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Location - Caribbean; Capital - Santo Domingo; Population - 10 million; Currency - Dominican Republic Peso MORE DOM REP

I returned to Dominican Republic after northern Haiti, and ended up in the gorgeous beach town of Las Terrenas, in June 2001.


domrepnoteDominican Republic peso










domrep12Las Terrenas beach



domrep10Relaxing on the hotel balcony, Las Terrenas $600 Bonus



domrep11View from the hotel, Las Terrenas
















domrep13Playing baseball, Las Terrenas
















domrep14Jimenoa waterfall in the Cordillera Central mountains, Jarabacoa



domrep15Baiguate waterfall, Jarabacoa



domrep16On the way to Isla Cabritos national park in the south east is Barahona















domrep17House in Barahona

















domrep19We all stood for the national anthem at the Parque Central, Barahona, which the band destroyed. The anthem that is, not the park. I muffled my giggling



domrep20Enriquillo lake, which lies below sea level, in the Isla Cabritos national park















domrep21There's plenty of iguanas in Isla Cabritos national park















domrep22Isla Cabritos national park



domrep23Boca Chica beach

















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