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Location - Central Africa; Capital - Libreville; Population - 1.4 million; Currency - Central African CFA Franc MORE GABON

We flew from Douala to Libreville, the capital of Gabon, before heading on to Loango National Park in November 2008.


gabonnoteGabon is one of several countries that uses the Central African CFA. It has parity with the West African CFA.










gab5On the Atlantic coast close to the National Museum in Libreville



gab3Presumably this monument symbolises the breaking free from slavery and/or colonialism - Libreville



gab7This 19th century church stands behind the newer St Marie cathedral in Libreville
















gab1Hassan II mosque is located behind the Presidential Palace, Libreville















gab10I went for a style from the top row (not sure which one though) - sign outside a barber's shop, Libreville



gab9El Hadj Omar Albert-Bernard Bongo has been Gabon's president since 1967 - Libreville

Update - Omar Bongo died in June 2009. BBC announcement.



gab8One of several modern buildings on Boulevard Triomphal, Libreville















gab11The view from an outdoor bar in the Quartier Louis area of Libreville
















gab2A video shop in Nombakele district, Libreville



gab14A relaxing place to stay and ideal for the airport is Hotel Tropicana. The rooms are a bit musty but it's position on the beach is perfect.



gab13Hotel Tropicana beach, Libreville
















gab15The Atlantic ocean, Libreville



















gab18Getting to Loango National Park entailed a flight from Libreville to Port Gentil, then another to Loango



gab19Coming in to land at Port Gentil



gab21Clouds obscure the rainforest and lagoon below - Port Gentil to Loango
















gab24We got a superb view of Loango Lodge shortly before landing - Loango


gab25From the sky I was looking for a mud airstrip but eventually realised we were just landing in a field, only a 5 minute drive from the lodge - Loango



gab30Loango Lodge's bar and restaurant perches over Iguela Lagoon


Find out more at the Africa's Eden website














gab27Alternatively you can dine out here - Loango Lodge
















gab27aIt's quietly lit at night - Loango Lodge



gab35The grounds of Loango Lodge include a conference centre, small swimming pool and souvenir shop



gab44A chameleon blends with its surrounds outside one of the Loango Lodge bungalows















gab40Taking the 4x4's across the lagoon to Loango National Park















gab42..While we travel in a bit more comfort.. Loango National Park



gab50A lone buffalo in Loango National Park



gab54Heavy cloud hangs over a windswept beach in Loango National Park















gab58We were lucky enough to see an elephant just metres away from the beach - Loango National Park















gab60The Atlantic ocean serves as the backdrop at Loango National Park



gab57Close by were a herd of buffalo - Loango National Park



gab65You'll see lots (and lots) of buffalo in Loango National Park
















gab72This tortoise was immersed in floodwater caused by a heavy downpour in the park - Loango National Park















gab73Taking a break in the forest - Loango National Park



gab74A millipede on an afternoon stroll - Loango National Park



gab75Light pierces through the forest canopy - Loango National Park




















gab81Creeping (or rather squelching) up for a closer look - Loango National Park
















gab84A family in Loango National Park



gab87Loango National Park



gab88While we were concentrating on the elephants a chimpanzee must have ran 2-300 metres across open savannah to reach the forest.
Our guide noticed him with about 50 metres left to go.
He's the dark figure under the overhanging branch - Loango National Park














gab91The ubiquitous buffalo - Loango National Park
















gab96On our way by boat following Iguela Lagoon to Pte Ste Catherine - Loango National Park



gab108Centre left of this photo is the tail of a monkey. Best shot I could get! Loango National Park



gab109Trying to get a better glimpse of them - Loango National Park
















gab110I'm not sure if this is mangrove but that's what I'm calling it - Loango National Park
















gab111A hippo checks us out while coming up for air - Loango National Park



gab112Iguela Lagoon, on the boundary of Loango National Park



gab100Pte Ste Catherine has a beautiful setting at the mouth of Iguela Lagoon, protected by a sand bar from the sea















gab101Having said that, much of Pte Ste Catherine beach camp was destroyed in 2008 by a big wave.
In December 2008 it was still being reconstructed.
















gab98A flock of birds twist and turn - Pte Ste Catherine



gab103The floating log is actually a crocodile - Pte Ste Catherine



gab113The Gabonese coast between Omboue and Port Gentil
















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