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Location - Western Europe; Capital - Berlin; Population - 83 million; Currency - Euro MORE GERMANY

From Salzburg I bypassed Munich and plumped for Ulm en route to London, whose Fischerviertel quarter was a pleasant surprise - May 2018.


euroGermany is part of the Euro zone









germany806Ulm Minster, on Munsterplatz, is seriously big, and there's a lot more of it behind - Ulm


germany803The Minster's steeple is the world's tallest at 161.5m high - Ulm


germany825A quirky sculpture on the outskirts is of renowned physicist Albert Einstein, born in the city in 1879 - Ulm















germany815The Fischerviertel quarter is the big tourist draw, and the best place to wander or just sit and watch the world go by - Ulm















germany816The district is set in and among the Blau River, which feeds the Danube - Ulm


germany812Fischerviertel was the fishing and tanning district of the city - Ulm


germany810The 15th century Hotel Schiefes Haus is known as the crookedest hotel in the world - Ulm















germany809It doesn't look too crooked to me! They must have been hard at work straightening it up.. - Ulm














germany819Ancient half-timbered buildings and bridges criss-cross the Fischerviertel - Ulm


germany820It's full of restaurants and bars, with some boutique shops and galleries to add to the ambience - Ulm


germany823Just south of Fischerviertel is the Danube River - Ulm













germany808The 14th century Rathaus (Town Hall) - Ulm















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