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Location - South America; Capital - Cayenne; Population - 250,000; Currency - Euro

Flying into Paramaribo, we headed straight for Kourou in French Guiana, in 2004. French Guiana is an overseas department of France and therefore, bizarrely, part of the European Union..


euro Which means that the Euro is French Guiana's currency










gui40The hotel balcony view in Kourou




gui41Kourou's beach, on the Atlantic Ocean



gui26It was carnival time in Kourou.
A slave on the left, a crocodile on the right















gui27What can I say? Kourou carnival















gui28Costumes made of banana leaves, Kourou $600 Bonus  


gui29Kourou carnival



gui31Bright colours at Kourou carnival















gui33I'm not sure which bird this is (maybe a dragon or mosquito?) - Kourou















gui38A Kourou angel


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gui36Kourou carnival



gui3The Guiana Space Centre is at Kourou, set up by the French government.
It's also the centre for the development of the Ariane rocket
















gui6Space Centre control room, Kourou
















gui7The sailboat from Kourou to the Iles du Salut (The Salvation Islands)



gui8The Iles du Salut comprise Ile Royal, Ile St Joseph and Ile du Diable (Devil's Island). They were a French penal colony, and made famous in the film Papillon

More info on Devil's Island and the Iles du Salut here



gui12The ruins of the 19th century penal settlement buildings on Ile St Joseph















gui13The ruins of Ile St Joseph
















gui16Nature reclaims Ile St Joseph



gui18Ile St Joseph's beach
















gui19A view of Ile Royale in the foreground, leading to Ile St Joseph beyond















gui20The former prison hospital on Ile Royale



gui22Ile Royale was the French administrative headquarters for the penal colony



gui25Political prisoners were kept on Devil's Island.
Alfred Dreyfus was imprisoned here. Henri Charriere, better known as Papillon, spent time on Ile Royale and Ile St Joseph but apparently not Devil's Island






gui43Enjoying a beer at Bodega Bar in Cayenne



gui44The city centre of Cayenne



gui44aA decaying colonial buidling in Cayenne















gui45The Place des Palmistes in Cayenne
















gui46Stopping off on the road to Cacao in the French Guiana interior. We hired a car for a few days to explore areas away from the coast, as public transport is pretty much non-existent



gui47Cacao is a town with many refugees who left Laos in the 1970's



gui50It's only possible to get to Kaw by boat, down the river of the same name















gui51The village of Kaw is a base to explore the beautiful Kaw Nature Reserve















gui53Buffaloes at Kaw Nature Reserve



gui54Kaw Nature Reserve - there's also a lot of birdlife in the area



gui56A night time trip in search of caiman at Kaw Nature Reserve















gui55Looking perfectly at ease holding a caiman, Kaw Nature Reserve



gui58Don't worry, he's still alive! The guide was proving that their bite is worse than their bark - Kaw Nature Reserve



gui60Fourgassier Falls can break up a journey to Kaw
















gui61Montjoly beach lies just outside Cayenne. Leatherback turtles can be seen here in season



gui62Colonial buildings at St Laurent du Maroni - on the left, locals are selling their wares from wheelbarrows















gui63The Town Hall in St Laurent du Maroni
















gui64Prisoners arriving in French Guaiana were all processed at the Transportation Camp in St Laurent du Maroni



gui66Prisoners' feet were shackled to the bar in this Transportation Camp cell, St Laurent du Maroni



gui67The Transportation Camp was built in 1857, St Laurent du Maroni















gui69The Maroni river divides St Laurent du Maroni from its neighbour in Suriname, Albina
















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