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Location - Western Europe; Capital - Torshavn; Population - 50,000; Currency - Denmark Krone

The Faroe Islands are a Danish territory located in the North Atlantic between Scotland and Iceland. I visited them in August 2008 on my way to Iceland.


faroesnoteThe Faroes krone has the same value as, and is interchangeable with the Danish krone









faroes12The harbour with the Tinganes peninsular and Havnarkirkja church behind - Torshavn $600 Bonus


faroes11Torshavn harbour



faroes8The clock tower of Havnarkirkja church - Torshavn

















faroes9A reflection of Havnarkirkja - Torshavn














faroes57A view of Torshavn harbour from close to the Christian monolith



faroes10The picturesque harbour at Torshavn



faroes48Tinganes is the historical part of Torshavn














faroes16Tinganes peninsula, Torshavn














faroes17You have been told - Tinganes, Torshavn


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faroes19Tinganes and the harbour by full moon - Torshavn



faroes35Moored at Torshavn harbour
















faroes24A traditional turf-covered house in historical Tinganes, Torshavn













faroes26The turf acts as an insulating layer - Torshavn



faroes28My friend Joanne walking the paths of Tinganes, Torshavn



faroes29Attractive houses in Tinganes, Torshavn














faroes30A membrane is laid on the roof and squares of turf placed on top - Torshavn













faroes45Wandering around Tinganes, Torshavn



faroes33Bright colours in Tinganes, Torshavn



faroes36aThe backstreets of Torshavn















faroes44A World War II gun sits in front of the lighthouse and Skansin fort, Torshavn


















faroes4118th century cannons point towards the Atlantic, Torshavn



faroes46I don't know what this represents but it was in the industrial area of Torshavn harbour. The colours are the same as the Faroes' flag (see below)



faroes50The Faroe Islands' flag - Torshavn













faroes51At the southern entrance to Viðarlundin Park, Torshavn



faroes53Viðarlundin Park is a few minutes walk north of central Torshavn



faroes59A lovely view of the Atlantic and Nolsoy island from the Historical Museum - Torshavn













faroes61Walking back to central Torshavn from the Historical Museum














faroes64There must be a better place for a trampoline? - Torshavn



faroes65On one day of the year brave/mad swimmers make a dash for Nolsoy island from Torshavn. You can see one of them in his wetsuit - Torshavn



faroes87The majestic Vestmanna cliffs are well worth a trip, especially when it's a blue-sky day.
On this particular day Torshavn was engulfed in fog but it was sunny on the west of Streymoy island.













faroes77A stone arch cut into the Vestmanna cliffs














faroes79This is known as the baby elephant - Vestmanna cliffs



faroes75My rather poor attempt at photographing a puffin - Vestmanna cliffs



faroes83The captain guides the boat through rock arches - Vestmanna cliffs


A guide to Vestmanna here















faroes84Rock pinnacles that have separated from the mainland - Vestmanna cliffs













faroes85Birdlife on Vestmanna cliffs



faroes89On the way back from Vestmanna we stopped off at Kvivik, the site of Viking remains from the 9th century, shown here in the foreground


More about the Vikings here












faroes91The small building is a dryhouse, used to dry out lamb and whalemeat - Kvivik














faroes95Klaksvik, on Bordoy island, is the second largest town in the Faroes



faroes94Fish hung out to dry - Klaksvik's harbour



faroes98A great view driving past the village of Funningur on Eysturoy island














faroes104As Loyd Grossman would say, Who lives in a house like this? The village of Gjogv, on the northern coast of Eysturoy



faroes105Boats rest in a natural harbour - Gjogv



faroes106Joanne near the cliff's edge at Gjogv















faroes108The circles just offshore are trout/salmon farms - Vagar island, on the way to airport



faroes3Flying past Vagar island



faroes2Mykines is known for its puffins, gannets and bird cliffs
















faroes1Atlantic Airways flight to the Faroe Islands
















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