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Location - North East Africa; Capital - Addis Ababa; Population - 78 million; Currency - Ethiopia Birr MORE ETHIOPIA

Three buses from Lalibela and we arrived at Bahir Dar, in December 2006.


ethnote10 Ethiopian Birr










eth7An aerial view of Bahir Dar and Lake Tana (when flying from Addis to Axum)



eth151The streets of Bahir Dar




eth109The grounds of the Ghion Hotel in Bahir Dar















eth133Injera is a local food made from the cereal tef - tear a strip off and wrap it around the various sauces.
Looks disgusting, but it's pretty good, honest!















eth131Boats on the waters of Lake Tana, Bahir Dar


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eth128The Blue Nile flows from Lake Tana - Bahir Dar
















eth112Lake Tana















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eth113A tankwa loaded with firewood from the opposite side of Lake Tana, heads back to Bahir Dar




eth8A bird's eye view of Kibran Gebriel monastery and Lake Tana on the flight from Addis to Axum



eth11713th century Kibran Gebriel monastery, Lake Tana
















eth120Looking south from Kibran Gebriel, Lake Tana















eth121A tankwa, the papyrus made canoe, stands upright on Kibran Gebriel island, Lake Tana



eth12516th century Ura Kidane Mihret church on Lake Tana's Zege peninsula



eth124a18th/19th century murals on the walls of Ura Kidane Mihret church, Lake Tana



















eth126The dropping off point for Ura Kidane Mihret church, Lake Tana
















eth135Scenery on the way from Bahir Dar to the Blue Nile Falls



eth135aThe 17th century Portuguese built Adam Dildi bridge, Blue Nile Falls



eth138The trail to the Blue Nile Falls















eth150Countryside near the Blue Nile Falls
















eth142The Blue Nile Falls, or Tis Abay (Smoke of the Nile), plunge 45 metres



eth146I was told not to expect much, as the Blue Nile Falls have shrunk dramatically due to a hydroelectric plant in operation close by, but I was still impressed. It's worth going to.



eth148Grazing cattle amble past the Blue Nile Falls

My YouTube video















eth147Beautiful greenery surrounds the Blue Nile Falls
















eth155Enjoying a beer at the Tana Hotel, overlooking Lake Tana, Bahir Dar



eth156Sunset over Lake Tana, as seen from the Tana Hotel, Bahir Dar



eth152The source of the Nile is about 2kms from Bahir Dar.
I'd argue the source should be the longest tributary feeding Lake Tana (as with the White Nile, traced to Rwanda) but maybe it's not as attractive..














eth158A hazy look at the Blue Nile Gorge, on a long drive from Bahir Dar to Addis Ababa



eth159Traditional music and dance at a hotel in Addis Ababa
















eth161We took a tour of Awash, making a stop at Bishoftu, aka Debre Zeyit. This is Lake Hora



eth164A beautiful view of Lake Hora, Bishoftu



eth165Also at Bishoftu is the appropriately named Lake Bishoftu















eth166Fantelle volcano rises above Lake Beseka, just outside Awash National Park



eth167Lake Beseka, near Awash National Park



eth172An oryx stands before the Fantelle volcano, Awash National Park

The Park is an ideal way to break up a drive from Addis to Harar in the east - more about the park here













eth170The Awash river flows through the Awash gorge - Awash National Park
















eth175A crocodile warms itself up in Awash National Park



eth177It's a pleasant surprise to come across the Awash Falls - Awash National Park



eth176Awash Falls - Awash National Park
















eth180Resting at the Buffet d'Aouache Hotel in Awash Saba, about 10kms from the national park's main entrance















eth183Medhane Alem church in Feres Mergala square, Harar old town



eth190The Christian market lies outside Harar old town's Showa Gate



eth196Harar's old town dates to the 16th century


















eth193Sewing machinists in Harar old town
















eth197Hanging around the butchers' market in Harar old town



eth195It's unlikely the French poet Arthur Rimbaud actually lived at the 100-year-old Rimbaud's House, but it's an impressive building - Harar old town



eth198 Harar is a predominantly Muslim city, and is said to be the fourth holiest city of Islam















eth194There are disputed statements that Haile Selassie lived in this house, in Harar's old town.
He was born in Ejersa Goro, 25kms from Harar














eth199Harar is famous in Ethiopia for its coffee. Here the beans are being grounded - Harar old town



eth188Harar's hyenas wander the streets near Tewodros Hotel. 'Hyena men' feed the animals in a tradition that has lasted for at least 50 years



eth201 Selling natural wooden toothbrushes in Harar market



















eth202Taking a rickshaw through the streets of Dire Dawa, looking for the bus company that will take us to Djibouti


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