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Location - Western Europe; Capital - Berlin; Population - 83 million; Currency - Euro MORE GERMANY

After Munich I headed back up to northern Germany to Cologne, Bonn and Dusseldorf - September 2010.


euroGermany is part of the Euro zone









 germany160Bonn is the birthplace of composer Ludwig van Beethoven



germany158His statue stands on Munsterplatz, the heart of the Altstadt or old town - Bonn



germany161Ludwig van Beethoven, 1770 to 1827 - Bonn

















germany157 Also on Munsterplatz is the Munster Basilica - Bonn













germany163A café in the Altstadt - Bonn



germany164Fast food vans populate the Markt, another square in the Altstadt - Bonn



germany166Beethoven was born in this house in Bonn














germany169The Rhine River flows through Bonn














germany172Remigiusplatz is a small square in the Altstadt edged with cafés and restaurants - Bonn



germany173The Kurfurstliche Residenz, or Electoral Residence, now forms part of the university in Bonn



germany174Another great place to relax at a roadside café is at a park just off Am Neutor, near the train station - Bonn













germany178The 240 metre Rhine Tower (Rheinturm) stands above the river - Dusseldorf



germany181Check out the city from the Rhine Tower's observation deck or restaurant - Dusseldorf



germany186Follow the course of the Rhine River - Dusseldorf













germany185In the foreground is the spire of St Lambertuskirche and the Palace Tower, at Burgplatz - Dusseldorf














germany189At the base of the Rhine Tower, again with a view of St Lambertuskirche - Dusseldorf



germany192A closer look at the Palace Tower, which now hosts the Navigation Museum, at Burgplatz in Dusseldorf's Altstadt (old town)



germany194The Rhine and the Rhine Tower - Dusseldorf














germany198It's that tower again - Dusseldorf













germany206Reflections in Konigsalle's waters, an upmarket shopping street - Dusseldorf



germany196The Town Hall (Rathaus) and statue of Jan Wellem - Dusseldorf



germany197Nighttime at the Marktplatz, with the lights on the Town Hall - Dusseldorf














germany200There's plenty of bars and restaurants in Dusseldorf's old town













germany201Roadside bars start to fill up in the old town - Dusseldorf



germany203The city really gets going in the evening and made the trip worthwhile - Dusseldorf



germany177A pond at Mediciplatz close to the Rhine and the old town - Dusseldorf














germany156I love the shower being right in the hotel room. And also that my feet wanted to have their photo taken - Cologne



germany208Cologne's main tourist sight is its massive Cathedral



germany210Cologne Cathedral's twin spires. Work began on the cathedral in the 13th century but it was only completed in 1880 - Cologne
















germany219A Roman arch lies in front of the twin spires - Cologne














germany221A closer look at the Cathedral spire's detail - Cologne



germany228Outside the Cathedral is a model of the finials situated on the top of the spires.
It gives an idea of the building's huge size - Cologne
















germany230The Rhine River also flows through Cologne as well as Bonn and Dusseldorf



germany232Restaurants in Cologne's old town, with Great St Martin church in the background



germany249Great St Martin church can also be seen from Heumarkt - Cologne













germany250A restaurant in Heumarkt, a square in Cologne's old town
















germany251The evening gets under way at Heumarkt - Cologne



germany252There's a fair few bars at Alter Markt as well - Cologne



germany254The streets of the Altstadt, or old town - Cologne













germany255More cobbled streets in the old town - Cologne














germany257A beer hall in Cologne's old town



germany235The Documentation Centre houses a museum about the Nazi period - Cologne



germany239The basement of the Documentation Centre was a Gestapo (Nazi secret police) prison where many were tortured and killed - Cologne














germany242In 1942 Askold Kurov (right) was deported from Moscow to Cologne and forced into slave labour.
In 1944 he was sent to this Gestapo prison with his wife-to-be Vera who had been deported from Uzbekistan - Cologne













germany243One of Askold Kurov's inscriptions on a prison cell wall (top paragraph): 'We have already been held in custody for 43 days, the interrogation is coming to an end, now we are next to face the gallows. I wish to ask all who know us to inform our comrades that we were killed in these torture chambers too' - Cologne



germany245In 1945 Askold Kurov escaped through a door and an unbarred window in the lower basement (pictured) where there were no cells. After liberation he ended up in the Soviet Union but was accused of collaboration with the Germans. Eventually he returned home in 1946, married Vera and moved to Uzbekistan. He died in 2000 - Cologne



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