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Location - Western Europe; Capital - Berlin; Population - 83 million; Currency - Euro MORE GERMANY

Trains head south from Aarhus to Hamburg, after which it's an hour ride to Bremen in northern Germany - December 2017.


euroGermany is part of the Euro zone









germany594This windmill, at the edge of the old town when coming from the train station, is now a cafe and restaurant - Bremen


germany591A statue at the top of Sogerstrasse, a pedestrian shopping street leading to the centre of the old town, or altstadt in German - Bremen


germany553The heart of the altstadt is the historic Market Square (Markt) which boasts the Town Hall and Bremen Cathedral - Bremen














germany560The 15th century Town Hall, or Rathaus, has had several additions and repairs over the centuries - Bremen













germany571Possibly the most photographed - and cutest - statue in Bremen stands outside the town hall. It represents the four farmyard animals from the Brothers Grimm fairytale The Town Musicians of Bremen - Bremen


germany562The Roland statue, built in 1404, symbolises trading rights and freedom - Bremen


germany563The Roland statue stands outside the Town Hall - Bremen














germany566In the lead up to Christmas the old town was rammed with stalls - Bremen













germany577Sweets, sweets and more sweets. And some chocolate - Bremen


germany572The Church of Our Lady (Unser Lieben Frauen) is another medieval church in the altstadt - Bremen


germany575The temporary bars are really popular in the evening, when the gluhwein (mulled wine) is in full flow - Bremen













germany586The Schnoor quarter is a quaint area full of narrow lanes and cobbled streets - Bremen













germany588Boutique art & craft shops, cafes and restaurants vie for tourist Euros among the 15th to 18th century buildings - Bremen


germany584The narrow Schnoor streets get narrower - Bremen


germany589Keeping an eye on my art gallery - Bremen














germany596Nice touch! Santa appears on the traffic lights - Bremen














germany597Hanging around Hamburg train station's shopping centre - Hamburg


germany600Just outside the station a Christmas parade was in full swing - Hamburg



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