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A bit of a freestyle page highlighting some of the humour and weirdness across the globe, plus things lost in translation, with first-up being a great piece of guidance in Sudan... MORE FREESTYLE



sudan441Love it! Posters on the bathroom walls explain how to use a western style toilet. Not sure what's wrong with top-right but haven't got a clue what's going on bottom-right - Port Sudan, Sudan


sudan388sudan381Chicken police hunt and OMG Sudan - Posters in Port Sudan, Sudan




kaliningrad62I love this cute little sculpture outside a shop on Leninsky pr - Kaliningrad, Russia
















busingen105Never seen this before - happy cows, happy milk! The cows were loving this automated massager at the farm below Restaurant Waldheim, a few metres outside Büsingen am Hochrhein, Germany
















albania565'Drink beer and feel better'. Don't think this has been approved by the health authorities - Drymades, Albania


pa5Another drinks slogan, the Pepsi advert tickles me - with Navid and friends in Gujrat, Pakistan




wales1395A very cute bike hire ad next to the River Colwyn - Beddgelert, Wales

















wales1396 And another! This one's outside the Royal Goat Hotel - Beddgelert, Wales


















sudan458cNo speedometer (or any gauge for that matter), rusting floor exposing the tarmac below, a bonnet tied down with rope, cracked windscreen, massive oversteer, dashboard equipment fell off, no seatbelts. But the brakes worked, so we booked this driver several times.. - Port Sudan, Sudan


sudan521A different take on a traffic jam. Well over a hundred camels block our coach to Wad Medani, Sudan


Baarle Hertog, as it's called in Belgium, is a Belgian town wholly surrounded by the Netherlands. But on closer inspection it has seven Dutch counter-enclaves within it. What a mess! The Dutch call their bit Baarle Nassau, which includes an eighth Dutch enclave just over the border in Belgium proper.




baarle63This is the most famous of all Baarle properties. The border goes right through the front door! Baarle, Netherlands & Belgium















baarle48And the border continues along the shop floor: Red, yellow and black for Belgium and the Dutch colours of blue, white and red. Separate cash tills catered for the pre-Euro days of the Belgian Franc and the Dutch Guilder. The Belgian and Dutch cash tills remain - Baarle, Netherlands & Belgium
















azerbaijan38I didn't take a bath but admired the wonderfully kitsch atmosphere, like being transported to a surreal Hollywood film set - see the Stalin picture among the lamps, signs and statues - Baku, Azerbaijan


kaliningrad324Obama Pizza! Any copyright infringement here? Kaliningrad, Russia


sudan119aA photo bombing camel steals the limelight and at Naqa, Sudan




albania618Haha, brilliant, the Messi resemblance is so bad it's good! A souvenir shop in Vlora, Albania
















kaliningrad335Welcome to Zelenogradsk! Kaliningrad, Russia

















SudancrispsGood Time crisps, made in Sudan


albania20Go give love to your body It's only you that can stop me! Zayn Malik must have gone down well in these parts - Pogradec, Albania




azerbaijan43A clever design for the Carpet Museum, which houses an extensive collection of Azerbaijani carpets and rugs - Baku, Azerbaijan
















dprk659It's all about timing and I got this one spot on. A child mimics the Kims, providing us foreigners some on-the-spot guidance beneath the Workers' Party of Korea monument - Pyongyang, North Korea


















kaliningrad339Coffee shop at the bus station - Zelenogradsk in Kaliningrad, Russia


azerbaijan67Love the plant pots! - Baku, Azerbaijan




azerbaijan68Just can't think what restaurant this reminds me of.. - Baku, Azerbaijan

















wales1560The museum village of Portmeirion, Wales, which Sir William-Ellis created in north Wales but with an Italian style, also collecting sculptures, statues and other decorative paraphenalia

















wales1240This must be one of the most photographed train station signs in the world! The longest name in Europe and the second (or third?) in the world is Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch. Phew. Below the name is a guide to pronunciation


wales1745A challenge to Llanfair PG is this one, a stop on (another!) steam railway at Fairbourne, Wales




china539Lights come on at the tacky but amazing International Ice & Snow Festival in Harbin, China

















kosovo2Does Rita know about this?! British-based singer Rita Ora was born in Pristina as Rita Sahatçiu - Prizren, Kosovo





















wales1874I love this smiling Welsh dragon adorning a mobile dentist unit - Corwen, Wales


deadseanoticeQuality advice at the Amman Beach Resort, Jordan




kaliningrad296Brilliant! While in the park I stumbled across the Upside Down House - Kaliningrad, Russia
















kaliningrad303And yes everything is topsy turvy inside too - Kaliningrad, Russia

















uzbek521Fooled! Keep an eye out for cardboard police cars, which have flashing lights at night. They're all over the country - Nukus to Moynaq, Uzbekistan


neth62The true definition of 'sunbed' - Scheveningen, Den Haag, Netherlands




belgium622Try unwrapping that! A Christmas present in the Grote Markt - Kortrijk, Belgium
















austria177Pinocchio takes a well earned rest from all that lying - Vienna, Austria


















gab10I went for a style from the top row (not sure which one though) - sign outside a barber's shop, Libreville, Gabon


gab40Taking the 4x4's across the lagoon to Loango National Park, Gabon




gab42..While we travel in a bit more comfort.. Loango National Park, Gabon

















transdniestrnote4The current version of the Transnistrian Ruble was introduced in 2000, following years of rampant inflation. It's now stabilised but the currency is useless outside its borders.










busingen98Waldheim is right on the Swiss-German border. To the left of the white line is the German enclave of Busingen, to the right is Switzerland. So you can order food in Germany, dine in Switzerland, return to Germany for the toilet, back outside to admire the views of Switzerland, then back inside to Germany to pay in Swiss Francs! Büsingen am Hochrhein, German enclave


wales293Elvis is alive and well and living in Cardiff Bay - Cardiff, Wales




wales139Clambering up Animal Wall - Cardiff

















armenia338Brilliant instructions on the tour bus! Looks like you can't do anything except light your own farts - Garni, Armenia


armenia181And who do we have here?! None other than French crooner Charles Aznavour. The French-Armenian singer was born in Paris as Shahnour Vaghinag Aznavourian - Noratus, Armenia




karabakh93Love these information boards! There's several of them but I've chosen the drunken parent one - Stepanakert, Nagorno Karabakh


















karabakh174Trying to make pharmacy mannequins look sexy doesn't quite sit right - Stepanakert, Nagorno Karabakh


















karabakh189I stayed at the ship-shaped Hotel Ecelectic, and indeed it is. And weirder still I was the only guest - getting hold of anyone who knew what was going on was a little challenge, until the boss arrived from Seastone Hotel - Vank, Nagorno Karabakh


karabakh241The owners of Hotel Eclectic kindly drove me to their sister hotel, Seastone Hotel, where all the activity was. I think it's called Tsovin Qar Hotel in Armenian - Vank, Nagorno Karabakh




karabakh238I just wanted to see the excellent huge lion head with paw, but there's several other kitsch/arty sculptures surrounding it - - Vank, Nagorno Karabakh
















georgia178A cute instruction on this car's petrol cap - Tbilisi, Georgia


georgia322Like the icons! Public toilet signs in Borjomi, Georgia


georgia564Walk to the opposite side and the cloud comes to life, with a video animation of Singing In The Rain - Batumi, Georgia


georgia567Playing Funky Funky, lyrics from US3's Cantaloop - Batumi, Georgia




nakhchivan367Nothing to declare officer. A car ready for inspection at the Turkey/Nakhchivan border, with Mt Ararat behind - Turkey/Nakhchivan border

















nakhchivan29The physiotherapy centre benefits asthmatics, among others, due to its dry air. Patients receive treatments and can stay overnight inside the salt cave. Two km away is a 5-star hotel - Duzdag, Nakhchivan (Azerbaijan)















bulgaria274Well thanks very much - Bourgas, Bulgaria


bulgaria284Maritime Park is a long stretch of gardens, cafes, sculptures and other attractions runnning alongside the beach - Bourgas, Bulgaria


Albania: Thousands of concrete bunkers were built by Communist former dictator Enver Hoxha following the Soviet Union's invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968. Many have been given a lick of paint to brighten them up, others have been destroyed, abandoned, converted to storehouses, shops and even hostels.



albania41A very cute bunker disguised as a ladybird - Pogradec, Albania

















albania60Never seen a urinal like this! (at Vila Art). Probably far too much information, but it's a great idea using water from the sink to feed the flush - Tushemist, Albania



















uzbek37A different take on McDonald's - Tashkent, Uzbekistan




turkmenistan37No thanks! A cesspit, yes fine. But sit on a plastic chair with a hole cut in the middle? Yuck! I chose the desert - Darvaza, Turkmenistan
















The 70m wide gas crater was created when exploration rigs, looking for oil rather than gas, collapsed into the crater beneath. Workers lit the methane gas thinking it would burn itself out in weeks. That was in 1971! It's been burning ever since, despite ongoing rumours it would be extinguished - Darvaza




turkmenistan85You can also see someone on the ridge looking down - Darvaza, Turkmenistan


















turkmenistan94We were here for the car wash. Why? It's all down to President Berdymukhamedov, who banned dirty vehicles from the capital. He also loves marble and everything white, so banned black cars from Ashgabat. The whims of a dictator! Though he hasn't quite reached the extremes of his predecessor Turkmenbashi. Yet - Bokurdak, Turkmenistan


turkmenistan121It features a golden Niyazov, the former president who bestowed upon himself the name Turkmenbashi, or 'Leader of the Turkmen'. The monument used to be in the city centre and the statue would rotate to always face the sun, alas this no longer happens and the Arch has been relocated to the outskirts - Ashgabat, Turkmenistan


turkmenistan196The bizarre Ruhnama Monument in Independence Park is a homage to Turkmenbashi's book the Ruhnama (Book of the Soul), which espouses 'the spiritual guidance of the nation'. Niyazov made it part of the driving test, government job interviews, added to school curriculums etc. Then Niyazov spoke to God and said if you read it three times you'll be sent to heaven. Hold on a minute... Anyway, if you're lucky, on 19 February the book may open, with recitals over loudspeakers - Ashgabat, Turkmenistan




turkmenistan333Somewhere nearby was another portrait of the current president between notable Ashgabat monuments and a map of Turkmenistan - Geok Tepe, Turkmenistan


















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