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Location - South America; Capital - Quito; Population - 14 million; Currency - US Dollar

It was a relief to cross in to Ecuador from Piura in Northern Peru during the El Nino affected year of 1998.


ecunoteIn 1998 the currency of Ecuador was the Sucre









puertnoteIt has since been replaced by the US Dollar









ecu2Outside a home in Vilcabamba



ecu1The surrounding countryside of Vilcabamba in Southern Ecuador



ecu3Cuenca's market and Cathedral
















ecu4Flower sellers in Cuenca















ecu5Ecuador Telecom, Cuenca



ecu7The main road of Banos
















ecu8Otovaleno woman standing below a waterfall in Banos



















ecu10Motor boat through the Amazon Rainforest south of Coca - the river is an Amazon tributary



ecu9Living quarters in the Amazon jungle



ecu11Enough to eat for another day! Amazon jungle



















ecu12Target practice with a blow gun, Amazon jungle



ecu13What I call a big tree, in the Amazon jungle



ecu14Rescuing a baby macaw - it had a broken wing and was scrambling through the undergrowth, Amazon jungle















ecu15Bath time in the Amazon jungle















ecu16Drinking potable water from a tree branch - Amazon jungle



ecu19Not what I expected - an airstrip serving an oil refinery in the Amazon jungle



ecu20Home of revolutionary hero General Sucre, Quito















ecu21Plaza de la Independencia, Quito
















ecu24Being a tourist at Mitad del Mundo near Quito - standing either side of the line of the equator



ecu26The Pacific Ocean at Atacames
















ecu27Sewing machinists at Saquisili market



ecu28Saquisili market


ecu29The market at Otavalo - apparently the plants standing against the wall are used to make hammocks















ecu30Otavalo market




















ecu31Wearing traditional dress in Otavalo



ecu32Otavalo woman in traditional dress



ecu33Fruit market at Otavalo















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