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Location - West Africa; Capital - Banjul; Population - 2 million; Currency - Dalasi

I entered Gambia in the east at Basse Sante Su, north of Velingara in Senegal, in May 2003.


gambnoteThe Gambian Dalasi










gamb1The market town of Basse Santa Su



gamb2The river Gambia at Basse Santa Su $600 Bonus


gamb3Hotel grounds at Georgetown, also known as Jangjang-bureh















gamb6The ancient Lamin Koto stone circle close to Georgetown















gamb8There's not a lot to see in Serekunda, though the market's good to wander through



gamb9Kololi beach on the Atlantic coast















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gamb11Bijilo Forest Park is on the edge of Kololi, running alongside the coast



gamb12A vervet monkey at Bijilo Forest Park, Kololi


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gamb10kolFurther south of Kololi is Kotu beach
















gamb14The crocodile pond at Abuko Nature Reserve - they must be hiding..



gamb15Spot the red colobus monkey, Abuko Nature Reserve



gamb16Kachikaly crocodile pool, at the coastal town of Bakau















gamb17Mingling with the crocodiles at Kachikaly, Bakau
















gamb18Arch 22 was built to celebrate the 1994 military coup, Banjul



gamb20Looking out over Banjul from Arch 22



gamb19Banjul's port area, where the Gambia river meets the Atlantic















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LINKS - Gambia tourist board - I don't have any knowledge of this travel agency but they have a good overview of the country


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