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Location - Western Europe; Capital - Paris; Population - 65 million; Currency - Euro MORE FRANCE

I took the train to Menton on the French Riviera - a stone's throw from the Italian border - to take in the superb orange-and-lemon sculptures on show every February/March at the Citrus Festival - February 2016.


euroA 10 Euro note










france745The Mediterranean coastline of Menton leads to Ventimiglia in Italy


france742Looking westward from Vieux Chateau Cemetery, amongst others the resting place of rugby founder William Webb Ellis - Menton



The spires of Saint Michel Archange Basilica lead down to the port and the Baie du Soleil - Menton


france685A sunnny day spent sailing near the Plage des Sablettes. The peninsular beyond the palm tree is in Italy - Menton














france680The 17th century Bastion Museum houses works by Jean Cocteau - Menton















The attractive waterfront as seen from the port - Menton


france703Saint Michel Archange Basilica rises above the Old Town - Menton


france688Boats resting in the old port - Menton















france704The port's a good place to take in the basilica and Old Town - Menton














france701Waterfront buildings of the colourful Old Town - Menton


france734The Jean Cocteau Collection Severin Wunderman Museum exhibits many works of writer and artist Jean Cocteau - Menton


france728An Old Town side street reveals an art gallery in a shady enclosed square - Menton














france756My reason for coming to Menton was the magnificent sculptures of the Citrus Festival














france759The 2016 theme was Cinecitta, in other words Italian cinema, and first through the entrance is a scene from La Dolce Vita - Menton


france763The Death In Venice set looks mightily impressive - Menton


france766A cute gondolier from Death In Venice - Menton















france769All the exhibits are made from a mix of oranges and lemons - Menton















france787I wondered if all the fruit was real but this picture puts that to bed - there's plenty of mouldy oranges! Menton


france775This one's my favourite, a reproduction from the film Amarcord - Menton


france778 A close up of Federico Fellini's Amarcord set - Menton














france795A scene from the 1957 film White Nights (Notti Bianche) - Menton














france801I've never heard of Poveri Ma Belli - apparently it was called A Girl In Bikini in the UK and Poor But Handsome in the US - Menton


france809A buxom female character from Amarcord sits in front of the Palais de l'Europe on Avenue Boyer - Menton


france822This display shows how it's all done. Wrap coloured elastic bands around the fruit via a wire mesh. Then repeat and repeat and repeat.. Menton














france830 Cleopatra sits between two sphinxes - Menton












france844Loving the donkey here - it's another Federico Fellini movie The Clowns - Menton


france846Oranges for the nose, lemons for the cheeks - Menton


france854There's also a lumiere version of the festival at night - Menton













france853Dancers perform in front of the Death In Venice set - Menton














france857Stilt performers on show at the 'Jardins de Lumieres' - Menton


france862One more Fellini film, this time the award winning 8½ - Menton


france865Climb up the pedestrian bridge and view the sculptures along the Jardin de Bioves - Menton













france869Even Cleopatra herself made an appearance - Menton














france718Radiating away from St Michel Archange Basilica are the pretty, narrow streets of the Old Town - Menton


france711They're relatively quiet when compared to the touristy, cafe-and-shop-lined Rue Saint Michel - Menton


france714The quiet areas are up the slopes of the historic quarter, with the busier section at sea level - Menton



















france716A great door-knocker in the Old Town - Menton














france715The narrow streets open out to reveal the Saint Michel Archange Basilica - Menton


france709On the left is the Saint Michel Archange Basilica, with the Penitents Blancs Chapel straight ahead - Menton


france708A window ledge in the Old Town - Menton



















france880Not content with the Jardin de Bioves exhibition alone, there's also carnival-style parades during the festival - Menton


france886The parades host plenty of dancers, musicians and performers to complement the citrus floats - Menton


france891With an Italian theme there has to be a fiat on show. But the driver looks a cross between Jack Nicholson and Kim Jong-Un - Menton














france881A close up of a Venetian mask. Citrus style of course - Pyrenees















france894A sphinx prepares to take to the streets - Menton


france899A few minutes later Cleopatra joins the sphinx - Menton


france922Another Egyptian goddess poses for photos - Menton

















france905Some of the masked performers looked quite spooky - Menton


















france907A stilts-woman dressed in bright colours - Menton


france912Next up were the sexier Brazilian-style samba dancers - Menton


france916Respect for them as it's gotta be cold! It's less than 10°C on a grey February day - Menton













france926These women were also showing off a samba vibe - Menton















france932The droplets on this photo aren't raindrops but confetti blasted out from the carnival floats - Menton


france934As Italian as pasta, it's good to see the Vespa on show - Menton


france935A close up of a Vespa wheel, lined with oranges and lemons - Menton














france937I was greedy and went to the night parade too - Menton















france941Jack Nicholson/Kim Jong-Un makes a re-appearance in the evening - Menton


france949Dog, cat, tiger, leopard, other? You decide but s/he's cute - Menton


france943This woman stood in (and operated) a remote-controlled buggy, which was entirely covered with her dress. Now that's what I call multi-tasking - Menton














france940The sphinx falls under the Italian theme due to the ties between ancient Rome and Egypt - Menton















france954Roquebrune-Cap-Martin is little more than 10 minutes by train from Menton,heading westwards


france955The town has an attractive setting, built on the slopes of a small peninsula but it was a cold, wet day. Maybe another time! Roquebrune-Cap-Martin


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