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Location - Western Europe; Capital - London; Population - England - 50.5 million; Currency - Pound Sterling MORE UK - ENGLAND

I had a day trip to Brighton in January 2011, and in the summer 2011 popped over to Bath.


uknote20 Pounds Sterling










eng1397The burnt out remains of the West Pier - Brighton


eng1400Sunset over Brighton Beach and the English Channel - Brighton


eng1399In 2003 fire destroyed what remained of the West Pier - Brighton














eng1401Strolling along the beachside walkway - Brighton















eng1402The arches contain shops, cafés, restaurants and bars - Brighton


eng1386The lights come on at Brighton Pier - Brighton


eng1366There's not much activity on the beach during a British winter - Brighton














eng1375The pier is home to amusement arcades, fruit machines, fairground rides and junk food - Brighton


eng1377Brighton Pier's proper name is the Palace Pier. Typically they are loud, bright and brash affairs which kids will love - Brighton


eng1384Walking back down the pier to the seafront - Brighton















eng1358The marina is a development incorporating shops and restaurants - there's a chilli shop selling loads of jars of fiery sauces; my kind of place! - Brighton















eng1361Some of the money on show at Brighton Marina - Brighton


eng1356A few miles east of the centre is the village of Rottingdean - Brighton


eng1406A must see is the Royal Pavilion, a former residence of King George IV - Brighton















eng1410The domes and minarets of the Royal Pavilion - Brighton















eng1416The Lanes is a very popular pedestrian shopping district set back from the beach - Brighton


eng1415Graffiti on a shop wall in The Lanes - Brighton


eng1417One of the alleyways that comprise The Lanes - Brighton















eng1419Singer sewing machines make up the display of a clothes shop in The Lanes - Brighton















eng1422Apparently The Lanes was once a fishing village - Brighton


eng1424Another shopping district is North Laine - Brighton


eng1426A shop shutter in North Laine - Brighton















eng1427Graffiti at St George's Mews - Brighton
















eng1457Bath Abbey towers over the Roman bathhouse - Bath


eng1453The Romans built the bathhouse around 2000 years ago - Bath


eng1467It is said to be one of the best preserved Roman spas in the world - Bath















eng1474The thermal waters of the Great Bath, with the terrace above - Bath















eng1475Surrounding the terrace above the Great Bath are several Roman statues - Bath


eng1481Roman baths consisted of both heated and cold baths; this is a cold circular plunge pool - Bath


eng1476A statue of goddess Sulis Minerva, discovered in 1727 in the city - Bath
















eng1487The King's Bath - built in the 12th century - is heated to 46°C - Bath















eng1488The other 'must see' in the city is Bath Abbey. Well you can't really miss it.. Bath


eng1503Bath Abbey was founded in 1499 and completed in 1611 - Bath


eng1512The main entrance to Bath Abbey, and on the right the entrance to the Roman Baths - Bath















eng1510Bath Abbey - Bath


















eng1523Bath Abbey as seen from Cheap Street - Bath


eng1529Close to the Abbey is a pedestrianised shopping area - Bath


eng1530No idea what this writing translates to - Bath


eng1532Boat trips ply the Avon River - Bath















eng1544Watch out for the traffic though - Bath















eng1558The Parade Gardens overlook the Avon River - Bath


eng1499The River Avon, with Pulteney Bridge in the distance, as seen from Parade Gardens - Bath


eng1490The Parade Gardens are an ideal spot to chill out in the summer - Bath















eng1496Beyond the Parade Gardens bandstand is Bath Abbey - Bath















eng1566A boat about to sail beneath Pulteney Bridge on the River Avon - Bath


eng1574St Michael's Church lies at the end of George Street, a shopping area - Bath


eng1575Royal Victoria Park leads to the fancy Royal Crescent - Bath
















eng1580The Royal Crescent is a semi-circular terrace of Georgian houses - Bath














eng1588A short walk from the Royal Crescent is the Circus, a circle of yet more fancy Georgian houses - Bath


eng1589The Circus was home to, amongst others, Clive of India and David Livingstone - Bath


eng15974 Sydney Place is a former home of 19th century novelist Jane Austen (Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility) - Bath

















eng1599The lush surrroundings of Bath
















eng1603Dusk descends on the River Avon near the train station - Bath



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