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Location - Western Europe; Capital - England - London; Population - England - 50.5 million; Currency - Pound Sterling MORE UK - NORTHERN IRELAND

I crossed from south Devon to the northern coast of Devon, basing myself at Barnstaple - July 2020.


uknote20 Pounds Sterling










england2798Barnstaple's an unremarkable town, but a useful base between Clovelly to the west and the beaches of Woolacombe & Saunton Sands to the north


england2790The very empty Pannier Market. I was just late to the party,as it was open during the summer - Barnstaple


england2792A closed pub's cheeky COVID message - Barnstaple
















england2795A legacy of coronavirus? It could be that this shop uses gloves anyway. Either way, a bit of a mess! - Barnstaple















england2761Clovelly is a picturesque village known for its steep cobbled street down to the harbour


england2757As it's so steep the easiest way to bring in deliveries is via makeshift sledges comprising wooden rails and plastic crates - Clovelly


england2758Catch glimpses of the north Devon coast on the way down - Clovelly
















england2760All visitors must pay an entrance fee at the visitor centre - Clovelly
















england2771Lobster baskets on the High Street - Clovelly


england2769The High Street is also called Up-along or Down-Along, which has a few pubs, cafes, restaurants and a couple of hotels - Clovelly


england2776The High Street opens out to the harbour and the Atlantic Ocean - Clovelly

















england2782The building on the right is the Red Lion Inn Hotel, and out of picture is the cheating way of getting down here - a road! - Clovelly















england2777Just about visible is a waterfall spilling straight out from the greenery - Clovelly


england2783Stumble over the rocky beach to the waterfall - Clovelly


england2787It was a surprise attraction in the village, worth a quick wander to - Clovelly














england2803North of Whitstable is the village of Lynmouth


england2808Lynmouth is at the base of a ravine, at the top of which is the town of Lynton


england2806The 19th century Rhenish Tower stands over the small harbour - Lynmouth
















england2807The River Lyn flows into the Atlantic Ocean - Lynmouth
















england2809A very grey Blacklands Beach - Lynmouth


england2818It's another place that benefits from an attractive setting - Lynmouth


england2815It's another place that benefits from an attractive setting - Lynmouth















england2819As the Cliff Railway was closed I huffed and puffed my way up the path to Lynton - Lynmouth
















england2824Waiting at Benny's bus stop for transport to Woolacombe - Lynton


england2825There's plenty of beach life at Woolacombe















england2826 Woolacombe Sands is a fantastic expanse of beach, stretching around 4km - Woolacombe
















england2830The crowds thin out along an enjoyable 45min walk towards Putsborough then over the hill to Croyde - Woolacombe


england2837I love this shot of Woolacombe Sands from the Putsborough hillside


england2840The wide stretch of sand at Woolacombe
















england2841Over the hill and through a bit of a maze of walking paths and farm roads gets you to Croyde


england2843It's another lively and busy beach, with many probably looking for outside activities during coronavirus times - Croyde


england2848Another excellent, long and wide beach is Saunton Sands















england2850There's steps leading down from the Saunton Sands Hotel that overlooks Saunton Sands
















england2852A perfect day for the beach. Get the suncream out! Saunton Sands


england2855My final stop was back on the south side at Exeter, starting with the appealing Quay area on the Exe River













england2857It's a popular place for a drink and a bite to eat, plus lots of walkers in the daytime - Exeter















england2860Plus there's opportunities to take a canoe out on the river - Exeter


england2861It's a lively place in the evening, with plenty spilling out riverside on warm days - Exeter


england2865 Fishing and pleasure boats along the Quay - Exeter
















england2900The House That Moved (to make way for a city bypass), a centuries-old timber framed building at Stepcote Hill - Exeter















england2870More familiar coronavirus-era advice painted on the pavement - Exeter


england2882aThank you NHS - Exeter


england2872Exeter Cathedral was completed in the 14th century - Exeter
















england2879It's also known as St Peter's Cathedral Church, and has a grass verge outside popular as a summer hangout - Exeter















england2877Also next to the cathedral is Cathedral Close, which has a couple of outdoor cafes - Exeter


england2896One of the pedestrian side roads off the main high street - Exeter


england2885 Parliament Street is 'believed to be the narrowest street in the world' at 25 to 45 inches. Tight! - Exeter














england2895This has the hallmarks of street artist Vhils, who creates by chipping at plaster/walls etc to produce a 3D image - Exeter















england2888Walking the city walls in Rougemont Gardens just outside the 11th century Rougemont Castle, which was built shortly after William the Conqueror's invasion of England - Exeter

england2890Houses give way to countryside, as seen from Rougemont Gardens - Exeter


england2892Princesshay Shopping Centre's Blue Boy is a well known figure - Exeter
















england2883Colourful bird street art was common in Exeter during COVID-19

















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