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Location - Western Europe; Capital - Berlin; Population - 83 million; Currency - Euro

I took a train from Amsterdam to Berlin during my 'inter-rail' around Europe in 1991. These photos aren't the best quality - my apologies!


germnoteThe Deutsche Mark was the currency of Germany when I visited in 1991.


euroWhich was replaced by the Euro



ger2The tower on the right is called the Fernsehturm, Berlin



ger8Kaiser Wilhelm Gedachtniskirche, a church bombed in World War II, Berlin















ger1Former site of Checkpoint Charlie - a crossing between East and West Berlin when the city was divided



ger6Checkpoint Charlie - Berlin



ger5The Brandenburg Gate, which used to the boundary between East and West Berlin








ger4Brandenburg Gate - Berlin















ger9A war memorial near Brandenburg Gate, Berlin


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