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Location - Western Europe; Capital - London; Population - England - 50.5 million; Currency - Pound Sterling MORE UK - ENGLAND

There's plenty of places to visit within an hour or two of London, and I took a few day-trips in summer 2011.


uknote20 Pounds Sterling










eng1605On the walk in from Canterbury West train station, the first sight is the Stour River - Canterbury


eng1606The 14th century West Gate Tower protected entry into the old town. It's possible to go to the top of the tower for decent views - Canterbury


eng1617I passed through the old town to the 6th century St Augustine's Abbey. It later became a royal palace before falling into ruin - Canterbury















eng1621East of the Abbey is 6th century St Martin's Church, said to be the oldest church in continuous use - Canterbury















eng1623Just off to work? Canterbury



eng1629Into the old town and the main shopping street - Canterbury


eng1630The Old Weaver's House stands next to the Stour River - Canterbury















eng1637Boats are rowed and punted up and down the Stour - Canterbury
















eng1636The Stour River passes beneath several buildings - Canterbury


eng1639It's a brief but relaxing - and informative - ride through the city - Canterbury


eng1641There's a number of historic buildings along the King's Mile - Canterbury

















eng1643Not sure if this one is historic but it sure is wonky - Canterbury


eng1646Walk along the Old Town walls, which here overlook Dane John Gardens - Canterbury


eng1647Take a break at Dane John Gardens - Canterbury















eng1649Visible from the 'historic mound' at Dane John Gardens is what looks like a windmill, now a private residence - Canterbury















eng1653The ruins of a Norman castle lie within the Old Town - Canterbury


eng1659The main draw is Canterbury Cathedral, one of the oldest and most important cathedrals in Europe - Canterbury


eng1663Canterbury Cathedral is the seat of the Archbishop of Canterbury, the leader of the Church of England - Canterbury


















eng1679The herb garden of Canterbury Cathedral - Canterbury
















eng1674In 1170 Archbishop Thomas Becket was murdered in the Cathedral by knights of King Henry II (who allegedly said 'Who will rid me of this turbulent priest?'). Becket was canonised shortly after; the swords form a memorial - Canterbury


eng1676The sign states: 'The candle burns where the shrine of St Thomas of Canterbury stood from 1220 to 1538 when it was destroyed by order of King Henry VIII'. Opposite is the tomb of King Henry IV - Canterbury



eng1660The nave of the Cathedral - Canterbury



















eng1667Archways of what is now the King's School, with the Norman Staircase on the right - Canterbury















eng1666Across Green Court to Canterbury Cathedral - Canterbury


eng1683The entrance to the Cathedral at Buttermarket - Canterbury


eng1684The historic Buttermarket - Canterbury















eng1685There's plenty of boutiques and tourist shops in the city - Canterbury















eng1687A shopping street points to the Cathedral - Canterbury


eng1691The city feels very English in parts. Tea and scones, jam, pubs, tailors.. - Canterbury


eng1693Punting on the Stour River - Canterbury
















eng1699A soft sun warms the Cathedral, as seen from Westgate Gardens - Canterbury
















eng1758King Alfred the Great, the former king of Wessex, welcomes visitors to Winchester. Alfred defended Anlgo-Saxon kingdoms against the Vikings in the 9th century, and Winchester was his capital.


eng1702The Great Hall - all that remains after Oliver Cromwell's destruction of Winchester Castle in the 17th century - lies at the end of this cobbled street. Sir Walter Raleigh was imprisoned in the Tower of London, and tried in the Great Hall, Winchester


eng1707The Great Hall is famed for King Arthur's Round Table, where legend has it King Arthur met with his knights in the 5th/6th centuries - Winchester















eng1711Unfortunately the Table is not the real deal; it was probably made in the 13th century - Winchester















eng1719God Begot House is a 16th century building on the High Street - Winchester


eng1721Early evening in the shopping district - Winchester


eng17778.15pm down the High Street - Winchester















eng1779Also on the High Street is the Buttercross, a 15th century city cross - Winchester


















eng1726The 11th century Winchester Cathedral - Winchester


eng1730English novelist Jane Austen is buried in Winchester Cathedral - Winchester


eng1733Down in the Cathedral crypt is an Antony Gormley statue 'Sound II' - Winchester















eng1739Another angle on the Cathedral, from The Close - Winchester















eng1738aWalking past Cathedral walls - Winchester


eng1742Pilgrims' Hall is set within the Cathedral grounds - Winchester


eng1746Walking through Kingsgate, one of Winchester's city gates















eng1744The city walls - Winchester
















eng1748A sign on the pastel yellow building states: 'In this house Jane Austen lived her last days and died 18th July 1817' - Winchester


eng174913th century Winchester College is said to be the oldest continuously-running school in England - Winchester


eng1755The remains of 12th century Wolvesey Castle, aka the Old Bishop's Palace - Winchester















eng1756Next to Wolvesey Castle is Wolvesey Palace, the current bishop's residence - Winchester















eng1757Abbey Gardens is a relaxing area of the city - Winchester


eng1762The River Itchen runs through the eastern section of the city - Winchester


eng1764Keep following the Itchen River via the water meadows of Keats' Walk - Winchester















eng1766Keats' Walk takes you to the 12th century Hospital of St Cross - Winchester















eng1770It's worth walking up St Giles Hill for some fine views of the city - Winchester


eng1775On the left is Winchester Cathedral; the turquoise-topped clocktower is that of the Guildhall - Winchester


eng1782A ladies toilet door in a Winchester pub.
Luckily the scenario of a woman opening the door to a guy with camera in hand did not play out...


















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