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DENMARK and Freetown Christiania

Location - Western Europe; Capital - Copenhagen; Population - 5.8 million; Currency - Danish Krone

Me and flying aren't good friends, so after bailing out of a flight to Copenhagen I took the train from London to Brussels and on to Denmark via Cologne and Hamburg. Phew! - December 2017. MORE DENMARK


denmarknoteThough Denmark is an EU member it's not in the Euro-zone, using the Danish Krone instead










denmark2Probably Copenhagen's most famous sight is Tivoli Gardens - Copenhagen


denmark7Tivoli Gardens is one of the most popular amusement parks in the world, and also one of the oldest - Copenhagen


denmark9 In addition to the rides there's several restaurants (pictured), parks, music concerts, souvenir shops and a theatre - Copenhagen















denmark12A chinese pagoda at Tivoli Gardens - Copenhagen















denmark25The 17th century Rundetaarn translates to the Round Tower, which is exactly what it is. Walk in circles up to the viewpoint for good views and, if you book, to see the observatory - Copenhagen


denmark28The Oresund Bridge is an amazing structure linking Copenhagen to Malmo in Sweden around 16km across the sea. The crossing consists of bridge, artificial island then tunnel - check out the photo in the link. On the right is the spiral-towered church in Christianshavn known as Vor Frelsers Kirke - Copenhagen


denmark27Looking down on the pedestrian street of Kobmagergade from the Round Tower - Copenhagen














denmark47Christmas stalls line the road at Nyhavn - Copenhagen















denmark60Nyhavn canal is a big tourist hangout; entertain yourself with bars, restaurants, shops and boat trips - Copenhagen


denmark61Boats moored on Nyhvan, which boasts Hans Christian Andersen as one of its former residents - Copenhagen


denmark56Christmas decorations near Nyhavn - Copenhagen















denmark88A network of pedestrian-only streets criss-cross the centre of Copenhagen















denmark69A monument to WWII soldiers stands outside the Kastellet, a star-shaped 17th century fortress surrounded by a moat - Copenhagen


denmark67There's several windmills spread around Scandinavia, this one being in the grounds of the Kastellet - Copenhagen


denmark75Another of Denmark's famous sights is the underwhelming Little Mermaid - Copenhagen














denmark77 Walking from the statue towards the city centre brings you to the 18th century Amalienborg, home of Queen Margrethe II - Copenhagen














denmark78A guard stands outside one of the entrances to Amalienborg - Copenhagen


denmark81The large dome of the 19th century Marmorkirken (Marble Church) can be seen from Amalienborg - Copenhagen


denmark82 Christiansborg Palace is the seat of Danish parliament and also home to several museums - Copenhagen














denmark83One of many opulent rooms belonging to the palace's Royal Reception Rooms, a section set aside for the Danish royal family - Copenhagen














denmark104Danish soldiers on parade at Rosenborg Barracks, military grounds outside Rosenborg Castle - Copenhagen


denmark103The 17th century Rosenborg Castle was originally built by King Christian IV - Copenhagen


denmark107The king and queen's thrones are on display in the castle - Copenhagen















denmark110Downstairs in the castle's Treasury is King Christian III's Sword of State, made in 1551 - Copenhagen






















Freetown Christiania is a commune located in Copenhagen's Christianshavn district, a self-proclaimed autonomous region of the Danish capital. Since its creation by squatters in 1971 it's been a haven for those seeking an alternative lifestyle - freely available hashish and marijuana, meditation classes and a general hippie vibe. Over the years it's had its ups and downs amid frequent run-ins with the Danish government.


christiananote1christiananote2Christiania's currency is the Løn, though it's more for collecting than using


christiania4Murals adorn the perimeter walls to Christiania


christiania2The main entrance to the self-proclaimed autonomous region of Christiania


christiania5I'm a big fan of street art and this was the first mural I came across, a bright welcome to Christiania














christiania10A mural full of nature and flower power - Christiania
















christiania13Pusher Street is an infamous lane where hashish, marijuana and skunk are openly sold from little stalls. Photography is definitely frowned upon.

Various disputes with the government have led to crackdowns, particularly after the killing of a resident on Pusher Street in 2005, and the shooting of two police officers in 2016. Community rules forbid the use and sale of hard drugs - Christiania


christiania14Christiania is a car-free zone so you'll come across lots of bicycles in various forms. Residents' cars must be parked outside the community


christiania16 A cool mural dedicated to Benjamin Armstrong. I believe he was shot dead in Christiania but please correct me if I'm wrong














christiania17 Lots of the graffiti is laden with weed smoking connotations - Christiania
















christiania19Psychedelic colours at this art gallery - Christiania


christiania21Many of the buidlings are of the makeshift, homemade variety. Unless things have changed, if you want to live there you have to apply, and if accepted you're given a property - Christiania


christiania26More eclectic DIY buildings lie across the water, with a toy boat displaying the flag of Christiania - three horizontal yellow dots on a red background














christiania28Before the establishment of Christiania the area was a military zone















christiania30The spiral-towered church of Vor Frelsers Kirke pops up again - Christiania


christiania33Several nods to a Buddhist way of life are dotted around Christiania: adverts for meditation and yoga, prayer wheels and this Buddhist stupa


christiania34'Fight crime not cannabis. Nature is not a crime. Marijuana is not a crime' - Christiania















christiania35A mural honouring the Zapatistas (EZLN), a left-wing miltant group in Chiapas, southern Mexico - Christiania














christiania40One of the graffiti-laden floors of a concert venue, a former military building which also houses a cafe and exhibition centre - Christiania


christiania42Graffiti I noticed on leaving - 'Foreigners please don't leave us alone with the Danes' - Christiania


christiania1'You are now entering the EU' - a goodbye from Christiania

















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