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Location - Western Europe; Capital - London; Population - England - 50.5 million; Currency - Pound Sterling MORE UK - ENGLAND

Another sight that's an easy day-trip from London is Stonehenge, a few kms from Salisbury. And York is only a two hour train ride from the Capital.


uknote20 Pounds Sterling










eng1784Children play in front of the 5,000 year-old Stonehenge


eng1793It is still not known what World Heritage Site Stonehenge was used for. It was possibly a burial ground, a calendar, centre for worshipping the Sun etc


eng1786Original construction began around 3100BC, and expanded over the centuries - Stonehenge














eng1802A view of Salisbury Cathedral from the ancient hill fort of Old Sarum - Salisbury















eng1843Making my way to the Cathedral via the High Street Gate - Salisbury


eng181013th century Salisbury Cathedral is one of the major cathedrals in England - Salisbury


eng1833In the summer/autumn of 2011 the Cathedral hosted Conflux, an excellent exhibition by Sean Henry - Salisbury















eng1812Part of the Conflux message is that the holy is in all people, like the ordinary working man - Salisbury


















eng1817Reflections in the Cathedral font - Salisbury


eng1820A Cathedral window via the font waters - Salisbury


eng1824The young self looking at the old self, by Sean Henry - Salisbury















eng1828The sculptures are dotted around all nooks and crannies of the Cathedral - Salisbury















eng1827For me church interiors are usually quite sombre and dull affairs so these these sculptures spiced it up a lot - Salisbury


eng1830Salisbury Cathedral houses one of only four original copies of the 13th century Magna Carta - Salisbury


eng1837The grounds of Cathedral Close - Salisbury















eng1838I presume she's part of Sean Henry's exhibition, so only around until 31 October 2011 - Salisbury














eng1835Next to Choristers Green is Arundells, the home of former British prime minister Edward Heath - Salisbury


eng1834Also on Choristers Green is Mompesson House, which served as a location for the film Sense and Sensibility - Salisbury


eng1865The River Avon flows through Salisbury















eng1863As you'd expect, Market Square hosts a bustling market - Salisbury















eng185213th century St Thomas's Church - Salisbury


eng1862This historic building is now a pub - Salisbury


eng1851The Mill is a converted bar restaurant next to the river - Salisbury















eng1869The 15th century Poultry Cross, where the poultry market used to stand - Salisbury















eng1847On my way back to the train station - Salisbury


eng2084St Helen's Square is in the pedestrian-only centre of York















eng2103The Shambles is the most famous street in York















eng2099It's lined with 15th century Tudor buildings which are now independent shops. No chain stores here! Shambles, York


eng2115Much of York's appeal stems from its medieval cobbled streets populated with boutiques and a refreshing lack of chain stores. Actually the chains are all there but they don't overwhelm - York


eng2112Stonegate is home to Ye Olde Star Inne, the oldest pub in York, along with a few craft beer shops/bars














eng2117Purpleman is also on Stonegate - York















eng2123A Tudor building on Stonegate - York


eng2124Micklegate Bar is one of several medieval gates lining the city walls - York


eng1902The huge York Minster was built between the 13th and 15th centuries - York















eng1900And how the colour changes at dusk - York















eng1919The western front of the York Minster - York


eng1913York Minster is said to be the largest medieval cathedral in northern Europe and the seat of the Archbishop of York, the second-highest office of the Church of England, after Canterbury - York


eng1924Walking towards the western front of the York Minster - York















eng1927Inside York Minster - York
















eng1935Half way up the 276 steps to the top of the York Minster tower - York


eng1937York Minster tower - York


eng1947The Wheel of York as seen from the top of the tower - York














eng1946Past the west towers to the city skyline - York















eng1955The Treasurer's House was the home of the treasurers of York Minster - York


eng1957Nearby is the Minster's 15th century St William's College - York


eng1970Walk up High Petergate to Bootham Bar, part of the city walls - York


















eng1965Opposite Bootham Bar is the York Art Gallery - York














eng1984A couple of minutes from the Art Gallery are the ruins of St Mary's Abbey - York


eng1986The abbey - and the Yorkshire Museum here on the right - form part of the Museum Gardens - York


eng1992The corridor entrance to the Softpots shop - York




















eng1996bThe Golden Fleece says it's the most haunted pub in York














eng1995There's fierce competition on the ghost tour circuit. They can be entertaining but an hour is definitely my 'being herded around' limit - York



Keep an eye above the shops in the old city and see what you can spot - York



eng2008The River Ouse passes through the centre of the old city - York















eng2006Taking the car for a dip in the Ouse - York















eng2011Drinkers gather outside the King's Arms, a pub famous for flooding when the river-level rises - York


eng2016There's a couple of bars with a great riverside location further upstream - York


eng2021Lendal Bridge and the River Ouse - York

















eng2027The Wheel of York is meant to be a temporary attraction, currently located near the train station - York














eng2029The Merchant Adventurers' Hall is a 14th century building where merchants gathered to conduct business - York


eng2030Legendary 18th century highwayman Dick Turpin was a prisoner at the York Castle Museum before his execution - York


eng2031Clifford's Tower is all that remains of York Castle - York














eng2032A mini-fairground lies at the bottom of Clifford's Tower, next to the York Castle Museum - York















eng2036Looking down on Clifford's Tower from its walls - York


eng2040A merry-go-round outside the York Castle Museum - York


eng2041Clifford's Tower provides a decent view of the York Minster - York















eng2047Take a walk along the city walls, built on the former Roman walls - York















eng2051A bile beans advert on the side of a house on Lord Mayor's Walk - York


eng2055An amazing sight a couple of kms west of the station is the York Cold War Bunker. The grey tower is a collapsed ariel mast which could be raised from within the bunker - York


eng2061To quote the website, the bunker 'was designed as a nerve-centre to monitor fall-out in the event of a nuclear attack' - York
















eng2072The bunker was built in 1961, not with the aim of long-term survival, but to gather information in the event of a nuclear attack. This could then be passed on to the government and other nerve-centres - York














eng2062One of three decontamination rooms, comprising a shower to wash off radioactive dust - York


eng2067Take the stairs down from the decontamination rooms to the nerve-centre. About 50 volunteers could survive up to 30 days in the bunker - York


eng2069The plant room contained the generator and back-up generator and water tank - York















eng2076The operations room was designed to record nuclear explosions which allowed fallout warnings to be sent out - York















eng2079The bunker was closed down in 1991 but left in its original state. These devices are various recording instruments of radioactivity, while the white drum is akin to a pinhole camera which could photograph a nuclear explosion - York


eng2073The Royal Observer Corps were the group of volunteers tasked with running the bunker. The ROC was disbanded in 1995 - York



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