



cyprus103Agios Lazaros church, Larnaka



cyprus104Larnaka's salt lake is close to the airport
















cyprus109On the shores of the salt lake is the Muslim shrine Hala Sultan Tekke - Larnaka















cyprus110Hala Sultan Tekke, Larnaka



cyprus111Boats at Larnaka marina



cyprus114Larnaka's beach is not particularly sandy but there's plenty of sunbeds.
In the background is Larnaka Castle.














cyprus115Easter eggs aplenty at Agia Napa square



cyprus116Agia Napa harbour



cyprus117Agia Napa's beach















cyprus119The Sling Shot is like a vertical catapult - Agia Napa


















cyprus120As part of Easter celebrations there was an evening of traditional music and dance in Agia Napa



cyprus122The rooftops of Agia Napa monastery



cyprus123Agia Napa is known for it's nightlife - the Bedrock Inn is one of a huge number of bars and clubs















cyprus126About 2 kilometres from Agia Napa centre is the party beach of Nissi Bay



cyprus128The crystal clear waters at Nissi Bay, Agia Napa



cyprus129Nissi Bay, Agia Napa
















cyprus133Paralimni is a sizeable town north of Agia Napa



cyprus134From Paralimni I hoped to visit Annita's Viewpoint in Deryneia with views of the Green Line and Famagusta.
The lookout was closed so this is the only sight I got - an abandoned hotel in the Varosha district of Famagusta, right in the UN buffer zone.


Photos of Varosha here











cyprus139Protaras is a beach resort on the south-east coast close to Agia Napa



cyprus140The Mediterranean shore at Protaras



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