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Location - West Africa; Capital - Accra; Population - 24 million; Currency - Cedi MORE GHANA

A moped ride to the Togo/Ghana border brought me to the town of Wli near Hohoe, in December 2005.


ghannoteThe Ghanaian Cedi










ghan32Agumatsa Falls, on the outskirts of Wli, are about 40 metres high


ghan27Agumatsa Falls, also known as Wli Falls




ghan31Agumatsa Falls, a 30 minute walk from Wli



















ghan33The walk to Agumatsa Falls from Wli is pretty straightforward















ghan36The backstreets of Hohoe, betwen Lake Volta and Togo


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ghan56There's good views from the bridge over the Volta river at Akosombo















ghan58Akosombo stretches from the Volta river to the southern tip of Lake Volta















ghan54Aylo's Bay Leisure Spot is perfectly situated on the banks of the Volta river in Akosombo



ghan52Aylo's Bay has a floating dining area, Akosombo



ghan53The Volta river at Akosombo
















ghan37The Dodi Princess takes passengers on day trips from Akosombo to the Dodi Islands on Lake Volta















ghan38Lake Volta is a huge artificial lake, measuring 400kms in length - Akosombo



ghan45The Dodi Princess cruises the calm waters of Lake Volta



ghan43A very touristy welcome greets new arrivals to Dodi Island















ghan44Lovely views of Lake Volta from Dodi Island
















ghan60Independence Arch in central Accra



ghan61The memorial to the Unknown Soldier stands in Independence Square, with the Independence Arch behind, Accra



ghan59The quiet backstreets of Kokomlemle, Accra
















ghan66Perched above the chaotic looking Kejetia lorry station, with Kejetia market in the distance, Kumasi



ghan64A calabash tree in the grounds of the National Cultural Centre in Kumasi



ghan65Adverts painted on the walls in Kumasi















ghan63The handle of the Okomfo Anokye Sword in Kumasi.
Kumasi is the royal capital of the Ashanti kingdom.
The sacred Golden Stool (ie. the Ashanti royal throne) was commanded down from the sky by Okomfo Anokye.
The sword is said to lie where the Golden Stool came to rest

More info on the Ashanti kingdom here

More info on the Golden Stool here










ghan73Fishing nets dry near the Lake Paradise Resort on the shores of Lake Bosumtwi



ghan70Lake Bosumtwi is a crater lake thought to have been formed by a meteorite (the crater that is, not the lake)



ghan71Lake Bosumtwi is sacred to the Ashanti people















ghan72 Dug out canoes on Lake Bosumtwi are said to anger the lake spirit, so wooden planks, called padua, are used instead















ghan74A boy fishes on Lake Bosumtwi, sitting on his padua



ghan77The beautiful grounds of Ankobra Beach Resort, close to Axim















ghan86The Atlantic Ocean through palm trees at Ankobra Beach Resort, Axim



Ankobra Beach Resort website












ghan87The sun sets on the Gulf of Guinea, Ankobra Beach Resort, Axim



ghan85Ankobra Beach Resort, a few kilometres outside Axim



ghan82aPalms sway below a full moon at Ankobra Beach Resort, Axim
















ghan89A bird's eye view of Cape Coast



ghan91The 17th century Cape Coast Castle was originally used as a fort but then became a centre for the shipment of slaves by the British - Cape Coast



ghan95Cape Coast Castle overlooks the Atlantic Ocean - Cape Coast















ghan93Looking beyond Cape Coast Castle to the town of Cape Coast itself















ghan96Sailing past Cape Coast Castle, Cape Coast



ghan99Slave dungeons lie either side of the Door of No Return, Cape Coast Castle



ghan100Remembrance offerings in one of Cape Coast Castle's dungeons















ghan92The day's catch brings a hive of activity to Cape Coast
















ghan103An alternative London Bridge - Cape Coast



ghan104There's great views of the town from Cape Coast Castle - looking west towards Fosu Lagoon, Cape Coast



ghan108The canopy walk in Kakum National Park
















ghan110Kakum National Park



















ghan111The rainforest that makes Kakum National Park



ghan130St George's Castle in Elmina was a fort used by the Dutch in the slave trade















ghan119The central building was a Portuguese church, converted by the Dutch to a slave auction hall - St George's Castle, Elmina















ghan121A skull marks the entrance to one of St George's Castle's cells, Elmina



ghan122St George's Castle in Elmina



ghan118St George's Castle, Elmina


















ghan125St George's Castle as seen from Fort St Jago, Elmina















ghan116aThe fishing harbour, from St George's Castle in Elmina



ghan124Climb to the top of Fort St Jago for magnificent views of Elmina, including the Castle and fishing harbour



ghan123Zooming in on Elmina's fishing harbour















ghan126Fort St Jago also affords superb views of the Atlantic - Elmina















ghan129The posuban shrine of Asafo Company Five in Elmina.

Asafo companies and posuban shrines explained here

















ghan133The grounds of Big Milly's Backyard in Kokrobite



ghan135Kokrobite's beach, only 30kms from Accra



ghan145Live music and dance takes place on a Saturday night outside Big Milly's in Kokrobite, which attracts much of the village















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