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Location - Western Europe; Capital - London; Population - England - 50.5 million; Currency - Pound Sterling MORE UK - ENGLAND

Windsor & Eton are just outside west London, and I've also added Birmingham and Norwich to this page - March 2013.


uknote20 Pounds Sterling










eng2271The Long Walk is, erm, a long walk in Windsor Great Park linking Windsor Castle with the Copper Horse - Windsor


eng2269The Copper Horse, a statue of King George III, on Snow Hill - Windsor


eng2190The courtyard of Eton College, the most famous of public schools in England - Eton














eng2187Eton College Library - Eton
















eng2189Old Etonians include Princes William and Harry, 19 British Prime Ministers, George Orwell, Ian Fleming, Sir Ranulph Fiennes, Bear Grylls and royalty figures from around the world - Eton


eng2191Scenes from The Madness of King George, Chariots of Fire, Sherlock Holmes and Shakepeare in Love were shot at Eton College - Eton


eng2194 An Eton High Street shop window - Eton















eng2196 The High Street, Eton















eng2201Cross the bridge and the Thames linking Eton with Windsor


eng2200The Royal Windsor Wheel rises above the River Thames - Windsor


eng2205Queen Victoria stands outside Windsor Castle - Windsor















eng2209Windsor Castle is the largest and oldest castle still in use - Windsor















eng2222The grounds of Windsor Castle with the tower belonging to the State Apartments behind - Windsor


eng2221Tours to the top of the Round Tower are possible in August and September - Windsor


eng2231A constant stream of planes fly over Windsor, a town in the Heathrow flight path














eng2229 A gargoyle looks over the queue for the Queen Mary's Dolls' House at Windsor Castle - Windsor















eng2230One of the many rooms that comprise the State Apartments - Windsor


eng2233Standing guard outside the State Apartments - Windsor


eng2237St George's Chapel is the resting place of many a British monarch, including Henry VIII, Jane Seymour, Edward VII, George V and the Queen Mother - Windsor Castle














eng2177Royal Windsor Shopping Arcade leads to the main train station - Windsor















eng2242The pedestrian streets have plenty of pubs and restaurants - Windsor


eng2244The marriage of Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles was blessed at the Guildhall - Windsor


eng2247The Crooked House of Windsor


















eng2249Pedestrian streets surround the castle's southside - Windsor















eng2252The trail leading to the JFK Memorial at Runnymede, a few kms outside Windsor


eng2254In honour of John F Kennedy, former president of the USA - Windsor


eng2257Runnymede is famous as the site of the signing of the Magna Carta in 1215 - Windsor















eng2260The Magna Carta was the first charter of liberties, and still the basis of many constitutions throughout the world - Windsor















eng2262A paddle steamer flows down the Thames at Old Windsor - Windsor


eng2267Not a bad place to live.. Windsor



eng2266..or this. The Thames at Old Windsor - Windsor















eng2274The Royal Windsor Wheel is a temporary wheel near the central train station - Windsor














eng2278Take a ride on the wheel to get an idea of the size of Windsor Castle - Windsor


eng2277The Union flag flies at Windsor Castle - Windsor



eng2284Looking down on the River Thames and Eton - Windsor & Eton














eng2285Eton College chapel from the Royal Windsor Wheel - Windsor & Eton














eng2290Peascod Street, a shopping street leading to Windsor Castle - Windsor


eng2289A very old looking restaurant on Peascod Street - Windsor


eng2393The 18th century St Philip's Cathedral - Birmingham















eng2398In the Jewellery Quarter you can find shop after shop of gold, diamonds, rings, bracelets, pendants and more - Birmingham














eng2402Back in the centre of the pedestrian shopping district, just off New Street - Birmingham


eng2403New Street is one of the busiest streets in Birmingham with plenty of chainstores


eng2408The Bullring is a massive shopping centre in the heart of Birmingham














eng2410Years ago the Bullring was a complete eyesore but has had a major revamp - Birmingham













eng2416The spire of St Martin's Church shares the skyline with the Bullring - Birmingham


eng2418It might not look much but the Arcadia Centre has a busy atmosphere with several outdoor restaurants - Birmingham


eng2423Take a pleasant walk along the Worcester & Birmingham Canal near Gas St Basin - Birmingham













eng2435The Malt House pub has a perfect setting overlooking the canal - Birmingham















eng2437Near the canal is Centenary Square with the Hall of Memory War Memorial on the left, Birmingham Library in the middle and Baskerville House on the right - Birmingham


eng2440Keep walking fromk Centenary Square and you'll come out at Chamberlain Square - Birmingham


eng2441Chamberlain Square is home to the Town Hall on the right, and shares hosting of the Council House (left) with Victoria Square - Birmingham













eng2451The Council House as seen from Victoria Square - Birmingham














eng2443An Antony Gormley statue, Iron Man, stands on Victoria Square - Birmingham


eng2458On the way to the Custard Factory, in Digbeth, is this mural dedicated to former US President John F Kennedy - Birmingham


eng2480The Custard Factory is a fantastic mix of independent shops, boutiques and visual art and installations - Birmingham














eng2459The Custard Factory dresses up - Birmingham


















eng2466The Custard Factory website describes itself as a revolutionary new arts and media centre - Birmingham


eng2460The site was named after custard baron Sir Alfred Bird - Birmingham


eng2468It was easily my favourite attraction in Birmingham



















eng2477From what the locals said the paint on this piece was still drying - Custard Factory, Birmingham


eng2528A bitterly cold snowy March day was spent in Norwich















eng2527The Wensum River meanders around the centre of Norwich














eng2483Perched on the hill, past the glass frontage of the Castle Mall shopping centre, is Norwich Castle - Norwich


eng2492Inside the Castle Keep, which is a very child-friendly place to visit - Norwich


eng2491The castle dates back to the 12th century though much was reconstructed in the 19th century - Norwich














eng2500The city centre is made up of pedestrian streets and cobbled alleyways - Norwich














eng2496The Strangers' Hall is a 14th century townhouse, now converted to a museum - Norwich


eng2501The entrance to the Royal Arcade - Norwich


eng2502The Royal Arcade - Norwich















eng2505The Mustard Shop, in the Royal Arcade, is dedicated to the Colman's condiment, a British favourite - Norwich














eng2513aAn archway leading to the grounds of Norwich Cathedral - Norwich


eng2513bThe 11th century Norwich Cathedral - Norwich


eng2512Opposite the Cathedral is the medieval Tombland area - Norwich















eng2526Close by is Elm Hill, an ancient street with cobbles to do yourself an injury on.. Norwich














eng2519Snow settles next to one of the many medieval churches in Norwich


england2051Great views of the Norfolk coastline from Beeston Bump, just outside the resort town of Sheringham















england2057It was a balmy February afternoon, T-shirt weather in Sheringham


















The Copeman Empire is (or was) a young man's expression of 'boredom' on the Norfolk coast at Sheringham. Nick Copeman declared his Beeston Regis caravan an independent state and bestowed himself the title HM King Nicholas Copeman, changing his name by deedpoll.
After spiralling debts the king abdicated but soon had a change of heart, resurrecting the empire and touring Britain in a new royal palace - another caravan. But I've a feeling he's tired of monarchy life and the Copeman Emire has once again been dissolved - I think. Long live the caravan. And watch this space..


copeman2The sprawl along Sheringham's attractive coastline is the site of Beeston Regis Holiday Park and the original Copeman Empire. In the distance is the smaller Laburnum Caravan Park - is this the location of the monarchy's resurrection into an Eldiss Mistral GTX caravan? I mean palace. I have no idea.


copeman3I had a rather pathetic attempt to find the original location of the micronation but gave up after not understanding the numbering system and more importantly, knowing the empire wasn't there anymore - Copeman Empire


copeman7The entrance sign for Beeston Regis Holiday Park. Or the former entrance to the Copeman Empire















copeman10Beeston Bump rises above the caravans. I also searched for the Copeman Empire's emblem at Roy Boys cafe in Sheringham but it was closed, and alas no sign of the trailer displaying the royal seal














copeman13At one point the Copeman Empire hired a 'royal carriage' parked at Sheringham's Poppy Line station. The carriage was named the Zara Reinger, no doubt named after King Nicholas' unrequited love, Zara Phillips. It's not there anymore but take comfort in a steam train along the coast to Holt - Sheringham



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