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Location - Western Europe; Capital - London; Population - England - 50.5 million; Currency - Pound Sterling MORE UK - ENGLAND

I've just added Oxford, Cambridge and Manchester to photos of Sheffield and Chester; there's also Brighton on the next page.


uknote20 Pounds Sterling










eng1069The city of Chester, in north west England, was founded by the Romans



eng1062Most of the black-and-white painted buildings are Victorian era (19th century) - Chester



eng1052Some form of morris dancing going on in the city centre - Chester















eng1065The Eastgate clock - Chester















eng1050Chester Town Hall



eng1053Chester is known for the Rows, a series of 2 tier buildings now functioning as covered shopping arcades


eng1081The 2 levels of the Rows can be seen here (the High Cross is on the left in the foreground) - Chester















eng1075It is thought that the Rows date back to the 13th century - Chester.


Click here for more info on the Rows of Chester


More info on Chester here












eng1055Chester is set on the banks of the Dee River


eng1057Much of Chester's city walls were built by the Romans. Above, a section of the wall overlooks the Roman Gardens



eng1060 Victorian era frontages - Chester
















eng1071Chester Cathedral


eng1084Shops in Chester's shopping centre


eng1120Chessboard at Carden Park Hotel, near Chester

















eng1121Evening sets in on Boxing Day 2008 at Carden Park Hotel, near Chester
















eng1122Morning frost at Carden Park Hotel, near Chester


eng1046You'll see this newly designed square coming out of Sheffield's train station















eng1045The Winter Garden was opened in 2003 and houses over 2,000 plants from around the world - Sheffield
















eng1010Sheffield city centre and the Town Hall


eng1025Sheffield Town Hall was completed in 1897


eng1026Sheffy Stan poses outside the Town Hall in the Summer of 2007 - Sheffield


















eng1041Sheffield Town Hall

















eng1035A view of Sheffield Town Hall from the Peace Gardens


eng1033The Peace Gardens, in front of the Town Hall - Sheffield


eng1001One of the many bars on West Street in Sheffield. At least I think it's West Street?
















eng1003Mid Town Madness in Sheffield















eng1009The clock statues shake their thing every half hour - Sheffield


eng1011Sheffield Cathedral is on Church Street, close to the main shopping area


eng1014Sheffield Cathedral



















eng1239Christ Church College is one of the colleges of Oxford University - Oxford


eng1232Christ Church College dates back to the 16th century - Oxford


eng1233Christ Church College - Oxford















eng1234The college is also famous as a location in the Harry Potter films - Christ Church College, Oxford


















eng1236The Great Hall of Christ Church College - Oxford


eng1238The cathedral and cloister of Christ Church College - Oxford


eng1242Christ Church and Merton Field - Oxford















eng1241Close to Christ Church is the River Cherwell - Oxford















eng1243A path leads towards Merton College - Oxford


eng1247Merton College Chapel - Oxford


eng1248Oriel College, Oxford















eng1249Walk down Oriel Street to get to the city's main shopping street - Oxford















eng1250What I presume is an Antony Gormley statue on Broad Street, Oxford


eng1254Bodleian Library is one of the oldest libraries in the world and literally has millions of books - Oxford


eng1255Bodleian Library - Oxford


















eng1253Bridge of Sighs, or Hertford Bridge - Oxford















england2255Next to Bodleian Library is the 18th century Radcliffe Camera - Oxford


eng1257Just beyond Radcliffe Camera is the University Church of St Mary the Virgin. It's hard to make out here but perched on the clock face is a woman on a suicide bid. The police came and the area was cordoned off. I think she was talked out of it - Oxford


eng1260aUniversity Church of St Mary the Virgin - Oxford















eng1271Christmas shopping in Oxford















eng1273A pub alleyway - Oxford



eng1269Magdalen College is also part of Oxford University - Oxford


eng1268The cloister of Magdalen College - Oxford















eng1264Magdalen College was founded in the 15th century - Oxford















eng1265Students of Magdalen College include Oscar Wilde, Sir John Betjeman, Jean Paul Getty and the King of Bhutan - Oxford


eng1267The cloister walls of Magdalen College - Oxford


england2256The picturesque Oxford Canal close to the train station - Oxford


eng1276Corpus Christi College in Oxford's rival academic city, Cambridge















eng1279King's College was founded in 1441 by King Henry VI - Cambridge















eng1279aThe chapel of King's College - Cambridge


eng1280The non-students' route to the King's College Chapel entrance - Cambridge


eng1282The interior of King's College Chapel - Cambridge















eng1289The Great Court of King's College - Cambridge















eng1288King's College Chapel and the Great Court - Cambridge


eng1290The Gothic style King's College Chapel was built over the 15th and 16th centuries - Cambridge


eng1286King's College stands next to the River Cam - Cambridge















eng1285Anyone can hire a boat for a punt on the River Cam - Cambridge















eng1287The River Cam, Cambridge


eng1293Cambridge has quite a few pedestrian-only shopping streets



eng1297Another college belonging to Cambridge University is Trinity College.
Notable students include Prince Charles, King George VI and Sir Isaac Newton - Cambridge














eng1296Trinity College was founded by King Henry VIII in 1546 - Cambridge














eng1300The main gate of St John's College - Cambridge


eng1299The 19th century Chapel of St John's College - Cambridge


eng1304Walking out of the New Court of St John's College - Cambridge















eng1302The Bridge of Sighs spans the River Cam in the grounds of St John's College - Cambridge















eng1305Crossing the Bridge of Sighs, Cambridge



eng1303The River Cam, close to St John's College - Cambridge


eng1306The 12th century Church of the Holy Sepulchre, commonly known as the Round Church - Cambridge














eng1308Boats available for a punt on the River Cam - Cambridge














eng1309View of the River Cam from Jesus Lock Footbridge, Cambridge


eng1310A Saturday afternoon in December - Cambridge


eng1336The Town Hall dominates Albert Square in Manchester















eng1339Father Christmas keeps a beady eye on Albert Square - Manchester


















eng1344Behind Albert Square is the Central Library - Manchester


eng1346The walk around the circular Central Library - Manchester


eng1348Some of the Winter Wonderland attractions in Piccadilly Gardens - Manchester















eng1350The welcome arch of Chinatown, Manchester















eng1354A Chinatown sidestreet - Manchester


eng1319Close to Victoria train station is Manchester Cathedral - Manchester


eng1323The River Erwell on a rainy day in Manchester















eng1326Climb the steps to the Royal Exchange Theatre - Manchester















eng1327Not sure if this is temporary but this wheel was a winter 2014 attraction in Piccadilly Gardens - Manchester


eng1330At the end of St Ann's Square is the 18th century St Ann's Church - Manchester



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