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Location - North East Africa; Capital - Djibouti City; Population - 1 million; Currency - Djibouti Franc

A bus from Dire Dawa in eastern Ethiopia took me to Djibouti, in December 2006.


djinoteThe Djibouti Franc - this note has been replaced by a newer smaller version, but I like the old one better..









dji1There's good views of the Gulf of Aden from the Plateau du Serpent area of Djibouti City




dji5The People's Palace, Djibouti City



dji7A walled off area close to the port, Djibouti City















If you can read French, Petit Fute's guide to Djibouti covers the country well


dji8A French colonial building in Place Menelik, Djibouti City














dji11Place Menelik, or Place 27 Juin 1977 (the date of Djibouti's independence from France), is the heart of the European quarter of Djibouti City



dji9aDrinking Heineken at a Place Menelik bar restaurant (there's not many places in town that sell alcohol) - Djibouti City


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dji13Djibouti City becomes a ghost town around midday



dji15The quiet early afternoon streets of Djibouti City















dji14Clothes shop in Djibouti City















dji16The European quarter, Djibouti City





dji10Hamoudi Mosque and the market area at Place Rimbaud, in the African quarter of Djibouti City



dji17Ancient rock paintings on the road between Djibouti City and Lake Assal















dji19This gorge is found before the Bay of Ghoubbet comes into view

















A magnificent view of the Bay of Ghoubbet, almost cut off from the rest of the Gulf of Tadjoura



dji24Devil's Island in the Bay of Ghoubbet



dji26aThe beautiful turquoise waters of Lake Assal















dji28Lake Assal is a crater lake situated 153 metres below sea level, the third lowest in the world after the Dead Sea and Sea of Galilee.
What looks like a sandy beach is actually a huge salt field.
Volcanic lava rocks lie in the foreground.













dji29Salt formations are plain to see - Lake Assal



dji31Lake Assal



dji30Salt crystals on the shores of Lake Assal, the most saline body of water in the world
















dji34The salt pan of Lake Assal
















dji35Crunching my way across Lake Assal's salt pan



dji36Thermal waters escape from underground - Lake Assal



dji39Volcano and lava near Lake Assal

















Ardoukoba Volcano's lava fields



dji44A distant view of Tadjoura from Hotel Restaurant Le Golfe



dji48Tadjoura is on the opposite side of the Gulf of Tadjoura from Djibouti City



dji49Taking refuge from the incessant Tadjoura rain
















dji50Chilling out in Tadjoura
















dji51The bus ride back to Djibouti City was a bit hair-raising as after torrential rains, much of the road had disappeared and landslides blocked the road. Get out and push!


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If you can read French, Petit Fute's guide to Djibouti covers the country well - Djibouti tourist board, in French


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