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Location - Central America; Capital - San Salvador; Population - 7 million; Currency - US Dollar; Colon

A bus from Guatemala City dropped me at the El Salvador border, from where I took another bus to Santa Ana, in September 2001.


elsalvnoteThe Colon gets its name from Christopher Colombus, who is known in Spanish as Cristobal Colon. In 2001 both the Colon and US Dollar were legal currencies.









puertnoteSince 2001 the US Dollar has in effect replaced the Colon










elsalv1The cathedral at Santa Ana $600 Bonus



elsalv31910 metre Izalco volcano as seen from the Cerro Verde national park.
An earthquake hit El Salvador just a few months earlier and much of the park was off limits















elsalv4Coatapeque Lake is a volcanic crater lake close to Santa Ana



elsalv5At the shore of Coatapeque Lake



elsalv8I met 3 crazy Salvadoran women - Wendy and Paola were still on the beers, while Jesse had already passed out on the floor - Coatapeque Lake















elsalv11A statue of Jesus on top of the world, known as El Salvador del Mundo - San Salvador



elsalv10San Salvador's National Palace



elsalv9The Metropolitan Cathedral in San Salvador.
Archbishop Romero's tomb, whose assassination in 1980 contributed to the outbreak of civil war
, is found here.

Learn more about Archbishop Romero









elsalv12The rose garden at the Monsenor Romero centre in the university grounds of the UCA.
Here 6 Jesuit priests, their housekeeper and daughter were murdered by the army in 1989, San Salvador.

The war came to an end in 1992.














elsalv13Monument to the Revolution, San Salvador



elsalv14Suchitoto village, north of San Salvador















elsalv15Suchitoto village - it looks quiet because it is

















A beautiful view of Lake Suchitlan from Suchitoto village



elsalv24The streets of La Palma in northern El Salvador, just before the border with Honduras



elsalv22The FMLN is a socialist party, originally formed in 1980 to oust the government of the day. The Reagan administration pumped money into the government to prevent the FMLN coming to power. La Palma

More info on the FMLN



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