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Location - Western Europe; Capital - Copenhagen; Population - 5.8 million; Currency - Danish Krone MORE DENMARK

I made a day-tour of sights on the island of Zealand before heading west to Odense and Aarhus - December 2017.


denmarknoteThough Denmark is an EU member it's not in the Euro-zone, using the Danish Krone instead










denmark119A larger-than-life statue outside the Maritime Museum in Helsingor an hour's train ride north of Copenhagen


denmark113Colourful houses near the seafront - Helsingor


denmark12515th century Kronborg Castle lies on the north east tip of Zealand opposite the Swedish port city of Helsingborg - Helsingor















denmark126The castle is famous for being Elsinore in Shakespeare's Hamlet - Helsingor















denmark130Ferries cross the Oresund, which divides Helsingor and Helsingborg at the two countries' narrowest point - Helsingor


denmark116A seafaring mural on the streets of Helsingor


denmark134 Another impressive fortress is the 17th century Frederiksborg Castle - Hillerod















denmark140 It's worth looking at buying the Copenhagen Card as it covers Kronborg & Frederiksborg castles, as well as many other attractions in Zealand. Plus public transport - important in an expensive country like Denmark! - Hillerod















denmark144Roskilde is the former capital of Denmark and home to its most important cathedral, the 12th century Roskilde Cathedral


denmark148The cathedral is the principal burial site for Danish monarchs since the 15th century - Roskilde


denmark149The cathedral's Glucksburger Chapel is the resting place of Kings Christian IX, Frederik VIII and Christian X - Roskilde














denmark170The Viking Ship Museum displays the amazing find of five original Viking ships discovered sunk in Roskilde Fjord. Skuldelev 3 is the best preserved, a trading ship measuring 14m in length and dating back to around 1040 - Roskilde













denmark177Not much remains of Skuldelev 2, a warship capable of carrying 65-70 men at high speed. The ship was built in Ireland around 1042 and would have been about 30m long - Roskilde




elleore2Continuing my search for micronations around the world, Denmark has not just one (Christiania being the more obvious) but two, the second being the Kingdom of Elleore off the coast of Roskilde - Kingdom of Elleore


elleorenote1elleorenote2One of the older Leon d'Or coins

- Head of state: King Leo III
- Population: None, except when a week-long festival is held for 'citizens'. And lots of birds.
- Size: 15,000m²
- Currency: Leo d'Or coins, while stamps are also produced
- Time: Elleore Standard Time, 12 minutes behind Danish time
- Website:;


elleore9Elleore was bought from the government by a group of schoolteachers in 1944 to use as a summer camp. As with many micronations its existence is thanks to a light-hearted proclamation of independence, this time as a stand against the Danish monarchy and government - Kingdom of Elleore


elleore14A view of the Kingdom of Elleore from Veddelev, a village on the outskirts of Roskilde















denmark186The train crosses the Storebaelt Bridge (Great Belt Bridge in English), making the 18km link between the islands of Zealand and Funen


denmark187A street mural opposite Brandts, a contemporary arts museum - Odense















denmark194That posture looks so uncomfortable! - Odense















denmark198Being the birthplace of author Hans Christian Andersen puts Odense on the tourist map. He wrote novels, plays, poems but he's most loved for his fairytales - do you remember The Ugly Duckling, The Princess and the Pea, The Emperor's New Clothes and Thumbelina, to name just a few?


denmark189Hans Christian Andersen's childhood home, where he lived between 1807 and 1819, is now a museum - Odense


denmark201The cobbled backstreets near the Hans Christian Andersen House, where he was born and which is also a museum - Odense















denmark195A statue of, you guessed it, Hans stands outside St Canute's Cathedral. Visit the cathedral's crypt to see the remains of King Canute, Denmark's patron saint - Odense














denmark202Next up was Aarhus, Denmark's second city on the mainland peninsula of Jutland


denmark204There's a few busy bars and cafes lining the Aarhus River near Frederiksgade, on the way to Lille Torv - Aarhus


denmark212A rather monochrome-looking photo of Lille Torv, a small square dotted with Christmas stalls during the festive season - Aarhus














denmark213If you want masks for Christmas, this is the stall to visit! - Aarhus















denmark206The circular band on the top floor of the ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum is an installation called Your Rainbow Panorama, designed for colourful views of the city - Aarhus


denmark207Something looks wrong with this mannequin.. - Aarhus


denmark208 I've never seen so many Christmas trees as in Aarhus, propped up against every street sign and lamppost!














denmark215The hefty Aarhus Cathedral is both the longest and tallest church in Denmark - Aarhus















denmark216The sandy grey building on the left is the Occupation Museum, documenting the city's occupation by Germany during World War II. It's housed in the former Gestapo headquarters for Jutland. In the centre, and part of the same building, is the Women's Museum, outlining the role of women in Denmark through the years. On the right is the cathedral - Aarhus


denmark227It felt like I stumbled across a windmill everywhere I went in Scandinavia (and Bremen shortly after, for that matter) - Aarhus


denmark225Above the pathway leading to Den Gamle By are the greenhouses of the Botanical Gardens - Aarhus















denmark229Den Gamle By (meaning The Old Town in English) is an open air museum and the first of its kind in the world - Aarhus















denmark235The museum comprises over 70 historical buildings from towns all over the country, which have then been moved lock, stock & barrel to Den Gamle By - Aarhus


denmark239Much of the seafront has an industrial, port feel to it, but keep going north to the fiskerhavn area where fishing and leisure boats take precedence - Aarhus


denmark245Bellevue beach is a stretch of sand a few kms north of the centre - Aarhus

















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