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Location - Western Europe; Capital - England - London; Population - England - 50.5 million; Currency - Pound Sterling MORE UK - ENGLAND

A two minute ferry across the River Dart from Dartmouth lands you at Kingswear, where buses go to Brixham and on to Torquay - July 2020.


uknote20 Pounds Sterling











england2555Looking down on the River Dart and Dartmouth on the opposite side - Kingswear


england2556Probably the best view of the Britannia Royal Naval College you can get. The college trains Royal Navy officers, including the Prince of Wales (Charlie) - Kingswear

england2554 Apparently Kingswear property is more expensive than Dartmouth, as it gets more of the sun. No idea if that's true..














england2560 Hopefully the steam train returns to normal post-COVID, taking passengers from Kingswear to Paignton via Greenway















england2546Don't think this is an original Banksy, otherwise it'd covered with perspex - Kingswear


england2545Boats moored at Waterhead Creek - Kingswear


england2563A tourist pirate ship welcomes visitors to the harbour in Brixham














england2573Brixham's Angel is dedicated to the fishermen who died in a great storm in 1866, and their wives who burnt furniture to guide boats to shore - Brixham















england2569Lobster cages piled high in the harbour - Brixham


england2579A few kms before reaching Torquay is the seaside resort of Paignton















england2585Colourful beach huts in Paignton


















england2602If you're walking from Paignton you'll go past the beach huts of Corbyn beach - Torquay


england2594The walkway overlooking Torquay's marina


england2596Trying to find my boat in the marina. Couldn't find it, mainly 'cos I can't afford one.. - Torquay
















england2597Paddleboarding across the bay - Torquay
















england2608The Old Harbour is a focal point on the waterfront - Torquay


england2609Bars, cafes and restaurants line the Old Harbour - Torquay


england2598The most central stretch of sand in Torquay is Torre Abbey Sands
















england2605Behind the beach are the historic buildings of Torre Abbey and Spanish Barn (pictured), which housed prisoners of war from the Spanish Armada in 1588 - Torquay















england2610Close by is the turn off to a walking trail that leads to the quaint village of Cockington - Torquay


england2620Cockington is a museum village of thatched houses - Torquay


england2624Some of these cottages are home to galleries, others to cafes and shops - Torquay















england2613The landscaped gardens of Cockington Country Park - Torquay
















england2622It feels a world away from Torquay but attracts a hefty number of visitors - Torquay


england2635Next up was a day's walk around the peninsula, along the beautiful coastline between Torquay and Babbacombe - Torquay


england2638Guys gone fishing - Torquay














england2640The SW Coast Path leads to the very narrow stretch of sand at Meadfoot beach - Torquay













england2647Keep following the peninsula and eventually you'll come to Thatcher Rock - Torquay


england2654Thatcher Rock as seen from Thatcher Point, which is dotted with benches so you can relax and admire the scenery - Torquay


england2659The tip of the peninsula at Hope's Nose, where around 30-40 Chinese were out fishing - Torquay
















england2662What's known as the English Riviera is a gorgeous stretch of coastline - Torquay
















england2664Looking back at Hope's Nose as the trail continues on the northern side of the peninsula - Torquay


england2666I don't know if it's usually the case but there were several cruise ships just off the coast, and I wondered if it was COVID-related, being stranded in open waters - Torquay


england2675Next stop was Anstey's Cove, a rocky cove with a cafe serving food and drinks - Torquay
















england2671Paddleboarding on very calm waters - Torquay
















england2684Returning to the South West Coast Path, there's brilliant views of Anstey's Cove and Redgate Beach from Long Quarry Point - Torquay


england2687Redgate Beach lies next door to Anstey's Cove, which is hidden behind the rock - Torquay


england2692Drink in beaches, coves and bays - Torquay
















england2697Somebody's nicked my speedboat! - Torquay
















england2704Though the sand (read pebbles) is nothing special, Babbacombe Beach has a lovely setting - Torquay


england2710Surrounded by woodland and nestled in a bay, Babbacombe Beach looks the part - Torquay


england2707A short walk away, Oddicombe Beach has a wider expanse of 'sand' - Torquay
















england2712Babbacombe Cliff Railway lifts passengers from Oddicombe Beach to the Babbacombe clifftop. In 2020 social distancing and the height of summer meant queues were around 30min - Torquay















england2718The Babbacombe clifftop area affords a great panoramic view of the English Riviera, and there's several pubs from which to soak it all up - Torquay


england2735The train ride eastbound to Exeter passes through Teignmouth


















england2721The Grand Pier dates back to the 19th century - Teignmouth

















england2731Paddleboarding seems to be pretty popular in Devon - Teignmouth


england2726The resort stands where the Teign River flows into the English Channel; the water pictured here belongs to the river, edged by Back Beach in the foreground, and the town of Shaldon on the opposite bank - Teignmouth


england2730The riverside harbour at Back Beach, busy with boats - Teignmouth
















england2738The distant peninsula belongs to Babbacombe and Torquay - Teignmouth















england2740The trainline skirts the main beach - Teignmouth


england2746As the train heads inland to Exeter it follows the River Exe and the port town of Exmouth















england2748I'm guessing the tower above the skyline is that of the Holy Trinity Church - Exmouth


















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