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Location - Central Africa; Capital - Libreville; Population - 1.4 million; Currency - Central African CFA Franc MORE GABON

Another couple of flights from Loango and we were back in Libreville - December 2008.


gabonnoteGabon is one of several countries that uses the Central African CFA. It has parity with the West African CFA.










gab115Cape Esterias is less than an hour's drive from Libreville, on a tarmaced but potholed road



gab117If you're looking for a drink at one of the beachside restaurants, come at the weekend otherwise you'll find everything closed (as I found out) - Cape Esterias $600 Bonus  



gab136Lambaréné island is surrounded by the Ogooué river
















gab137A section of Lambaréné island's market has somehow drifted off into the Ogooué river















gab133One of the bigger shops in Lambaréné




gab132Lambaréné is famous for the Schweitzer Hospital, founded in 1924 by Dr Albert Schweitzer


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gab123A view of Schweitzer Hospital from the Ogooué river, Lambaréné
















gab120The grounds of Schweitzer hospital, Lambaréné
















gab122The former living quarters of Dr Schweitzer is now a museum - Lambaréné



gab124Albert Schweitzer's room, Lambaréné



gab127Dr Schweitzer founded a village for leprosy sufferers next to the hospital, which is still inhabited today - Lambaréné


His Wikipedia entry here

The Albert Schweitzer Association here













gab130Walk from the Schweitzer hospital down to the banks of the Ogooué river - Lambaréné
















gab134Lambaréné's petrol station - for boats that is



gab150Taking a turn off the Ogooué river towards Lake Zilé, Lambaréné



gab139The picturesque backwaters between river and lake are a lovely area - Lambaréné


My YouTube video here














gab144Lake Zilé supports a few villages on its banks


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gab147The lush vegetation of Lake Zilé



gab151A pelican keeps watch close to Lambaréné


















gab158Underneath the bridge that links Lambaréné island to the Right Bank are a huge number of bats



gab159On our way from Lambaréné to Oyem we had a brief wait for a bus in Ndjolé
















gab163The grounds of the Mvet Palace Hotel in Oyem lead to a small lake



gab165I don't know if this lake has a name. It's probably just Lake Oyem - Oyem




gab161From the opposite side of the lake, Oyem
















gab167The bustling border town of Bitam



gab166Bitam is the last town before the borders with Cameroon to the north and Equatorial Guinea to the west



gab168In need of an MOT - Bitam

















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